Fermented Ancient Foods

Fermented ancient foods have been around for a very long time and these fermented foods have remained popular to this day.

Some of these foods have been around since the days of Ancient Egypt and some of these fermented foods came from Europe and the East. 

Most Ancient cultures had some sort of food that was fermented as fermenting food was a great way to preserve foods and their nutrients.

If properly prepared, some of these ancient foods are known for helping you to stay healthy.

Sourdough Bread

This bread has a sour or tangy taste and may originate from Ancient Egypt.

Artisan sourdough breads are fermented for a minimum of 24 hours.

Yogurt, Kefir, and Buttermilk

These ancient foods are thought to originate from Europe and are made from whole milk - preferably raw grass fed whole milk.


Also can be made from raw whole milk and seems to have been around a lot longer.  Possibly eaten by the Ancient Greeks.

Craft Wine

Most wine today is made by fermenting various grapes.  However, it dates back to the Ancients and was probably first made from honey.

Look for smaller wine producers.

Traditional Soy Sauce

Traditionally made from fermented soybeans and comes from Asia.

The good stuff is getting really hard to find these days!


An alcoholic drink from Japan and made from rice......Surprisingly!

My father would always drink Sake with his Sukiyaki topped with a raw egg.

Craft Beer

One of the world's oldest beverages and dates back to Ancient Egypt  It seems to be a favorite among men.

Craft beer has become a booming business for small and independent brewers.


A very popular fermented drink that has made its way into America.  Made by fermenting sweetened tea and dates back to Russia.

Also, very easy to make at home.

Craft Tequila

Made from the agave plant and comes from Ancient Mexico.  It will give you a kick like no other alcoholic drink.

The good stuff is not mass produced!


A spicy fermented dish from Korea.  Usually made from cabbage, but can also be made from a variety of foods.

Look for brands that avoid adding MSG.


Europe's version of Kimchi just minus the spicy.  This fermented dish is traditionally made from cabbage.

You can find a decent one in the refrigerator section of a good health food store.


A sausage that first came from Italy. It was made from various meats - horse meat included.....Giddy Up!

Look for salami made without artificial preservatives.


A gift from the Mayans and Aztecs from Ancient Mexico and maybe elsewhere.

It contains mystic properties!


A fermented drink made from the berries of the coffee tree and seems to originate from Ethiopia.

Originally discovered by goats............Go Figure!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Made from apples and was used by the Ancients to help with ailments of all kinds.

I use raw apple cider vinegar and it is available in almost every grocery store.

Most people are familiar with all or almost all of these popular fermented foods or ancient foods.  And you will be able to find most of them at your favorite grocery stores.

However, to find the best ancient foods or the "real" fermented foods - you may have to look into your health food stores or specialty stores.

To be a "real" fermented food, there must be a "live" aspect that comes with the food.

And sometimes, you may have to make some of these fermented foods yourself to ensure that you get an authentic ancient food.

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