Healthy Food Snacks

Healthy food snacks can include live plant foods such as properly prepared raw nuts that you can turn into a raw trail mix.  And healthy food snacks that are properly soaked and dried at the right temperature can give you important vitamins and minerals.

Some of my favorite snacks are nuts.  However, before I eat nuts especially raw nuts, I will deactivate as many anti-nutrients as possible.

Anti-nutrients are nature's way of protecting a nut.  And deactivating anti-nutrients ensures better digestibility and more nutrition. 

However, it can be a long process and you will have to plan a day or so ahead to complete this necessary procedure before you can safely eat these healthy food snacks.

How to Properly Prepare Raw Nuts

  1. Basically, you will soak your raw nuts in water for 7 to 12 hours. 
  2. You will also have to add in a certain amount of salt to help deactivate certain anti-nutrients (1 tbsp. of salt per 4 cups of nuts).
  3. Then the nuts need to be rinsed and dried below a certain temperature (116 degrees F is an acceptable temperature for most people) to retain as much nutrients as possible. 
  4. You can then make your own trail mix or use these nuts to make other raw food snacks.

Ultimately, you want to eat healthy snacks that contain some raw ingredients.   And foods that come with real nutrients and with no chemical additives is very important!

How to Make a Trail Mix

As you can see, there are a variety of nuts, seeds, fruits, and chocolate that you can choose from to put into your trail mix. 

And this is a great snack to have in your car for emergency snacks.

You can also buy or order properly prepared raw nuts these days. 

You'll find a good variety of soaked and dehydrated raw nuts as well as soaked cashews at US Wellness Meats.

Soaked Walnuts

Soaked Almonds

Soaked Pecans

Soaked Cashews

To purchase any of these raw nuts go to US Wellness Meats.

Then look for Healthy Snacks on the shopping menu bar.

Lets face it - we are all looking for a quick fix to our hunger problems for our busy lives. 

What could be better than having healthy food snacks prepared and ready to go in our pantries to help nourish our bodies.

Raw snacks can be made with properly prepared nuts, properly prepared seeds, raw chocolate, and dehydrated fruits. 

Live plant foods come with important nutrients like minerals and vitamins that can help to keep us young.

And as a Bonus, the more raw snacks that you consume - the less toxins that will likely enter into your body such as Acrylamides, AGEs, or MSG.

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