Healthy Food Snacks

Healthy food snacks can include foods such as properly prepared raw nuts and seeds that you can turn into a raw food platter. 

Before you eat raw nuts and seeds, you'll have to find a way to deactivate as many anti-nutrients as possible.

Anti-nutrients are nature's way of protecting a nut or seed.  Deactivating anti-nutrients will help to ensure better digestibility and more nutrition. 

This can sometimes be a long process and you will have to plan a day or so ahead to complete this procedure before you can use nuts and seeds in your healthy food snacks.

How to Prepare Raw Nuts

  1. Basically, you will soak your raw nuts in room temp filtered water for 8 hours or overnight. 
  2. You will add in a certain amount of salt to help deactivate certain anti-nutrients (1 tbsp. of salt per 4 cups of nuts).
  3. After soaking the nuts, they will need to be rinsed thoroughly.
  4. Dry nuts between 116 to 150 degrees F. to retain as much nutrients as possible. 
  5. Then you can use these nuts to make raw food snacks.

You can also prepare most seeds by soaking before consuming them with this method.  Here is a guide to soaking seeds.  This technique of soaking nuts and seeds is promoted by Sally Fallon Morell of the Weston A. Price Foundation. 

However, according to the raw foodist Aajonus Vonderplanitz if you germinate the nuts by soaking and sprouting nuts, this only increases 3 enzymes which act like phytic acid and will destroy protein absorption!

He claimed that raw butter, raw egg, and raw honey helps to neutralize the phytic acid found in nuts.  You can look up a recipe on how to prepare nuts and seeds in his book, "The Recipe for Living Without Disease".

Bottom line, your going to have to decide for yourself which method feels better for your tummy and your body.

How to Make a Raw Food Platter

There are a variety of nuts and seeds that you can choose from to put on your raw food platter. 

They make great accents and can give more texture to your healthy food snacks.

Combine your favorite raw or unpasteurized cheese along with organic raw honey, raw olives, dates, raw soaked nuts, and raw soaked seeds to make an appetizing raw food platter.

This is a pretty nutritious snack that you can make relatively quickly (as long as you have properly prepared nuts and seeds) for a healthy food snack.

Lets face it we are all looking for a quick fix to our hunger problems for our busy lives. 

What could be better than having healthy food snacks that may actually help to nourish our bodies.

Raw food platters can be made with properly prepared nuts, properly prepared seeds, raw cheese, and fruits that preferably contain enzymes.

Be aware that most nuts and seeds do contain a lot of oxalates (a poison) that may or may not get removed from the soaking process (nobody seems to know at this point in time).

Maybe stick to lower in oxalate nuts and seeds like pistachios, mac nuts, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. 

And eat them in moderation!  You can also consume them with yogurt and organic raw honey to have a more balanced healthy food snack.

Properly prepared nuts and seeds can also be used to make crusts for your raw food pies, raw cookies, or raw decadent desserts.

Ultimately, you'll want to eat healthy food snacks that contain nutrient dense ingredients, enzymes, and not so many anti-nutrients. 

Foods that come with no toxic chemicals and no chemical additives is also very important!

As a Bonus, the more raw food snacks that you consume - the less toxins that will likely enter into your body such as Acrylamides, AGEs, or MSG.

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