Greek Foods
and Traditional Greek Recipes

Greek foods and traditional Greek recipes can easily be made at home once you acquire the right ingredients to make these wonderful Mediterranean foods.

Greek food recipes include the foods that were grown in Greece.  Traditional Greek recipes were created using lots of seafood from the Mediterranean Sea.

And traditional Greek recipes will call for the use of Greek olive oil because olives are one of the major crops grown in Greece.

Grapes play another big part in Greek agriculture and wine seems to be a very popular beverage and flavoring agent used by Greek people.

And you may notice that some of the Greek foods even have similarities to Ancient Egyptian recipes.

Ingredients used in Greek Foods


Tomatoes & Potatoes


Grains & Legumes

Seeds & Nuts

Fresh Herbs & Spices

Poultry & Eggs

Cheese & Yogurt


Cucumbers & Leafy Greens

Onions & Garlic

Ground Pork & Lamb


Bee-keepers in Greece produced honey which was used to sweeten their desserts.

Goats and sheep were the most common livestock raised by the Greeks and were used for their meat, milk, and wool.

The Ancient Greek people cooked their Greek recipes by roasting, baking, boiling, and stewing over open fires or in wood burning ovens.

Ancient Greek Recipes

Ancient Greek recipes include the National Dish of Greece and a very Ancient Greek candy that has been consumed for thousands of years.

Traditional Greek Recipes

Greek Appetizers - includes a well known yogurt appetizer and the ever popular stuffed grape leaves.

Greek Salad Recipes - fresh Greek salads made from fresh vegetables, pasta, and Greek cheese.

Cod Fish Recipes - includes a raisin flavored Greek fish soup recipe and a traditional baked Greek cod recipe.

Greek Lemon Chicken Recipe - a Greek comfort food made with fresh lemon juice and potatoes.

Greek Dessert Recipes - Greek desserts like baklava and rice pudding.  Also learn how to make a gluten free baklava recipe.

Greek Yogurt Recipe - learn how to make a thick Greek yogurt.

Easy Greek Recipes

Easy Greek recipes include a couple of easy Greek side dishes to go with mouth watering Greek meat burgers that have been cooked in the oven.

Greek Agriculture

The Greek landscape was very difficult and rocky which limited which crops were grown.  Also, the weather in Greece was not the best for growing most crops.

In spite of these challenges, a large percentage of Ancient Greek citizens made their living from farming.

Grapes and olives were the two major crops grown and they were supplemented with vegetable gardens. They also had orchards of figs and almonds.

And grains such as wheat and barley were grown along with oilseed plants such as sesame.

"Mini" Greece Travel Guide

Greece is one of the places that I would one day like to visit because of its beauty, history, and healthy food.

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