Foods that Increase Testosterone
and Low Testosterone Symptoms

Foods that increase testosterone will work wonders on your strength and endurance.  These foods can also help to decrease low testosterone symptoms in men. 

Did you know that men start losing their hormones around midlife too?

Menopause for men is very similar to what women go through when they start menopause.  And testosterone foods can help with menopause for men as well as testosterone deficiency in women.

Eating foods that increase testosterone is one way to deal with this midlife issue and maybe the most pleasant way.  Although, having your hormone levels checked may be a good idea. That way you will know exactly where you are and how much testosterone you will need to balance out your system.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

  • Low Energy & Low Sex Drive
  • Loss of Strength
  • Loss of Lean Muscle
  • Weight Gain
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Depression
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Decreased Bone Density
  • Increased Bone Fractures
  • Bad Posture
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Irritable Mood
  • Night Sweats
  • Muscle Soreness & Aching Joints
  • Impotence

Are you going through the Change?

Menopause for men usually begins at midlife.  Just like with female menopause, menopause for men usually develops around middle age when certain hormone levels begin to drop.

Male menopause is often referred to as andropause and both these terms mean a decline in a man's testosterone level has occurred. 

Testosterone is a man's most important sex hormone and this hormone is involved with the creation of sperm, sex drive, muscle building, and muscle strength.  Women also need a certain amount of testosterone to stay healthy and vital - just not as much as men.

Foods for Increasing Testosterone

  • Pastured Meats
  • Soaked Walnuts
  • Avocado
  • Soaked Pine Nuts
  • Sprouted Peanuts
  • Cold Water Fish
  • Wild Caught Seafood
  • Raw Oysters
  • Wild Caught Salmon
  • Sushi
  • Pastured Turkey
testosterone foods
  • Asparagus
  • Sauerkraut
  • Celery
  • Broccoli
  • Arugula
  • Garlic
  • Sprouted Almonds
  • Soaked Pumpkin Seeds
  • Basil
  • Cantaloupe
  • Bananas
  • Fermented Oats

It might be a good idea to focus on this "new" list of foods whenever you are planning your meals. You can easily learn to be creative with the foods that increase testosterone.  Think of all the "new" possibilities!! 

There are many exotic foods that may be new to your taste buds or are foods that you have previously ignored because you didn't know their true value. Take for example - oysters.  

I have to say that I have never really experienced such a rush or a "high" from an individual food like I got from eating oysters - raw oysters that is.....

And you can spice it up with a little drizzle of hot sauce!

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