Building a Chicken Coop
that Fits Your Needs

Building a chicken coop that fits your needs is what you should really consider before you spend a lot of money. 

Chicken housing can come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. 

And most people should probably start with a chicken coop that's very simple.

My boyfriend made this chicken coop by building onto a rabbit hutch. 

He was able to transform it into a pretty functional chicken house. 

However, he spent way more money than he should have, because we ended up giving the chickens and coop away within a year.

I would start with a small chicken coop at first, because you may change your mind about wanting to raise chickens.

My boyfriend now believes that a chicken tractor or a chickshaw will probably be the most ideal chicken coop for people who have enough land. 

This design can make it much easier on you.  Building a chicken coop that moves can help you to manage weeds and bugs on your property.

However, for people that really like raising chickens, but don't have that much land building a larger more elaborate chicken coop that's more stationary may also work just fine.

Building a Chicken Coop for Your Hens

A small chicken house is great for people that just want to get started with raising a few chickens, but don't want to spend a lot of money on an elaborate chicken house.

You can just throw something together with what you have lying around your property or purchase a small chicken house at a chicken feed store or online.

Sometimes people are giving them away or selling them for a bargain, so look in your local paper or on Craig's list.

Worst case scenario, you can use your dog's cage or house as a temporary backyard chicken coop. 

Of course, it will depend on the size of your dog's cage or house as to how many chickens will comfortably fit.

Just be sure to add a perch or two for your chickens to roost on at night and a nest for laying eggs. 

Also, there must be a place for water and for food. 

It's also really nice to give your chickens enough space to forage and provide them with a chicken run if possible.

Simple Chicken Tractor Coop

Building a chicken coop tractor enables you to easily move your chickens to wherever you want your chickens to be stationed.

Because a chicken tractor coop is a portable or movable type of chicken housing.

This also enables your chickens to help you do a little gardening.  Chickens love to dig into the soil and eat bugs along with weeds.

You will also receive chicken manure which is a benefit for enriching your soil.  This system also cuts down on the chore of cleaning up chicken poop.

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