Alkaline Foods
and The pH Balance Diet

Alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables aren't the only alkalizing foods for properly alkalizing the body!

A proper pH balance diet actually requires a good amount of nutrients and a variety of foods.

Find out what foods tend to sway on the alkaline foods side, especially when it comes to protein foods.

BTW, protein is a very necessary nutrient needed for the proper functioning of your body!

And certain types of food can help keep a pH balance in the body and help you to get adequate amounts of protein.

Alkalizing Foods for the Body

Food Chart

This food chart shows you a new perspective on alkalizing the body and may even surprise you on what qualifies as an alkalizing food.

High Alkaline Foods

High alkaline foods include many types of plant foods and also a powerful medicinal mushroom which has been used to heal people for thousands of years.

Water for Alkalizing the Body

healthy water

pH Balance in the Body

Your blood's pH is approximately 7.40, which is slightly alkaline.

Illness may accompany any prolonged state of acidosis (pH lower than 7.40) or alkalosis (pH higher than 7.40).

However, there are parts of your body that must remain more acidic such as your stomach, skin, and vagina.

Some people claim that your diet should be composed primarily of foods such as fruits and vegetables to keep the proper pH balance in your body.

For the short-term, this may be beneficial. It's the long-term that will probably be a problem for most people.

You see these types of food lack protein and healthy fats which can affect the acidic parts of your body in a very negative way.

Alkalized Water

Alkalized water can help to give your body important minerals essential to keeping a proper pH balance. Find out what type of water has the ability to give your body essential minerals.

pH Balance Diet and Protein

Good quality protein foods are needed by your body to maintain the proper pH levels of your blood and extra cellular fluids.

Not to mention maintaining the health of your kidneys and lungs.  These are the main organs that regulate the pH level of your blood.

It also appears that eating raw foods can help to create a better pH balance in your body.

It's important to understand that we need a nutrient dense diet that contains adequate protein, healthy fats, mineral rich foods, and essential vitamins in order to have a proper pH balance diet.

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