Healthy Protein
to Make Millions of Proteins

Healthy protein is needed to create the millions of proteins directed by your genetic code. 

Proteins are made up of smaller units called amino acids. 

There are 20 to 23 different types of amino acids that can be combined to make different proteins.

It has been estimated that the human genetic code has the ability to generate at least 2 million different types of proteins. 

The sequence of the amino acids will determine each protein's unique 3 dimensional structure and specific job.

Technically, there are only 9 or 10 essential amino acids, but your body will need at least 20 different amino acids to make the different combinations that will go into making the millions of different proteins.

What is Healthy Protein?

Amino acid chains are the actual building blocks for every protein in your body.  They are composed of the various combinations of 20 or more amino acids.

These amino acids will be combined in an unlimited number of configurations to construct the required proteins for your body. 

You need amino acids to create your hormones, hemoglobin, antibodies, hair, nails, bones, enzymes, and muscles - just to name a few!

Foods are not all created equal and can vary in a number of ways such as in digestibility and the amino acid content.

Healthy Protein

Healthy protein will be a complete protein that contains bio-available amino acids.  It will also have enzymes to help with digestion and probiotics. 

And healthy protein will also contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants like glutathione.

In order to build the strongest protein chains there must be enough healthy protein in your diet that is digestible to help give you the amino acids that will sustain your life.

Do You Want to be Part
of the Vegan Experiment?

Some people are claiming that humans do not need to eat any type of animal foods. 

And they are putting this theory to the test by not eating much more than raw fruits and vegetables. 

This of course, will throw your hormones into a state of disarray - eventually. 

Unfortunately, eating a lot of fruit will create imbalances in your body over the long run.   

The human body was not designed to consume high amounts of sugar!

Especially not fructose sugar which is found abundantly in fruit.  Too much sugar is too much sugar! 

Shockingly, there is a decent amount of amino acids found in some fruit that apparently gets digested pretty easily when eaten raw. 

However, fruit is not a complete protein and will not supply enough amino acids to create the millions of proteins.

However, healthy protein that's found in "raw" animal foods and in seafood will supply the right types of amino acids and other nutrients. 

This type of healthy protein will help to keep your hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, and hemoglobin functioning properly. 

I've seen some vegans get away with quite a lot and this just shows you the power of eating raw amino acids and "Will Power." 

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