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Healthy Food Lover's Newsletter, Issue #007 -- Dehydrated Survival Foods
July 15, 2012
Hello Healthy Food Lovers,

Dehydrated Survival Foods

Dehydrated survival foods can help you make it thru most weather disasters or any other "events" that require a supply of food on hand.

You of course could go out and buy survival foods, but then you don't get to control the type of ingredients or the quality of your survival foods.

It is also probably a lot cheaper to make most of your own survival foods by using one of the easiest methods which is food dehydration.

Food dehydration or drying has been around for centuries and is probably one of the oldest methods of preserving food. Dried foods will also retain more of their nutrients than freeze dried, bottled, or canned foods.

You can create your own food bank by using extra fruits, vegetables, herbs, and leftovers that you would have normally thrown away. You can also shop at your local farmer's market and find some great bargains on local produce.

Dehydration Food Ideas

Dehydrate apples for later use in apple pies, applesauce, jams or baked goods by rehydrating with water.

You can also make fruit powders to use in smoothies or to make fruit sauces by placing dehydrated fruit in a blender until it becomes a fine powder.

You can even make your own green powder superfoods by juicing your favorite greens and then dehydrating on a low temp. - grind into a powder and then store in capsules.

A nice variety of dehydrated vegetables can be used like raw vegetables to make your favorite soups, casseroles, or stews.

You can also make vegetable flakes or powders by crushing, using a food mill or blender. Then use as a seasoning for dips, chips, or sauces.

Using dehydrated herbs is another great way to flavor your favorite dishes.

You can marinate meat and make your own beef jerky without all those icky preservatives that are found in most jerky.

Dehydrate home cooked meals like chili to take on the road or on a camping trip - it just takes some boiling water to rehydrate back to normal.

These are just some of the things you can do when you learn how to dehydrate your own foods. You can basically dehydrate anything but the kitchen sink -well almost.

How to Make Pemmican

Pemmican is an invaluable survival food that has been made for generations by the Native Indians of North America. This amazing calorie dense food is a mixture of dried meat with rendered fat also known as suet or tallow.

Some people also like to include berries, raisins, and even nuts to their pemmican to add more depth of flavor as well as additional fuel.

Pemmican was mainly made from buffalo meat and other large wild game, but any type of lean meat will work. Grass fed meats are leaner and will be a better choice than grain fed meats.

Pemmican is a protein rich survival food and when properly prepared wil last several months to several years without any type of refrigeration.

If you were in a "real" survival situation, this would probably be your best bet to survive or is it - surpasse the "event".

How to Make Pemmican Part 1

How to Make Pemmican Part 2

Dehydration Guidelines

Of all the dehydration methods, using a good quality dehydrator with a good fan system will get you the best results.

Longer dehydrating times and lower temperatures for fruits and vegetables will help to prevent case hardening - which is when your food will be harder on the outside compared to the inside.

The more moisture you remove, the better chance of your food lasting for a longer time without any problems.

Dehydrate foods that are similar for best results - such as fruits together, vegetables together, meats together, and herbs together.

Certain vegetables may be steamed or blanched before dehydrating for better results. Also, spraying certain vegetables (not leafy greens) and certain fruits with lemon juice will help to retain color.

Slice fruits and vegetables to the same size or thickness, so they dehydrate at the same rate.

Frozen foods have already been prepped - just open the bag and place frozen berries, corn, spinach, potatoes, etc. on your dehydrator trays - no need to defrost first.

Dehydrating with too much humidity in the air will greatly slow down the dehydration process - so be aware.

Also be careful of dehydrating anything too fatty as it may become rancid in the near future. Although, I've seen videos of people dehydrating eggs and milk -but I've yet to see anyone dehydrate an avocado.

How to dehydrate cabbage, celery, carrots, and onions

Storage & Rehydration Tips

Ziploc bags and glass jars make a great short term storage container that are easy to access. Mylar bags or food grade buckets work great for longer term storage. In addition, using oxygen packs or a vacuum sealer will help extend the shelf life of your dehydrated foods.

Store your dehydrated foods in a cool and dry area of your home. Be sure to keep your foods in a area that does not receive too much light as well.

Rehydration of dehydrated foods is done by soaking and/or cooking. Using cool water will equal a longer rehydrating time and using hot water will equal a shorter rehydrating time.

For evenly rehydrated fruit without too much leftover liquid - put your dehydrated fruit in a jar and add 1/2 cup of cool water for every 1 cup of dehydrated fruit. Mix and cover with a lid overnight in your refrigerator - being sure to stir fruit several times for even rehydration.

How to Rehydrate Fruit

May the Force Be With You

Have you ever wondered what that really means?

I know it sounds like I'm going off track, but this is related to the subject of dehydration.

The best I can do to explain "the force" is with living water. Living water is sometimes referred to as structured or hexagonally structured water. This is what feeds your light body - yes, I went there.

The organization of light requires hexagonally structured water to form the crystalline network or sacred geometries which is the matrix of light. These geometries act as antennas to attract or capture cosmic energy.

The hexagon is one of nature's most stable patterns and may be the most efficient structure for receiving, storing, and transmitting energy.

A water molecule consists of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Hexagonally structured water will contain the most stable geometry - being 6 water molecules joined in a hexagonal ring.

Replenishing the hexagonal water in your body can decrease the aging process and increase your vitality. While the loss of hexagonally structured water will decrease your vitality and increase the aging process.

The Power of Raw Foods

Anything that accelerates dehydration such as alcohol, soda, and cooked foods will most likely decrease your supply of hexagonal water.

Water from raw whole foods and water from deep pristine streams which have an ideal hexagonal structure - will increase hexagonal water.

This may be the real power behind raw foods. I do believe in keeping as much life force in my food as possible - which means dehydrating no higher than 115 degrees F or ideally eating a food raw.

Factors such as toxins, mineral content, temperature, and energetic influences can determine how many hexagonal rings can be formed.

Proponents of raw food claim that cooking turns minerals from an organic form into a inorganic form which is not really usable for your body.

It has been stated that heating food above 118 degrees F destroys 50% of the protein in our food, 50% of the vitamins, 80% of the minerals, and all of the enzymes.

Certain minerals such as calcium, sodium, zinc, copper, and iron help to convert water into hexagonal water - these minerals will need to be organic!

pH means Potential Hydrogen

Is this the "real" power behind alkaline foods?

If pH stands for the ability to attract hydrogen - an acidic molecule would have a lower ability to attract hydrogen and an alkaline molecule would have a higher ability.

And the stronger the hydrogen bonds - the greater the percent of hexagonally structured water. Raw foods and alkaline foods which contain more oxygen as well as the right kind of minerals - would probably aid in the strength of these bonds.

Of these 3 - proteins, fats, and carbohydrates - carbohydrates have a 2 hydrogen to 1 oxygen ratio which is the same as water.

There goes my believe in high protein low carb diets - lol. Again this all points to Balance - which is a 7 on the pH scale. I believe in eating a wide variety of live foods for the best balance.

David Wolfe explains the Role of Minerals in the Acid/Alkaline Balance

The Power Behind a Snowflake

Snowflakes are in a hexagonal shape when they fall to earth - they have the most life-giving geometry of 6 water molecules joined in a hexagonal ring.

Pure water from mountain lakes and creeks that come from snow packs are known to be some of the healthiest in the world.

There are a few places on earth that are known for having healing waters like Lourdes, France. This magical place has a high concentration of hexagonally structured water.

You can also help to create more of these hexagonal structures by sending out positive and loving thoughts to your food or water - hence the power of your thoughts.

May the Force Be With You - Always,


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