Healthy Nuts

Healthy nuts are nuts that have been soaked to remove phytic acid and then low temperature dried to preserve its nutrients.

Some nuts are easier to digest than others, but it seems that soaking nuts really helps to release anti-nutrients like phytic acid which in turn will decrease stomach upset.

Nuts are known for their mineral content more than their protein content.  And you will find powerful antioxidant minerals like selenium in nuts like the brazil nut.

Healthy nuts make a great snack!  You can also use these nuts to make your own raw nut milks for your Paleo or Vegan smoothies.

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Organic Raw Almonds

Organic raw almonds with reduced phytates are ready to go to make that fresh glass of raw almond milk or to use in your healthy homemade protein bars.

Organic raw almonds are full of energy compared to their roasted processed cousins.

And you could even save a lot of money and make your own organic raw almond butter - which costs an actual fortune these days.!

Certified organic by Stellar. Each package weighs 6.5 ounces.

Organic Raw Brazil Nuts

These Brazil Nuts are soaked, rinsed, and dried at temperatures below 108 degrees F.

Raw qualities are preserved and temperature sensitive enzymes or other unique properties are intact following the soak, rinse, and low temperature drying process.

Organic Brazil Nuts

Certified organic Brazil Nuts.  Each package weighs about 8 ounces.

Organic Raw Pecans

Organic raw pecans are great for making desserts like pecan pie or raw nut crusts.

And these pecans are certified organic in raw format and packed with more energy that their roasted cousins.

Pecans are a more delicate nut that tastes great in salads.

Raw organic pecans

Certified organic by Stellar. Each package contains 5 ounces of product.

Organic Raw Walnuts

Enjoy pristine organic raw walnuts as a world class snack.

Certified organic walnuts are soaked and low temperature dried at no more than 108 degrees F.

Vital enzymes and nutrients are preserved with this rare processing method.

soaked walnuts

Certified organic by Stellar.  Each package weighs 4 ounces each.

Organic Raw Cashews

In the Vegan and Paleo community raw cashews are very popular and are used to make cheese and cream alternatives.

However, the cashew is not really a nut and is part of the legume family.  And because of its high lectin content, may not be suitable to eat raw. 

These cashews are organic, raw, and have reduced phytates.

organic raw cashews

Certified organic by Stellar. Each package weighs 6 ounces each.

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