The Coconut Diet
was Popular Among Many Cultures

The coconut diet played a big role in many cultures because of the life giving foods that come from the coconut palm tree. 

Coconuts are found throughout tropical and subtropical areas around the world. 

You'll see lots of coconut trees in Hawaii!

Almost all parts of the coconut can be used and because of its versatility, coconut trees are also known as the "Tree of Life".

A coconut diet is definitely one of the healthiest ways to lose weight as coconuts are considered a diet healthy product.

The Coconut Diet for Your Health

Coconut's fat is considered "Diet Friendly" and is used primarily for energy like a carbohydrate.

And there are many ways to consume coconut fat.  You can eat fresh coconut meat, cook with coconut oil, or make your own coconut cream.

A misconception spread among people is that coconut's fat is not good for their heart because it contains a large quantity of saturated fats. 

However, the saturated fats in coconuts are full of medium chained fatty acids that are used for energy and help to create good cholesterol.

Coconut Health Benefits - learn about the many health benefits of consuming coconuts.

Learn about coconut's medium chain triglycerides or MCTs which are used for energy by your body.

Coconut Water Health Benefits - the water that's found inside of the coconut makes an excellent electrolyte drink! 

Coconut water health benefits include being a very effective dehydration treatment as coconut water is known for its re-hydrating properties.

You can just drink coconut water or use coconut water in your smoothies to add more hydration to that tasty morning smoothie.

The Politics of Oil

Unfortunately, something happened in the mid 1980's and powerful groups such as the American Soybean Association began to condemn all saturated fats.

Coconut oil was heavily used in the United States in the past for baking, making pastries, frying, and popping movie theater popcorn.

I still remember the way that popcorn use to taste back in the day.

You couldn't pay me to consume the popcorn being sold at movie theaters these days!

"I knew and felt something went wrong in the Mid-80s!"

Faulty science was used to convince and fool the public that saturated fats were unhealthy. 

Ever since, we've consumed large amounts of polyunsaturated fats and heart disease has increased dramatically.

Coconut Oil Uses - you can also replace all of your harsh lotions and creams with extra virgin coconut oil!  

A natural tanning lotion is another one of the many uses for coconut oil.  I always have a jar of coconut oil laying around to help with my skin.

Coconut oil uses are pretty numerous as coconut oil is beneficial for your whole body.  You can even use coconut oil to make toothpaste!

Why Go On a Coconut Diet?

Coconut's special fatty acids are great to help increase metabolism which has the added benefit of keeping your weight down. 

MCTs are medium chain triglycerides or medium chain fatty acids that stimulate fat burning in the body.

The coconut diet can also help you get into ketosis faster.

Coconut Oil Health Benefits - coconut oil health benefits are pretty impressive and numerous.

Coconut oil health benefits from unrefined coconut oils can be attributed mainly to the presence of a medium chained fatty acid called lauric acid.

Organic Coconut Cream - organic coconut cream when eaten raw, will actually have more nutrients than what's found in coconut oil!

This is a specialty item that you will not find in your grocery stores!

Learn how to make your own coconut cream at home.  And use coconut cream to make really tasty raw ice creams.

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