Healthy Breakfast Foods
and a Healthy Granola Recipe

Healthy breakfast foods include healthy cereals and organic cereals made with "whole" ingredients.

Most people seem to only have time to grab a bowl of cereal on their way out the door these days, so why not learn to make a healthy granola recipe for a change.

A healthy granola recipe can be made without any grains!

Healthy cereals have had their grains, nuts, or seeds treated in such a way as to keep as many nutrients as possible.

And these healthy breakfast foods should also focus on deactivating anti-nutrients found in grains, nuts, and seeds - to ensure healthy digestion.

Healthy Cereals

It's important to note that healthy cereals that have been soaked or sprouted will help release unwanted anti-nutrients that will interfere with your digestion.

I cannot stress this enough!

Plant foods contain a lot of anti-nutrients that must be deactivated in order for your body to receive nutrients such as protein and minerals from certain plant foods.

Soaking, sprouting, and low temperature cooking are methods used to help produce a more nutrient dense and better quality cereal.

Healthy cereals should also not contain any chemical toxins like pesticides and herbicides. It is always best to go for organic cereals over non-organic cereals.

Healthy Granola Recipe - Paleo

I like the ease of this recipe - except I would choose not to use a microwave and prefer more slowly melting the coconut oil and honey.

You can choose any combination of nuts and seeds - just make sure to choose a nice balance of nutrients. You should also use raw healthy nuts that have had their phytic acid reduced.

I like that she uses a lower temperature, to preserve as many nutrients as possible in your homemade breakfast foods.

You could also add in dried fruit to your homemade breakfast foods after you low-temperature bake your granola.  To make the most of your "morning" organic cereals or healthy granola recipe, have it with some raw milk.

To have a more balanced breakfast I prefer using organic goat milk or organic cow milk to go with my healthy granola recipe or healthy cereals. Too much omega 6 fatty acids in nut milks.

Remember, organic cereals that actually contain live and available nutrients are the ones that will actually feed your body and get you off to a good start in the morning.

Breakfast is the "Most" important meal of the day - so they say!

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