Asian Food Recipes

Asian food recipes can come from more than 48 different countries as Asia is the largest continent in the world in both area and in population. 

Foods from Armenia, China, Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam can be included in Asian food recipes.

On this page I've featured some of my favorite Thai and Korean foods which I'm a much bigger fan of than the common Chinese fare.

There is just something very special about the flavors that go into making Thai sauces!   And because of my Korean ancestry, I'm a big fan of some of the dishes that come from Korea. 

Asian food recipes can easily be made at home once you find the ingredients and learn a few tips on how to make your favorite Asian food recipes.

Southeast Asian Food Recipes -
Popular Thai Recipes

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Thai food is the aromatic spices that go into these Asian food recipes. 

Or the different types of curry pastes that flavor Thai food recipes.  Thai food is often characterized by its fresh, sweet, spicy, and salty flavors which seem to accompany every meal.

White rice plays a big role in southeastern Asian food recipes and is the main crop grown in Thailand. 

Jasmine rice is the most eaten type of rice in Thailand which comes with just about every meal.  However, rice noodles are also very popular.

Easy Pad Thai Recipes - Pad Thai is probably the most popular Thai food dish in America.  And a great tasting Pad Thai sauce usually consists of palm sugar, fish sauce, and tamarind paste. 

You'll also learn to make a few variations on this very popular and easy to make Thai food dish.  There's even a Pad Thai for those who follow a low carb diet

Thai Curry Recipes - Instead of buying Thai curry pastes at the grocery store, you can easily learn to make these aromatic curry pastes in your very own kitchen.

You will learn how to make the popular Yellow curry, Green curry, Red curry, and Massaman curry pastes.  Then use these homemade curry pastes in your favorite Thai curry recipes.

Thai Coconut Soup Recipes - Features Tom Kha Gai which is one of the most well known and popular Thai coconut soups.  Tom Kha Gai is basically Thailand's version of chicken soup.

Be sure to have lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal on hand which are the key ingredients when making the tastiest Thai coconut soup recipes.

Thai Papaya Salads - A raw fresh Thai salad made from green papayas which you can find in abundance in places like Hawaii and Thailand.

This traditional Thai salad is made in a mortar and pestle with the iconic flavors of Thailand.

If you can't find green papayas where you live, some Thai food restaurants will offer a Thai papaya salad on their menu.

East Asian Food Recipes -
Popular Korean Recipes

Korean food is known for its very strong and pungent flavors.  These Asian food recipes are commonly seasoned with Korean red chilies. 

The only Asian country that I've been to so far is south Korea.  It was a culture shock - that's for sure.

The one thing that I regret about that trip is not trying enough authentic Korean foods because sadly I was into the vegan diet at the time. 

However, because of my Korean ancestry I got to experience authentic Korean food from my grandmother when I was growing up.

Bibimbap Recipes - One of my family's favorite Korean dishes when dining out at a Korean food restaurant.

There are many variations that you can experiment with or create when making a Bibimbap recipe at home.  You can stick to the more traditional version or make a raw meat Bibimbap or even a low carb Bibimbap.

Gochujang is a very important flavor profile for this dish and you may find a good brand of Gochujang at an Asian or health food store.

You can also learn to make a tasty alternative Gochujang chili paste sauce.

Kimchi Recipes - Kimchi is the most popular Korean condiment or side dish.  Kimchi is something that I grew up eating and we would eat this spicy condiment on a regular basis.

The most iconic kimchi recipe is made with salted Napa cabbage and is seasoned with pungent flavors like Korean chili peppers.

There are so many different types of kimchi recipes that you can create once you learn the basic kimchi recipe.

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