Building a Chicken Coop for Urban Chickens

Building a chicken coop is really not that complicated. Chicken housing comes in many shapes, sizes, and designs.

Most people will probably want to start with a small chicken house at first.

My boyfriend made this chicken coop by building onto a rabbit hutch and was able to transform it into a functional chicken house.

A chicken tractor coop is probably ideal for urban chickens and can make it much easier on your lawn or property as well as help you to manage weeds and bugs.

This type of chicken housing will also enable you to move it as much as you like which can be helpful with noise control and keeping the peace with your neighbors.

And it is probably best to make or purchase a small chicken house at first, because you may change your mind about wanting to raise chickens.

If you really like raising chickens, then you can expand to a larger coop when you really get the hang of raising chickens.

Ideas for a Chicken Coop

Urban chickens don't necessarily have to take up too much space in your backyard if you build a small chicken house.

Chicken Tractor Coop

A chicken tractor coop enables you to easily move your chickens to where ever you want your chickens to be stationed because a chicken tractor coop is a portable or movable type of chicken housing.

This also enables your chickens to help you do a little gardening. Chickens like to dig into the soil and eat bugs along with weeds.

You will also receive chicken manure which is a benefit for enriching your soil.

Chicken Housing for Urban Chickens

A small chicken house is great for people that just want to get started with raising a few chickens, but don't want to spend a lot of money on an elaborate chicken house.

You can just throw something together with what you have lying around your property or purchase a small chicken house at a chicken feed store or online.

Sometimes people are giving them away or selling them for a bargain, so look in your local paper or on Craig's list.

Worst case scenario, you can use your dog cage as a temporary urban chicken coop for a chicken or two.

Of course, it will depend on the size of your dog's cage as to how many chickens you will comfortably fit.

Just be sure to add a perch or two for your chicken or chickens to hang out on and make sure to clean the cage daily.

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