Aphrodisiac Foods
and Foods that Increase Libido

Aphrodisiac foods are typically the foods that increase your libido which will help to improve your love life. 

This sexy food changes your mood because of the chemical changes they create inside your body. 

Aphrodisiac foods create "romantic" neurotransmitters that can put you into the "right" mood.

Testosterone foods can help to boost your desire for Amore.  However, estrogen foods that create estrogen dominance will need to be monitored and controlled.

When you understand that you're in control of what happens to your mind and your body that's when the magic can start to happen in your love life once again.

Foods that Increase Libido

Both libido foods and herbs can be incorporated into your diet to help you in the romance department.

Libido Foods are foods that will increase your libido.

These types of food will help give you have more desire as well as function in the area of romance.

Testosterone Foods

Foods that Increase Testosterone will obviously help to boost your testosterone level which helps with both your energy level as well as your level of desire.

Testosterone foods can help with menopause for men as well as a testosterone deficiency in women.

Zinc Foods are also known for their ability to increase testosterone and improve a person's love life. 

Zinc is an essential nutrient and plays a very important role in your health and your well being!

Even though testosterone is usually associated with men, women should also consume testosterone foods to increase their energy and that "loving feeling",

Estrogen Foods

You'll want to control your intake of estrogen foods and learn about the foods that are anti-estrogenic which gives your body estrogen without the bad side effects.

Foods that Contain Estrogen can be very important for your love life, especially for women. 

It's important to know that foods that contain estrogen won't necessarily lead to estrogen dominance symptoms which are a huge problem these days for women as well as men.

However, estrogen dominance created by consuming too many "estrogenic" foods is becoming a severe problem in America.

Excess estrogen throws opposing hormones into a tizzy and takes over.

This leads to estrogen dominance which is responsible for a lot of health issues and problems for both men and women.

Romantic Food

Good Mood Food teaches you about the neurotransmitters that certain foods and nutrients can create. 

Good mood food will help direct your food choices to help create the good mood that you desire.

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas helps give you ideas to create that romantic picnic for a loved one. 

Romantic picnic food ideas include classic romantic foods like strawberries dipped in chocolate. 

These aphrodisiac foods are sure to bring about feelings of passion and love.

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