Healthy Foods
"Make a Better Choice"

Healthy Foods is what Makes a Healthy Diet! Are you looking for Healthy Nutritious Snack Foods or the Most Nutritious Foods for you and your loving family?

This site gives you ideas for
Eating Healthy at Home and
Romantic Picnic Food Ideas.

You will find powerful information on the latest raw food diets at Raw Food Health.

What Makes a Healthy Diet?

  1. Low Glycemic Foods
  2. Organic Raw Milks
  3. Vegetable Juice
  4. Buffalo Meats
  5. Healthy Fat
  6. Wild Seafoods
  7. Fermented Food
  8. Gluten Free Foods
  9. Raw Coconut Cream
  10. Magnesium Rich Foods

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Are You Searching For.....

Aphrodisiac Foods,
Raw Food Diets,
Alkaline Foods,
Protein Rich Foods,
Super Foods,
High Antioxidant Foods,
Raising Chickens, or Homemade Pet Foods?

Then You just Hit the Jackpot!

My name is Kathryn and I have studied nutrition for over 30 years and I have tried just about every Diet....

The Vegetarian Diet
The Atkins Diet
The Fruitarian Diet
Primal Diet

This Site Contains Healthy Eating Guidelines that are a must read especially if you consume fermented food.

Food has been my Passion
and understanding how important it is to Sanity.....
"The Lesson"

Foods for Healthy Eating Menus

  1. Japanese Food Recipes
  2. Quinoa Grain
  3. Gluten Free Snacks
  4. Avocado Oil

  5. Organic Raw Honey
  6. Virgin Olive Oil
  7. Grass Fed Meats
  8. Spelt Grain
  9. Healthy Breakfast Foods

Eating a Healthy Balanced Diet with Healthy Nutritious Snack Foods that delivers nutrition that your body can recognize and utilize is....
"What makes a Healthy Diet!".

"What you put into your body does affect it from the thoughts you think to the way you feel"

This site is about presenting the Basic Dietary Laws and I will discuss what I consider to be the most important issues of health and nutrition as I've experienced them in the last 30 years.

This site is about presenting the Best of the Plant Foods and the
Best of the Animal Foods.

I discuss the extremes which are the primal diet as well as the raw vegan diet, but need to convey that I think a much more balanced approach is the Oneness Raw Diet. I believe that raw diets are a representation of certain issues as well as events that are happening at this time.

Learn the Basics of a Healthy Food Choice and then decide what is the best way for you to eat. Needs change as we change and there is not one way of eating that is totally correct.

The Best Diet is the one that makes you feel good inside and brings you a sense of Oneness or Happiness.

Journey with me into the World of Healthy Foods. It's a destination that will open you up to discovering many possibilities about life, true energy and some really great food.....

Just Follow Your Own Way!!!

