Feeding Chickens
and Types of Chicken Feed

Feeding chickens can consist of extra food you have lying around your kitchen. However, learning to feed chickens to get the best and most nutritious eggs takes a little knowledge.

What do Chickens Eat? They are like us and can eat or will eat just about anything. There are also a few types of chicken feed that you can purchase to make feeding your chickens a little easier.

Although, learning to feed chickens from what you have available in your backyard or kitchen may be all they really need.

What do Chickens Eat?

Chickens can eat just about anything:

  • Grass and Weeds
  • Worms and Bugs
  • Vegetables and Vegetable Peels
  • Fruit
  • Whole Grains & Sprouted Grains
  • Grit - for digesting grains
  • Seeds
  • Milk Products like Yogurt
  • Meat Products - preferably not chicken LOL

What to Feed Chickens for Healthy Eggs

Make sure that egg laying chickens get at least 16% protein in their diets and enough calcium to produce hard egg shells.

They love worms and bugs for protein. You can even grow your own worms for really cheap.

And they love raw meat!

They also love grass & green leafy vegetables.

Calcium (from greens or egg shells that have been washed, dried, and crushed).

Ample Amounts of Clean Water.

You must also let your chickens get enough sunshine for eggs to contain good amounts of vitamin D.

Make Fermented Feed for Your Chickens!

I personally believe that chickens fed fermented grains will be healthier chickens and a healthier chicken produces healthier eggs.

And you will save on your chicken feed bill as well, because fermenting grains cuts down on the amount of grains that you will need to give your chickens to get the same results.

Be careful of feeding these to chickens:

  • Soy - contains trypsin inhibitors
  • Cheap Commercial Feeds
  • GMO Foods - toxic food
  • Non-Organic Oyster Shell - may contain heavy metals
  • Potato Peels - chickens cannot digest
  • Spoiled or Moldy Food
  • Salty and Sugary Foods
  • Chocolate or Caffeine
  • Pungent Foods - will give your eggs a funky taste

Types of Chicken Feed

Your chickens can find their own food when given enough access to land that has greens and protein such as worms or bugs.

If you don't have enough food available on your property, you can supplement their diet with food from your kitchen or you can buy one of the various types of chicken feed available.

Scratch - a mixture of whole grains and cracked corn. This is more of a treat rather than a complete meal for chickens.

Mash - is grains milled together and in loose form. This type of feed is catered more towards very young chickens.

Pellets - are compressed units of mash and typically given to older chickens to eat.

Crumble - are broken bits of pellets. This makes it easier to swallow and is better for younger chickens.

Make sure you are buying organic chicken feed that is free from toxic chemicals, toxic ingredients, and antibiotics.

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