Fish Oil Health Benefits
and DHA Fatty Acid

Fish oil health benefits are numerous due to having both beneficial long chain fatty acids called EPA and the DHA fatty acid.

These are two of the most important Omega 3's.  And the DHA fatty acid is probably the most important of the omega 3 long chain fatty acids.

The DHA fatty acid is essential for your brain and central nervous system development especially during infancy and during your childhood years.

And fish oil health benefits will be found in abundance from consuming oily fish that live in cold water.

Fish Oil Health Benefits

  • Helps Weight Problems
  • Healthy Joints
  • Good for Healthy Pregnancy
  • Fights Inflammation
  • Protects Against Diabetes
  • Helps Fight Depression
  • Promotes Healthy Vision
  • Reduces Risk of Various Cancers
  • Reduces Heart Disease Risk
  • Slows Alzheimer's Disease
  • Important for Brain Development
  • Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer

Essential Long Chain Fatty Acids

Fish fatty acids contain two long chain fatty acids called EPA and DHA:

  • EPA is short for Eicosapentaenoic
  • DHA is short for Docosahexaenoic

It also Protects Your Heart!

These Omega 3's are very important for the maintenance of your energy balance and glucose metabolism.

Fish is called "brain" food for a reason and the reason appears to be the DHA fatty acids found in seafood.

And unlike the short chained omega-3 fatty acid called ALA, no conversion is necessary in order for your body to receive their benefits.

EPA and DHA fatty acids have been linked with everything from weight loss to reducing the risk of heart disease and depression.

DHA Fatty Acid and Breast Feeding

Mother's milk can be high in the DHA fatty acid as long as the mother is consuming foods rich in this long chain fatty acid or taking a supplement.

DHA is the main structural component of your brain tissue and has a huge influence on how well your neurotransmitters communicate with each other.

DHA is needed for:

  • Proper Brain Development
  • Increased Brain Size
  • Increased Intelligence
  • Development of Central Nervous System

Best Food Sources for DHA fatty acids are:

  • Cold water fish like Wild-Caught Salmon, Mackerel, and Sardines.
  • Wild Caught Oysters are also a great source of DHA.

The best fish oil health benefits will come from wild fish or seafood that comes from clean and very cold water. 

Smaller fish will be a safer fish oil for the people who are worried about consuming toxins.  And seafood like oysters found in pristine areas will probably contain high amounts of the DHA fatty acid.

To find high quality wild fish and seafood high in long chain fatty acids like the DHA fatty acid, it's best to look for a good quality fish market in your area.

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