Healthy Foods Blog
Keeping you up-to-date with You'll know when pages of great information are added or updated and when new sources of Healthy Foods are added to this website.
Oneness Raw Diet Recipes and Live Raw Food
Oneness Raw Diet Recipes include both plant and animal foods which make this Raw Food Menu unique. Would you like to learn about a new and great tasting Raw Food Diet?
Chocolate Smoothie Recipes and Young Coconuts
Chocolate smoothie recipes can be made a lot tastier when using fresh coconut meat or coconut water. Learning how to open a coconut will enable you to use this super food in your smoothies.
Olive Tapenade Recipe and Raw Olives
An Olive Tapenade Recipe can be used as a spread or condiment. Try a Green Olive Tapenade or Black Olive Tapenade to go with your favorite snack or meal.
Caesar Salad Recipes and How to Make Anchovy Paste
Caesar Salad Recipes can include the use of Anchovies, Raw Egg Yolks, and a Spicy Mustard. Learn how to make mustard from scratch to give your Caesar Salad a spicy kick.
Egyptian Foods and Ancient Egyptian Food
Egyptian foods have been around for thousands of years. Egyptian cuisine closely resembles popular middle eastern dishes.
Greek Foods and Greek Dishes
Greek Foods and Greek Dishes are probably the Healthiest of the Mediterranean Foods. Traditional Greek Recipes were created using lots of seafood from the Mediterranean Sea.
Biblical Foods and The Bible Diet
Biblical foods are the accepted and healing food mentioned in the Bible. Jewish food recipes are part of the people who played a significant role in the Bible.
Hummus Recipes and Roasted Garlic Hummus
Hummus recipes come in many different variations and flavors. Find out how to make hummus and create a recipe for hummus that will be a favorite in your household.
Latkes Recipe and Baked Latkes
A latkes recipe is traditionally made with matzah meal. Learning how to make potato pancakes is quick and easy.
Greek Yogurt Recipe and How to Make Homemade Yogurt
A Greek yogurt recipe is much richer than the standard homemade yogurt recipe. The whey is removed to give Greek yogurt its texture and you can learn about the uses of whey to make other foods.
Japanese Food Recipes and The Japanese Diet
Japanese food recipes include easy Japanese recipes as well as How to Make Sushi. Ancient Japanese Food includes a good amount of fish which is a very heart healthy food.
Italian Food Recipes and Italian Pasta Recipes
Italian food recipes include easy Italian recipes such as Risotto and more traditional Italian foods such as Tiramisu.
Spanish Food Recipes and Spanish Tapas Recipes
Spanish Food Recipes include Easy Spanish Recipes such as Spanish Rice and more Traditional Spanish Recipes such as Paella.
Spicy Tuna Roll Recipe and Vegan Maki Roll Sushi
A spicy tuna roll recipe can be made with the various types of tuna. You can also decide to leave out the tuna and make a vegan sushi roll instead.
Cioppino Recipe and Types of Seafood
A Cioppino recipe is a seafood stew recipe that is very popular in San Francisco as well as in Italy. This seafood soup recipe is known for its great variety of seafood.
Gazpacho Recipes and a White Gazpacho
Gazpacho recipes are basically a cold tomato soup that you can literally whip up in a few minutes. There are many variations of this soup, but fresh produce is key.
Vegan Meals and Vegan Desserts
Vegan meals can be a great way to add something plant based into your diet. What Do Vegans Eat? Well there are lots of vegan foods to choose from!
Health Benefits of Chocolate and The Different Types of Chocolate
The Health Benefits of Chocolate are as numerous as the types of chocolate. Where does chocolate come from?
Coconut Diet and Coconut Health Benefits
A Coconut Diet is Definitely One of the Healthy Ways to Lose Weight as Coconuts are considered a Diet Healthy Product.
Vegetable Juice Recipes and Juicing Basics
Vegetable Juice Recipes help you to consume more vegetables especially when using the "Best Juicer". Vegetable juicing is probably the best and easiest way to consume your vegetables.
Healthy Nuts and Favorite Hawaiian Snacks
Healthy nuts can be small amounts of raw cashews or organic almonds, but I think walnuts or macadamia nuts are more balanced.
Raising Chickens and Backyard Chickens
Raising chickens is relatively easy and you will find an assortment of chicken houses to choose from these days. Learning how to feed chickens can ensure great tasting chicken eggs.
Raising Goats and Milking Goats
