Green Smoothie Recipes
and List of Green Vegetables

Green smoothie recipes can be made with a list of green vegetables such as kale greens.  Dulse seaweed can also be used for extra nutrition.

What is Kale?

Kale greens are a leafy green that some call a super food because kale greens have a higher nutrient and mineral profile compared to other leafy greens.

And the list of green vegetables that I use to make green smoothie recipes usually always include a little kale greens. 

Dulse seaweed which is a sea vegetable is another good choice because it also high in nutrients and in minerals.

Green Smoothie Recipes

This is the basic way to make a green smoothie or more accurately the vegan way to make a green smoothie. 

I think it is great advice to rotate your list of green vegetables, so that you get a variety of nutrients and flavors in your green smoothies.

Paleo Green Smoothie Recipes

This could be quite a bit lower in sugar if you cut down or eliminated the coconut water or removed the slice of pear.  That's if you want to create a more lower in carb Paleo green smoothie.

You could also use raw coconut cream instead of the avocado for a higher in fat Paleo green smoothie.

List of Green Vegetables for Green Smoothies

  • Lettuce (Romaine, Red & Green)
  • Mustard Greens
  • Swiss Chard
  • Arugula
  • Kale (Curly, Purple, Dino)
  • Spinach (Preferably Baby)
  • Dandelion Greens (Preferably Baby)

What is Kale?

There are many types of kale greens and the most beautiful is probably purple kale.  However, the most popular is dinosaur kale (flat leaf) and curly leaf kale greens.

Kale greens are one of the most outstanding from the list of green vegetables and it belongs to the Brassica family of vegetables.

Kale is a great source of Calcium, Manganese, Potassium, Copper, Sulfur, Beta-Carotene, and Vitamins K, C, & B6.

Dino kale greens (not so much the curly) are considered to be lower in oxalic acid.  Oxalic acid is an anti-nutrient that can prevent the absorption of minerals by binding to them.

Oxalic acid is also an irritant and that is why it is very important to rotate your list of green vegetables.

I would probably not use too much of any leafy green that is very high in oxalic acid.

Romaine lettuce is also low in oxalic acid and young dandelion greens may also be lower in oxalic acid.

However, greens such as spinach are very very high in oxalic acid which is why you want to only use baby spinach leaves.

Dulse Seaweed Green Smoothie Recipes

Yes, this is another mineral rich ingredient for green smoothies! 

Dulse seaweed is an edible algae or seaweed which usually comes in dried form and has a purple or reddish purple color.

This sea vegetable is a great source of essential minerals and trace minerals along with being a great source of iodine.

It is very high in magnesium, iron, potassium, and in sodium.

Dulse seaweed is also a great source of plant protein, but dulse seaweed may need to be fermented before you can access this plant's protein.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on how to make a green smoothie. If you would like more ideas on how to create a great tasting green smoothie, please visit Joy of Smoothies

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