No Bake Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

A no bake oatmeal cookie recipe that uses soaked oats can make healthy and easy oatmeal cookies!

To get the best nutrition from your no bake oatmeal cookies, you'll have to get rid of as much of the phytic acid in oats as possible.

Then you can make your easy oatmeal cookies however you so desire.  You can even make your no bake oatmeal cookie recipe with no processed sugars!

Why Soak Your Oats?

Oats have a fairly high amount of an anti-nutrient called phytic acid or phytates.  And this anti-nutrient will bind to important minerals like magnesium and prevent their absorption - which is quite a shame.

This can lead to some pretty major health problems.

Minimizing phytic acid can include sprouting, soaking, and culturing to help get rid of anti-nutrients like phytic acid and to also release beneficial nutrients found in oats.

This also makes your easy oatmeal cookies more digestible.

A natural enzyme called phytase (not phytates) will be present in varying degrees in grains.  When phytase is properly activated, it will help to break down phytic acid or phytates.

Sprouting, soaking, and culturing (aka souring) are the basic methods used to help eliminate phytic acid using the phytase enzyme.

If you want to skip the sprouting process because you only have rolled oats, you can soak and culture rolled oats to help get rid of phytates.

How to Soak Oats

For every one cup of rolled oats (not instant) soak in 1 cup of warm filtered water with 2 Tbsp. of Raw Yogurt or Kefir

Let oats soak for 12 to 24 hours on a warm kitchen counter (in a glass jar that's cap)

You would then make an oat flour by drying your soaked oats in a dehydrator according to the directions of Cheeseslave.

No Bake Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

I would use the dehyrated soaked rolled oat flour to make this no bake oatmeal cookie recipe because of the anti-nutrients found in raw oats.

However, if you would at least sprout your raw oats first, then that would help with the phytic acid level.

You could also try different fruit, various nuts, and spices to help create tasty oatmeal cookies.

How to Sprout Oats

You will need to use raw oats (not rolled or steel cut oats) in order to sprout oats.  And it is only the preliminary step to eliminating phytic acid. 

There is such a thing called "raw" oats or raw oat grouts which are the oat grains.  The oats that you find at your typically grocery store are the already processed oats which were probably cooked to some degree.

After sprouting your oats, you may still need to soak or sour your oats to remove more of the phytic acid.

As you've learned in the video, you can dry sprouted oats until your ready to use them in a recipe.

No Bake Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Remember, you should make oat flour with sprouted oats or soaked rolled oats for your easy oatmeal recipes.

Simply just blending oats will become a problem because of the anti-nutrients found in raw, rolled, and in steel cut oats.

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