Gluten Free Snacks and
Easy Gluten Free Cookies

Gluten free snacks can include making your own gluten free crackers and something as comforting as gluten free cookies.

And these gluten free crackers and gluten free cookies will be free of any wheat products or grains that contain gluten.

These days you will find a wide range of gluten free cookies and crackers at your local grocery stores, but sadly most will be unhealthy.

So it is better to learn how to make a healthier version of both gluten free snacks for you and your family.

Snacks that are gluten free can be made with many different types of flours.  Also, the way you prepare your snacks can be very simple to more health conscious.

Simple Gluten Free Cookies

Some people may have better luck using gluten free flours that are also lower in oxalates which is another big anti-nutrient found abundantly in certain plant foods like wheat.

You can also learn how to make soaked oatmeal gluten free cookies and make a no bake oatmeal cookie recipe.

This helps to make your cookies more digestible and a little more nutritious.

Remember, many grains contain a good amount of anti-nutrients like phytic acid which means they will need to be sprouted, soaked, or fermented before you eat them.

Paleo Gluten Free Cookies

This is a gluten free cookie recipe for those who need to watch their blood sugar level and intake of carbohydrates. 

To make this paleo cookie recipe lower in anti-nutrients such as phytic acid (which are also found abundantly in nuts) - soak your pecans in salty water overnight or up to 12 hours and then dehydrate until crispy before using in your recipe.

These are called crispy nuts and they are much easier on your digestive system.  Also, Honeyville blanched fine almond flour will contain less of this anti-nutrient as well.

Gluten Free Crackers

By making your own snack foods, you can choose what ingredients will go into or not go into your snack foods.  Always choose the best ingredients for your gluten free snacks.

And by eliminating or lowering anti-nutrients such as phytic acid by using ingredients lower in this anti-nutrient, you ensure more nutrition for your snack foods as well as the least amount of problems for your digestive tract.

Gluten Free Snacks

As a recap snacks that are gluten free are totally free of the hard to digest protein called gluten which many people including myself cannot handle very well these days.

Thankfully, there are so many new alternatives when it comes to making your own snack foods.

Just remember, you must learn how to properly prepare your gluten free crackers and gluten free cookies or you will find yourself in the same situation that you experienced with gluten.

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