Successfully raising goats does require some knowledge of the different goat breeds and proper goat feed. Goats as pets may be a consideration for certain breeds and some can even provide you milk.
Planting a Garden and A Potted Herb Garden
Planting a garden whether you are learning how to grow vegetables or how to grow herbs can be a very rewarding hobby. Building a raised bed garden can make gardening much easier.
Calcium Rich Foods and Calcium Blockers
Calcium rich foods give your body the recommended daily allowance of calcium nutrition. Calcium foods are found mainly in dairy and certain plant foods.
Magnesium Rich Foods are Heart Healthy Foods
Magnesium rich foods will help you achieve the Magnesium RDA for your health and well being. One of the key health benefits of magnesium is being an anti-stress mineral.
Sulfur Rich Foods and Sulfur Deficiency
Sulfur rich foods help to give you healthy hair, skin and nails. Sulfur foods are important as this mineral is present in every one of your cells.
Potassium Rich Foods and Health Benefits of Potassium
Potassium rich foods are found in plant as well as animal foods and there are numerous food sources of potassium to choose from to easily reach the Potassium RDA.
Zinc Foods and Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency
Zinc foods help to give you the many benefits of zinc. Foods high in zinc are usually animal meats or shellfish such as oysters.
Iron Rich Foods and Health Benefits of Iron
Iron rich foods do include both plant and animal foods. Although, heme iron from animal sources is said to be much more absorbable.
Raw Food Health and A More Extensive Raw Food List
Raw Food Health and Raw Foodism are usually associated with raw plant foods, but some Raw Foodists prefer raw animal foods.
Healthy Eating Guidelines Offers Basic Healthy Food Tips
Healthy Eating Guidelines and 10 Tips to Healthy Eating give you a Great Head Start to Healthy Living. Plus a Bonus of Some Facts on Healthy Eating!
Low Glycemic Foods for Good Blood Sugar Levels
Low Glycemic Foods having an index rating of 55 or under are Optimal for Controlling Blood Sugar and Having a Balanced Healthy Diet.
Gluten Free Foods for Gluten Sensitivity Problems
Gluten Free Foods are becoming very popular and this is making gluten free meals much easier to find and create. What is Gluten and Why is it Such a Problem?
Alkaline Foods for Proper pH Balance in the Body
Alkaline Foods such as Fruits and Vegetables aren't the only alkalizing foods for alkalizing the body!
Protein Rich Foods and Different Types of Proteins
Protein Rich Foods Can Come From Lean Protein Foods and Plant Based Foods.
Healthy Fats - Part of Your Daily Healthy Eating Plan
Healthy Fats are a combination of Saturated Fats, Monounsaturated Fats and Polyunsaturated Fats.
Aphrodisiac Foods and Foods that Increase Libido
Aphrodisiac foods and Foods that increase Testosterone may both be considered Romantic Food as both can help you with your love life.
10 Super Foods and Superfood Supplements
10 Super Foods that you can add to your diet to help replenish your supply of vitamins and minerals. Bee Pollen Granules and Organic Maca Powder are loaded with nutrients.
Antioxidant Rich Foods and Anti Aging Secrets
Antioxidant Rich Foods should be included in your Anti Aging Diet. One of the benefits of antioxidant nutrition is helping you to stay young.
Flax Seed Oil Benefits and Flax Lignans
Flax seed oil benefits are used in the Budwig Protocol created by Dr Johanna Budwig who helped numerous people to get well again.
Green Juice Recipes and A Healthy Detox Diet
Green juice recipes should be part of your plan to keep your body clean and healthy. The health benefits of celery make it one of the best vegetables for juicing.
Libido Herbs are Great Natural Libido Enhancers
Libido herbs are used for increasing female libido and to increase male libido. A libido herb can be a natural way to increase your desire for romance!
Healthy Food Snacks and Raw Snacks
Healthy Food Snacks whether your looking for vegan snacks or live food snacks.
Raw Amish Cheese
A Variety of Raw Amish Cheese! Are you looking for a raw milk cheese from grass-fed cows?
Organ Meat
Organ meat such as beef kidney and chicken gizzards can be a nutritious treat when added to your pet's diet.
Homemade Pet Food to Help with Pet Food Allergies
Homemade Pet Food can be a life saver for pets! Whether it's Homemade Dog Food or Homemade Cat Food make sure you learn what ingredients best suit your pet's needs.
Pet Bones and Bones for Dog Pets
Pet bones come in all shapes and sizes. Cat bones are chicken necks and smaller sized bones.
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