Healthy Eating Guidelines
Offers Basic Healthy Food Tips

Healthy eating guidelines offers basic healthy food tips as well as 10 tips to healthy eating - to give you a starting place on your destination to a healthier you.

Plus a fun bonus of some Facts on Healthy Eating!

Healthy eating guidelines also offers you some interesting facts and knowledge on fermented foods - plus other modern day topics.

Facts on Healthy Eating

  • You'll be Happier
  • You'll have More Energy
  • You'll Feel Better & Sleep Better
  • You'll Look Better
  • You'll be Lovable & Productive
  • You'll be Clear Headed

These are practical facts on healthy eating that will usually accompany a healthier way of life.  However, mass confusion usually centers around what healthy eating guidelines you should follow. 

After studying nutrition "on my own" for 30+ years, the following are my recommendations.

10 Tips to Healthy Eating

1.  Buy more foods from your local farmer's markets or directly from a sustainable farmer.

2.  Choose Low Glycemic Diets over high carbohydrate diets and foods to stabilize blood sugar.

3.  Eat more Healthy Fats to build strong cell membranes and a healthy brain.

4.  Include more Raw Foods - both plant and animal foods.

5.  Keep a proper potassium to sodium ratio by consuming adequate amounts of Potassium Rich Foods.

6.  Adopt a Gluten Free Diet and set yourself free from one of the biggest addictions.  There are so many other choices that you may never crave gluten again!

In general, eat less grains and replace them with more green vegetables or lower in sugar fruits like cucumber or zucchini.

7.  Eat more Aphrodisiac Foods to put a spark back into your love life.

8.  Make sure you balance your Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids by consuming more wild caught seafood.

9.  Be sure to eat a few of these Super Foods every week to get important nutrients.

10.  Look for foods that are labeled Non GMO, Non Trans Fat, Organic, Grass Fed, Wild Caught, and eat fermented foods like Sauerkraut.

These 10 tips to healthy eating and the following basic healthy food tips will help to give you a tremendous amount of information for your journey towards a healthier you!

Healthy Eating Guidelines - Basic Healthy Food Tips

The following healthy food tips will help you to make better choices when it comes to fermented foods as well as better food choices in general.

Fermented Ancient Foods
Learn about some of the most well known fermented ancient foods - some of them have been around for a very long time.

What is Fermentation?                                                                                   Learn about the different microbes that are involved with the fermentation process.  This could help guide you in the right direction of what microbes to use when making fermented foods.

Kombucha Tea Recipes and Kimchi Recipes
Learn about the health benefits of consuming certain fermented foods and learn how to make your own Kombucha as well as your own Kimchi.

Lactic Acid Fermentation and Ethanol Fermentation
The creation of fermented food resembles what can and does go on in your own body. Learn about what alcohol really does inside of you, as well as too much lactic acid.

What is MSG? And the Various Names for MSG
Whatever you do, learn to stay away from consuming too much toxic MSG.

Yeast Free Foods and The Symptoms of Yeast Infections
Yeast is something that almost everyone has had some sort of issue with at one time or another.  And this may help you to have a better understanding of "The Gremlins".

Alkaline Foods List and List of Acidic Foods
Alkaline foods are considered a hot topic these days and this list actually includes more than just fruits and vegetables.

Side Effects of Caffeine and The Side Effects of Coffee
Find out how caffeine affects your neurotransmitters and what problems drinking coffee may create in your body.  I'll also give you a better alternative.

Did You Ever Ask Yourself?
What Is Going On!

Well I can tell you a lot.  Most of it seems to be out of our control
or is it? You can control what goes on in your own body, so I suggest
you start there.

Now having said that, I recommend that you understand what a healthy food might be and to read as much of these healthy eating guidelines as possible.

I truly believe that turning this world around starts with each and every one of us.  As Gandhi said, "You Must Be the Change You Seek in the World".

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