Advanced Glycation End Products
AGEs You!

Advanced Glycation End Products can be produced from the glycation process and glycotoxins that come from cooked foods.   Advanced Glycation End Products are called AGEs for short and that's exactly what they do to your body - AGEs You!

AGEs have been Implicated in many age related Chronic Diseases.

The Glycation Process

AGEs are the end-products of the glycation process.

Glycation can be described as the binding of a glucose molecule to a protein molecule resulting in the formation of damaged protein structures.

A more complete description would be when a sugar molecule binds to a protein or fatty acid molecule without an enzyme to control the binding.

A Visual Aid

roasted turkey

The glycation process is what turns your Thanksgiving Turkey brown and is exactly what can happen to the proteins inside of your body.

This sugar molecule will then end up in the wrong place on the protein or fatty acid molecule.  And your body will not be able to metabolize or get rid of it very easily!

Foods that Produce Advanced Glycation End Products

Fried Shrimp
  • Roasted Foods
  • Broiled Foods
  • Grilled Foods
  • Deep Fried Foods
  • Microwaved Foods
  • Barbequed Foods
  • Pan Fried Foods
  • Browned Foods
  • Charred Foods
  • Foods with High Amounts of Sugar
  • Ultra Pasteurized Dairy Foods

A significant amount of AGEs come from the foods we ingest everyday!

Cooking your foods using high heat and without any water or other liquid - will cause sugars to bind non-enzymatically with proteins or fats to form AGEs or Glycotoxins.  The more technical term for AGEs is "Glycotoxins" since they are toxic to the human body.

Foods high in protein and fat (like animal foods) and foods high in sugar that are cooked, heated, or processed at a high temperature like in ultra pasteurized foods - will be loaded with Glycotoxins or AGEs.

And once you've eaten foods loaded with glycotoxins, your body can still undergo even more glycation with the sugars that are left in your bloodstream to produce more AGEs or glycotoxins internally.

BTW, fructose (fruit contains this sugar) and galactose (milk contains this sugar) will undergo glycation at about 10 times the rate as glucose - Yikes!

Also, Glycotoxins or AGEs can also be produced in your body from cigarette smoking or dehydration.

How Does Your Body Deal With AGEs?

Your body deals with Advanced Glycation End Products or Glycotoxins very slowly.  The half life of AGEs is about double the life of an average body cell.

This means that damage will last for quite some time, especially to your nerve cells, brain cells, eyes, collagen proteins, and DNA.

Unfortunately, AGEs are highly resistant to the protein renewal that is needed to maintain the healthy tone of body tissues and organs.  And your body's ability to remove AGEs through excretion is pretty limited.

About 10 to 30% of the AGEs you eat are absorbed into your body and about 2/3 of these consumed AGEs will be retained in your body.   And only 1/3 of the consumed AGEs will be able to be eliminated in your urine.

Also, these AGEs or Glycotoxins will accumulate in your brain, your eyes, collagen of your skin, your nervous system, your arteries and in your vital organs.

Glycation Related Diseases

grilled chicken legs
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Cataracts
  • Deafness & Blindness
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Cancer
  • Wrinkling & Aging
  • Obesity & Impotence

When you eat too much sugar or carbohydrate, the glycation process that will occur in your body creates proteins that will be cross linked and barely functional.  And these types of proteins will accumulate all over your body, along with free radicals and inflammation.

Because of this phenomenon, many age related diseases will at least be partially related to the glycation process or AGEs.

How to Protect Yourself from Advanced Glycation End Products

Eating rare or medium-rare meats will contain fewer AGEs than eating well-done meats.

Also, eating raw meat dishes like steak tartare or raw seafood like sushi will help you to avoid glycotoxins.

Switching to raw dairy products will also cut down on AGEs because this milk has never been cooked.

Eat your eggs raw like Rocky or me to reduce AGEs.  Also try sunny side up, soft boiled, or poached eggs.

Switch to low in sugar fruits like avocado and make some guacamole.

And make some raw nuts that have been soaked and dehydrated instead of roasted.

A lower intake of sugar in combination with a careful diet in terms of reduced AGE consumption will be optimal for the management of glycotoxins.

You should consider steaming, poaching, stewing, or even using a slow cooker to cook your foods.

These cooking methods will cook foods with a lower amount of heat and create enough moisture during the cooking process to lessen the amounts produced.

As water helps to prevent these sugars from binding to the protein and fat molecules in foods.  Also, preparing your foods at temperatures less than 250 Degrees F will minimize the formation of AGEs.

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