Healthy Stir Fry Recipe
and Cooking With a Wok

A healthy stir fry recipe can include a gluten free chicken stir fry recipe or a beef stir fry recipe.

Cooking with a wok can make stir frying a lot easier as well as tastier. The carbon steel wok seems to be the favorite for making a quick stir fry recipe.

You can make a chicken stir fry recipe with a coconut sauce or a beef stir fry recipe with a gluten free sweet and sour sauce - yummy!

Cooking with a good oil that can take the heat is important when making a stir fry. That would pretty much eliminate all vegetable oils in spite of their popularity.

Cooking With a Wok

Cooking with a wok is a more fuel efficient way to cook foods quickly. You can even get away with using less oil when deep frying with a wok.

Because of its design the heat will spread more evenly and up higher. You can also toss foods more easily with this type of cooking utensil.

Most woks are relatively inexpensive and there are several sizes of woks to choose from as well as carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, or teflon.

Most chefs seem to prefer the carbon steel or cast iron wok because they both seem to conduct heat the best and most efficiently.

There are two types of bottoms on a wok. A flat bottom wok works with just about any stove and the round bottom wok needs a ring to work with a gas stove.

Seasoning is very important for most woks to keep them from rusting and food from sticking.

Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

I would definitely use coconut oil to make this dish - not just for taste, but for my health as well.

I love the health benefits of coconut products as well as the taste of coconut. It is just a comfort food for my soul.

Be sure to check your label when buying any type of curry paste or curry sauce for gluten.

Beef Stir Fry Recipe

Sweet and sour sauce is basically a brown sugar, vinegar, and ketchup type of sauce, but be sure to check your ingredients for any added gluten.

Better yet, just make your own gluten free sweet and sour sauce from scratch.

Also, use a gluten free pasta or rice to go with this dish. Or you can leave both out and go for a lower carbohydrate gluten free meal.

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