Healthy Eating Guidelines
Offers Basic Healthy Food Tips

Healthy eating guidelines will offer you basic healthy food tips as well as 10 tips to healthy eating

It is my hope that these guidelines will give you a better starting point on your destination to a healthier lifestyle. 

Healthy eating guidelines also offers interesting facts and knowledge on fermented foods plus other modern day topics.

Plus get a quick fun bonus of facts on healthy eating.  These are practical facts that will usually accompany a healthier way of eating.

Fun Facts on Healthy Eating

  • You'll be Happier
  • You'll Have More Energy
  • You'll Feel Better and Sleep Better
  • You'll Look Better
  • You'll be Lovable and Productive
  • You'll be Clear Headed

There appears to be mass confusion around healthy eating guidelines that you should actually be following.  For example, "Should you be on a low carb, keto, paleo, carnivore, vegan, or vegetarian diet"?

Well as far as I can tell, any diet that eliminates important food groups while pushing supplements and processed foods will not be optimal for the long term.

10 Tips to Healthy Eating

After studying nutrition "on my own time" for 35+ years, the following are some of my recommendations....

1.  Buy more foods from your local farmer's market, local organic farmers, or better yet learn how to raise your own chickens or start a garden by learning easy Composting Ideas.

2.  Choose Low Glycemic Foods over the foods that are high carb and highly processed.  Eat the foods that'll stabilize your blood sugar and help you control your body fat.

3.  Eat more Grass Fed Butter to get the elusive X factor which has gone missing in most people's diets for way too long.  Learn about the other foods that contain the X factor.

4Include more Raw Foods like raw goat or raw grass fed cow's milk in your diet to get vital nutrients into your body.  Raw animal foods will provide nutrients like bio-available minerals, glutathione, and enzymes.

5.  Keep a proper potassium to sodium ratio by consuming an adequate amount of Potassium Rich Foods.  Fresh juice will provide you a good amount of this mineral quickly!

6.  Learn about the foods that affect your neurotransmitters, so you can have more control over your emotions.  Learn what foods may qualify as Good Mood Foods.

7.  Eat enough Magnesium Rich Foods to avoid what most people are experiencing these days which is being magnesium deficient.  This very essential mineral is needed for more than 18,000 functions!

8. Consume more wild caught seafood to get important nutrients like iodine and to help balance your Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acid ratio.  We as a nation are consuming way too much omega 6!

9Be aware of food toxins or AGEs that Age You!  Cooking your foods using high heat and without any water or other liquid will cause sugars to bind non-enzymatically with proteins or fats to form AGEs or Glycotoxins. 

10.  Eat healthy foods by shopping for foods that are labeled Organic, Non GMO, No Trans Fats, Pasture Raised, Grass Fed, Wild Caught, and Hormone & Antibiotic Free.

These 10 tips to healthy eating and the following basic healthy food tips give you a tremendous amount of information for your journey towards creating a healthier you!

Healthy Eating Guidelines
- Basic Healthy Food Tips

The following healthy eating guidelines will help you to make better choices when it comes to fermented foods.

Fermented Ancient Foods  Learn about some of the most well known and popular fermented foods. 

Some of these popular fermented foods have been consumed for quite some time now!

What is Fermentation?  Learn about the different microbes that are highly involved in the fermentation process and the most common substrates used to make popular fermented foods. 

This could help guide you in the right direction when learning how to make fermented foods.

Kombucha Tea Recipes and Kimchi Recipes  Learn about the health benefits of consuming fermented foods that have been consumed by many cultures.

Learn how to make your own Kombucha by using simple ingredients like black tea and organic cane sugar. 

Also, learn how to make your very own Kimchi which is a Korean staple.  You can even learn how to make your own wine using grapes, fruits, or honey.

Lactic Acid Fermentation and Ethanol Fermentation  Understand the different types of ferments that can be created. 

Also, the creation of fermented food resembles what can and does go on in your own body.  Learn about what alcohol really does inside of you, as well as too much lactic acid.

The following healthy eating guidelines will help you to make better food choices in general.

What is MSG? And the Various Names for MSG  Whatever you do, stay away from consuming too much MSG.  Find out about the popular foods that contain toxic amounts of MSG. 

And find out about some of the symptoms that you may experience when you consume too much MSG.

Side Effects of Caffeine and The Side Effects of Coffee  You should find out how caffeine will affect your neurotransmitters and the problems that drinking coffee may create in your body. 

I'll also give you a better alternative to help with the side effects of drinking coffee.

Did You Ever Ask Yourself?  What is Really Going On?

Well I can tell you a lot.  Most of it seems to be out of our control or is it?

You can control what goes on in your own body, so I suggest you start there. 

Now having said that, I recommend that you understand what a healthy food might be and to read these healthy eating guidelines.  

I truly believe that turning this world around starts with each and everyone of us.  As Gandhi said, "You Must Be the Change You Seek in the World".

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