Fish Oil Health Benefits
and The DHA Fatty Acid

Fish oil health benefits are numerous due to containing both of the more beneficial Omega 3 long chained fatty acids called EPA and DHA. 

These are the most important Omega 3 PUFAs.

And the greatest fish oil health benefits will be derived from consuming fresh oily fish or seafood that comes from cold waters.

The DHA fatty acid is the most important of the omega 3 long chain fatty acids as far as your brain function is concerned. 

Children with higher levels of DHA do appear to perform better on tests.

The DHA fatty acid is essential for your brain, retina, and central nervous system - especially during infancy and during your early childhood years.

As we age, our DHA levels drop especially in the hippocampus region of our brains which may be responsible for Alzheimer's.

Fish Oil Health Benefits

  • Slows Alzheimer's Disease
  • Important for Brain Development
  • Helps Fight Depression & Anxiety
  • Promotes Healthy Vision
  • Improves Risk of Allergies & Nourishes Skin
  • Reduces Fatty Livers
  • Promotes a Healthy Nervous System
  • Reduces Risk of Heart Attack
  • Helps Weight Problems
  • Promotes Healthy Joints & Bones
  • Good for Healthy Pregnancy
  • Fights Inflammation
  • Protects Against Diabetes & Cancers
  • Prevents Hardening of Arteries
  • Protects Brain Tissue from Damage

Essential Long Chain Fatty Acids

EPA and DHA fatty acids are both involved with providing important fish oil health benefits.

EPA and DHA help keep dopamine levels in your brain high and increase cerebral circulation.

The DHA fatty acid protects your memory, enhances your ability to learn, and slows down the brain aging process in older people.

Your body will need a constant supply of DHA fatty acids to avoid depletion and neuron injury.

EPA is Short for Eicosapentaenoic

DHA is Short for Docosahexaenoic

Recommended daily dosage for adults of EPA and DHA (combined).

Can range from 500 mg. to over 2 grams depending on health needs.

EPA and DHA act as a source of energy.  And they also aid with the metabolism of lipids and glucose.

EPA and DHA are both converted into hormone-like substances that reduce inflammation.

Unlike the short chained omega-3 fatty acid called ALA, no conversion is necessary in order for your body to receive EPA and DHA's benefits.

DHA Fatty Acid and Breast Feeding

Mother's milk can be high in the DHA fatty acid as long as the mother is consuming foods rich in this long chain fatty acid or taking a supplement.

DHA is needed for:

  • Proper Brain Development in Fetus and in Infants
  • Increased Brain Size
  • Increased Intelligence
  • Proper Development of Central Nervous System
  • DHA is also Critical for Development of Eyesight

The DHA fatty acid is one of the major building blocks of your child's brain and it is crucial that pregnant and nursing mothers get enough DHA in their diets.

The DHA fatty acid is very important for the growth and development of your children!

Both EPA and DHA can help normalize the mood and overall well-being of new mothers after they give birth. 

As these PUFAs are known to combat depression.

Best Food Sources for DHA Fatty Acids

DHA fatty acids and the best fish oil health benefits will come from wild caught fish and wild caught seafood that come from clean and very cold waters. 

And smaller fish will be the safer DHA fatty acid for those who are concerned about consuming toxins.

  • Wild Caught Salmon like Chinook, Coho, Pink, and Sockeye
  • Atlantic Mackerel
  • Wild Rainbow Trout
  • Atlantic Sardines and Herring
  • European Anchovies
  • Sturgeon Caviar & Fish Roe
  • Wild Cold-Water Fish Livers
  • Wild Albacore Tuna
  • Wild Blue Mussels
  • Wild Eastern Oysters are also a great source of DHA

BTW, seafood like Pacific Oysters, Dungeness Crab, Shrimp, and Lobsters will be higher in EPA than DHA. 

Be sure they come from pristine waters to get the best fish oil health benefits.

To find high quality wild caught fish and seafood high in the DHA fatty acid, look for a good quality fish market in your area.

Second best choice would be having high quality fish and seafood shipped to you!

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