Alkalized Water
and Bad Drinking Water

mineral water

Alkalized water can be found in mineral water aka spring water which is perhaps the most natural type of alkalizing water!

And find out what bad drinking water to stay away from - if you want to stay healthy.  Bad drinking water can include water that is contaminated with chemicals and toxins.

Alkalized water can come with a different balance of minerals and finding one that fits your needs will take a little research.

Some people are lucky and can get their own water from a nearby spring, but most have to purchase this water at their local health food stores.

Alkalizing Water

Traditionally, natural mineral waters also known as spring water would be used or consumed at the source.

Today, mineral water is usually bottled at the source of a natural spring.

This type of water can include trace minerals that can be extremely advantageous for our bodies.

The mineral content of alkalizing water can include magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, sulfate, silica, and bicarbonates.

Alkalizing water can help your body to achieve optimal health.  However, mineral waters will differ on the types and amount of minerals it will offer.

Health Benefits of Alkalized Water

  • Balances electrolytes and helps with re-hydration
  • Helps to combat bacteria and fungus
  • Known to reduce pain, aches, and swelling
  • Helps to produce strong teeth and bones
  • Beneficial effects on kidneys and heart
  • Contains antioxidant properties and can decrease blood pressure

Stay Away from Bad Drinking Water

The quality of your water does matter just like the quality of your food, so make sure you are drinking clean and safe water.

Unfortunately, most people are having to settle for bad drinking water that is really unfit for human consumption.

This water doesn't really hydrate your body, lacks vital minerals, and is filled with contaminates.

One option is to use filters and distillers to remove potential toxins, but that does not really add any life to your water.

Drinking large amounts of contaminated (most tap water) and depleted water (distilled) will probably do more harm then good in the long run.

Also, the so called "alkaline" waters which are made from machines and not from nature can be very hard on your body because they are not "stable" water.

Drink "Real" Water

Some people are lucky enough to have access to "real" water that comes from pristine sources.

These waters have their own built in filtration system and lots of important trace minerals.

Now that I live in Arizona, I am lucky enough to get "real" water from a nearby spring.  You can also try and locate a spring in your state by going to find a spring.

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