Calcification of Arteries
and Organic Calcium

Calcification of arteries can occur less rapidly when consuming organic forms of calcium.

The right organic calcium can be used to build your bones and doesn't seem to pose the same problem as inorganic forms of calcium.

Calcium food sources that're considered inorganic include pasteurized dairy products. 

And most calcium supplements are considered to be inorganic calcium as well.

You'll find organic calcium in fresh green leafy vegetables, certain nuts & seeds, some herbs, some legumes, and in organic raw milk

The Importance of Organic Calcium

Calcium is the most abundant and important mineral found in your body and it is used by almost every cell in your body. 

Your teeth and bones will undergo continuous changes depending on the amount of calcium supplied for your daily needs.

If you are on a diet that does not supply enough calcium food sources for your daily needs, it will be borrowed from your teeth and bones.

Again, it will be borrowed from your teeth and bones!

And the older you are, the more you are at risk of getting osteoporosis which can be controlled by including adequate amounts of organic calcium foods.

Organic Calcium is used for:

  • Strong Bones and Teeth
  • Controlling Your Heartbeat
  • Formation of Hormones
  • Activating Enzymes like Lipase
  • Maintaining a Proper pH Balance
  • Transmission of Nerve Impulses

Grass Fed Raw Milk
Builds Strong Teeth and Bones

I guess this is why I have a love for organic raw milk and I did see quite a difference in my health and in the health of my daughter when we both consumed this food.

It is important to note that organic calcium food sources like grass fed raw milk come with other essential minerals and vitamins that aid in the formation of strong teeth and bones.

And some would say that the other nutrients are what actually helps to create your teeth and bones.

Nutrients like MSM, Vitamins A, D, and K2 for example.

Calcification of Arteries

MSM seems to be one of the nutrients connected to the prevention of the calcification of arteries as well as the control of organisms called nano bacteria.

Recently, I discovered that nano bacteria may actually be oxalic acid or oxalates.  They both appear to do the same thing in your body which relates back to calcification of arteries.

BTW, oxalates will be found in abundance in many calcium plant based foods and in factory farmed foods.

Unfortunately, the so called healthy foods like spinach are loaded with a high amount of oxalates aka oxalic acid.

It appears that oxalates and inorganic calcium may actually be responsible for many calcification issues.

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