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Healthy Food Lover's Newsletter, Issue #45 - Will it Be a 5G or a 5D World?
April 10, 2021
Hello Healthy Food Lovers,

Will it Be a 5G or a 5D World?

Do you want to live in a 5G world or do you want to live in the 5D world? I do apologize because I meant to write this newsletter about 2 years ago, but now feels like the right time.

Many have wondered when 5G would finally rollout and the consequences that would occur.

However, I don't think anyone could have guessed that we would all be put into some sort of lockdown for about a year.

The reason for the lockdown being some "deadly virus" that no one has been able to isolate or prove makes you sick.

Although, to the point that makes you sick, this "virus storyline" has been repeated over and over again by our "questionable" media.

The solution is more vaccinations, masks, and social distancing which makes no sense because viruses are not contagious!

Could There Be Another Explanation?

I personally think that the lockdown during this last presidential election was not a coincidence, but I'm going to move on from that theory because people are getting sick.

It is my understanding that viruses are not alive and are created by your body to clean out your cells when they have become too toxic.

Yes, when you become too toxic! This can occur from being exposed to too many chemicals, glyphosate in Roundup, heavy metals, and even too much exposure to EMFs.

EMFs are harmful man-made radiation and EMF exposure would dramatically increase with the rollout of 5G.

Could 5G along with the numerous toxins that bombard our food supply and environment be the real cause?

Please watch the following video that features Sally Fallon Morell and Dr.Tom Cowan The Contagion Myth

Some Helpful Solutions

Because there is so much EMF around everyone these days, it's probably better to focus on solutions to this 5G problem.

One of my favorite ways to deal with man-made EMFs is using Biogeometry that was brought to life by Dr. Karim from Egypt.

I personally use some of Dr. Karim's Biogeometry products and suggest you look into his work.

Although, he suggests you start by getting rid of the harmful EMFs in your bedroom, so you'll be able to heal while you sleep.

He recommends keeping your head 1 to 1 1/2 feet away from your bedroom wall because it emits an EMF field. This will help to protect important glands in that area of your body.

Also, he suggests you unplug every electrical device in your bedroom, charge your cell phone in another room, and unplug your WIFI router while you sleep.

In addition, I would not sleep in a room where electricity enters your home or where an electrical panel or a smart meter is in close proximity.

Did you know that living a lie also produces the same harmful effects as EMFs?

And living a truthful life and keeping yourself healthy is what will affect this world for the better!

Please watch this video of Dr. Karim and his daughter discussing 5G while in lockdown Immunity in the Age of Information

Are We About to Make the Shift?

Even though it looks like we've gone into a time of complete madness, something great could be about to happen.

Instead of focusing on the crazy that's in the news, I prefer to focus on what I want my world to be like.

I also focus on keeping my food, water, air, and environment as healthy as possible.

Living on farms during this crazy time was such a blessing for me. Life was pretty much normal except when you went to the grocery stores.

I can't even imagine having to wear a mask for longer than 15 minutes. Does breathing back in the carbon dioxide we exhale make any sense?

Let Go of Your Fear!

Fear is a very powerful emotion and that is why it is used to control people.

We appear to be in a time of great transition. Leaving this broken system that is falling apart as I speak and waking up to a new beginning.

This earth is going into 5D and you get to choose to continue on with the "storyline" or go on a glorious ride to a much better vibrational earth.

I'm sure there will be no deadly viruses or famine because that was all built on a bunch of lies anyway.

However, to be able to move on, you will have to let go of your fear and creating more karma. I will always be grateful to my father for taking me to see Dolores Cannon.

And I know she is watching this incredible show from the other side Dolores Cannon - Let Go of Fear

One of My Favorite Solutions

Focused Life Force Energy or FLFE is my favorite solution to help raise my vibration and protect me from harmful EMFs.

It's a subscription service that can transform your environment or your cell phone.

I especially love putting FLFE on a property because it raises the vibration of the property to that of a sacred energy spot.

You can experience 15 days of FLFE for Free on your cell phone or on your property by clicking on this link FLFE free gift and no credit card involved or obligation.

I hope this newsletter can help change your perspective about what is going on right now and what you can do to help create a better world for yourself.

I really hope this helps you to transition into the healthier vibrational earth called 5D.

Time to Live, Kathryn

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