Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

The health benefits of dark chocolate include having more chocolate antioxidants than chocolates that contain milk products in them.  And dark chocolates are pretty much considered vegan friendly food because you shouldn't find any dairy products in this type of chocolate.

Other health benefits of dark chocolate also include having a high amount of minerals and its considered a low glycemic food.

More Chocolate Antioxidants!

Cold processed and raw chocolates whether in the form of nibs or powder contain a very high amount of antioxidants.

And to get the most chocolate antioxidants, purchase low temperature treated which is also dairy free.

"Studies" indicate that dairy products specifically block the absorption of all the great antioxidants in chocolate.  However, on the flip side dairy can help to offset some of the negative effects of oxalic acid - especially raw dairy.

Chocolate is known for having a very high amount of oxalic acid and this acid is known for the ability to create kidney stones.  Oxalic acid is also known for blocking important minerals such as calcium and iron.

Is Chocolate Allowed On a Vegan Diet?

young cacao plant

Yes, this is a vegan food because it comes from the fruit of the cacao tree.

The fruit of the cacao plant is actually a pod that contains seeds or beans full of chocolate.

It's only processed chocolate which usually contains milk or milk derivatives that are not allowed on a vegan diet.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate comes in different strengths or percentages that show how much chocolate is in each bar and it would be the next best choice to low temperature treated or "raw".  The benefits of dark chocolate include having a high amount of antioxidants and this amount increases with every percentage point.

And another one of the benefits of dark chocolate is that it generally contains less sugar.  Sometimes the sugar content will get lower and lower as the percentage of chocolate gets higher and higher.  I personally cannot handle anything above 70% and prefer the 55% range.  I love chocolate, but when it's too dark it's just too "oxalic acid" for me.

Sometimes I melt dark chocolate and mix it with some coconut oil or cacao butter (also vegan) to make it more like "milk chocolate".  It just tastes better to me when it's not too dark.

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