BARF Dog Food

The BARF dog food diet is based on human grade or fit for human consumption foods.

Raw meats, raw organ meats, raw eggs, raw vegetables, and natural supplements can be included with this diet.

BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

This diet is also called Bones And Raw Food

And no, it does not include your kitty!

You can be very creative when preparing your own BARF dog food meals and you can decide on the types of raw foods to feed your pets.

Provide a good variety of raw meats, raw eggs, organ meats, and meaty bones.

Raw animal foods will make up a good part of this type of diet and it would probably be a good idea to add in some dog appropriate raw vegetables.

Other foods that can be included on the BARF diet are raw fruit, raw diary, raw fish, and fermented vegetables.

BARF Dog Food is Live Food!

I have dabbled here and there with feeding our family dogs raw animal foods.

I have found it to be very good for their coats and it seemed to give them a vitality that no amount of dry pet food could ever give them.

Dry dog food is dead food!

In fact, whenever I stopped giving our dogs the raw animal foods - they seemed to not be as healthy.

And they seemed to get very upset that they were not being fed something they liked and needed.  I literally got barked/yelled at by one of the dogs.

BARF Dog Food Meal for Puppies


  • Deer Meat
  • Chicken Necks (grind)
  • Quail Meat
  • Organ Meat
  • Raw Broccoli (grind)
  • Kelp
  • Healthy Supplement


  1. Mix the appropriate amount of food for your puppies in a bowl.
  2. I would use a good quality cod liver oil for my puppy supplement.
  3. Puppies will need to be fed 2 to 4 times a day.

You should figure out how much to feed your puppy to be sure that he or she gets enough nutrients to be able to grow into a healthy adult.

A rough estimate for feeding puppies is approximately 10% of their body weight.  And it's best to feed them multiple times a day instead of one big meal.

You can also switch up the ingredients you use in your BARF puppy meals to give your puppy variety.

BARF Dog Food Meal

Ingredients for 1 Week Supply:

  • 2.2 lbs. of Ground Beef
  • 8.82 lbs. of Ground Chicken
  • Percentage of Organ Meats
  • Blend of Broccoli, Peas, Cauliflower, 3 Whole Eggs, & 10 Tbsp. of Yogurt

I would use raw yogurt to provide bio-available calcium along with "real" probiotics. 

And I would not use vitamin E supplements - which are typically a waste product from the film industry.


  1. Blend vegetable ingredients with a little water.  Then mix the raw meats with the vegetable blend. 
  2. Next weigh out appropriately sized portions for your dog meals using a scale. 
  3. Put individual portions into storage bags or containers.
  4. Add additional healthy oils and mineral supplements during feeding time.

Bulk Grinder BARF Dog Food Meals

If you have a lot of dogs and have a good food grinder, you may want to make bulk BARF dog food meals to save time and some money.

If you have a fear of your dog choking on bones, just grind them up in a food grinder before feeding them to your pet - just like in this video.

Recipe #1 - Beef Protein


  • Beef Eye Round (trimmed of excess fat)
  • Beef Hearts, Beef Livers, & Beef Kidneys
  • Fresh Broccoli and Celery
  • Blueberries (blend) and Watermelon (blend)


  1. Put each ingredient through the food grinder. 
  2. Then do it one more time to ensure the ingredients are well incorporated.
  3. Then portion out your dog food and pack in stackable containers.

Recipe #2 - Chicken Protein


  • Whole Chickens
  • Chicken Hearts, Chicken Livers, and Chicken Gizzards
  • Whole Carrots and Napa Cabbage (blend)
  • Red Bell Peppers (blend) and Honeydew Melon (blend)


  1. Remove the skin from chicken and break down the chicken into smaller pieces to easily fit into the grinder.
  2. Save the innards for recipe.
  3. Freeze the chicken pieces, chicken hearts, chicken livers, and chicken gizzards for 24 hours so they will run through grinder more quickly.
  4. Put each ingredient through the food grinder. 
  5. Then do it one more time to ensure the ingredients are well incorporated.
  6. Then portion out your dog food and pack in stackable containers.

Recipe #3 - Turkey Protein


  • Whole Turkey (remove skin)
  • Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Hearts, and Chicken Livers
  • Whole Zucchini, Sweet Potato (remove skin & chop), and Apples (blend with no seeds)


  1. Remove the skin from the turkey and cut into smaller pieces to easily fit into the food grinder.
  2. Freeze the turkey pieces, chicken gizzards, chicken hearts, and chicken livers for 24 hours so they will run through grinder more quickly.
  3. Put each ingredient through the food grinder. 
  4. Then do it one more time to ensure the ingredients are well incorporated.
  5. Then portion out your dog food and pack in stackable containers.

One Recommended BARF Formula For Dogs is ..........

  • 70% Muscle Meat
  • 10% Raw Meaty Bones
  • 10% Organ Meats
  • 10% Veggies, Fruit, or Dairy

Another Recommended BARF Formula is .....

  • 75% Meat/Organ Meats/Bones
  • 25% Veggies/Fruit

You will just have to experiment with their diet to see what works best for your dog.

Just remember, adult dogs will need at least 2% to 3% of their body weight in BARF dog food.

Raw Meat is Appropriate for Dogs and Cats

In the past, I too became afraid of parasites, bacteria, etc. and felt like it was wrong to feed dogs raw meat.  Mainly because of the pressures of society.

Sadly, this fear may be the reason that so many pets have to suffer the fate of food allergies and even worse fates which have made their lives so incredibly miserable.

By the way, I eventually got over my fear of "parasites" and now eat raw meat on a pretty regular basis myself! 

I don't really worry about worms, germs, etc. when eating raw high quality 100% grass fed meats.

However, if you are buying raw meat from subpar sources - I would put it in the freezer for at least a few days just to be safe. 

I guess that is one of the best ways to deal with the fear of parasites. 

However, meat that has been frozen will not be of the same quality compared to fresh meat. 

The best solution is to buy healthy and organic meats from animals that are allowed to live on pastures.

Look for organic grass fed meats, organic organ meats, and organic pastured poultry to make up the majority of your BARF dog food recipes. 

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