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Healthy Food Lover's Newsletter, Issue #43 - A "Double-Edged" Sword
August 21, 2017
Hello Healthy Food Lovers,

A "Double-Edged" Sword

Many things can become a "double-edged" sword. Metaphorically speaking - a sword with two edges could solve one problem, but could potentially cause even more problems on the back swing.

An example would be that most people understand how important protein is to building up their body, but most people do not understand how problematic cooked protein can be to their tissues.

Are you feeling blue? In spite of following the latest health trends and diets.

And are you starting to suspect that your health issues might not have been from the macro-nutrient that you thought was creating your problems?

Technology and AI (artificial intelligence) has conveniently solved many problems, but has left too many people staring for long periods of time into a blue light.

And with the push for AI, people are actually having themselves chipped in order to more conveniently log into this technology.

Be aware that exposure to excessive amounts of blue light will throw off your circadian rhythm.

And as you move further away from powerful healing and energizing light frequencies - no fad diet (vegan, paleo, or ketogenic) will be able to remedy this situation.

Which in time will lead to a T-shirt that says "I Got Gipped!".

Blue Light

Lately, I have been longing for the days of my childhood in Hawaii.

The days when we basked in the sun covered in our coconut oil (no SPF), we talked face to face, people were relatively healthy, and we weren't hyperfocused on diet.

Also, there wasn't a lot of blue light (or EMF) in our environment.

Ever since Edison invented the light bulb, our exposure to blue light has grown exponentially and has gotten much worse with the use of fluorescent and LED light bulbs.

And a lot of the latest technology (smart phones, TVs, computers, etc.) involves beaming blue light into you every time you look at a screen.

This blue light can trick your body into thinking that it's time to eat and will create certain hormones like cortisol. Blue light will also destroy your DHA and harm your retinol pathways.

You see there is only a certain amount of blue light that is required by your body. Once you go past that amount, you throw off your body's circadian rhythm.

The Circadian Rhythm and Your Biological Clock in 3 Minutes

There are much more important light frequencies that are not visible to your eyes - which you should get from sunlight.

And this is the light that will help to bring you back to your senses.

Dr. Jack Kruse is probably the expert when it comes to explaining how blue light affects your mitochondria and energy production.

I've included some bullet points of his video to help you follow along. Dr. Jack Kruse - Functional Medicine Mistakes, EMF, Sunlight and Your Mitochondria

Video Bullet Points:

  • If you alter the environment, you alter the response of your mitochondria. Mitochondria delivers most of the energy in your body via ATP.
  • You need to make a lot of ATP every day for energy. Food only provides 1/3 of the amount of electrons to make ATP.
  • Sunlight is suppose to provide the other 2/3s of electrons via a heme protein which absorbs best in the red and near infrared range.
  • Sunlight makes a lot of ATP and creates a higher magnetic flux or field. Electrons are very important to your electromagnetic field and you program electrons with sunlight frequencies (via photons).
  • There is a Rosetta Stone frequency in everything in our environment and your mitochondria pays attention to this phenomenon.
  • We don't seem to fully understand the owner's manual of what is built into our mitochondria and how it really works.
  • For protection Jack wears his blue-blocker glasses indoors because blue light stretches out your respiratory proteins which affects electron activity which weakens your electrical current.
  • Blue light creates a light deficiency problem. Blue light can also create adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism.
  • When the sun rises in the morning it's at 1800 Kelvin and at noon time solar light is at 5700 Kelvin. Your computer screen is in the 5700 to 6500 Kelvin range which tells your body that it's noon time.
  • At 5:00 p.m. solar light is at 16,000 Kelvin. Your suppose to gradually adapt to this change in Kelvin to support your pituitary gland.
  • You should cover up your thyroid gland when indoors to protect it from blue light, but expose it when outdoors.
  • 42% of sunlight is near IR or infrared light which helps you make more ATP. This type of light helps to create EZ water.
  • We are beings of light and Jack said that DHA (from seafood) is very important to your retinol pathways which are very very important to turning things on and off.
  • Jack recommends everyone make like the Sphinx in the morning and look in the direction of the sun with all 4 extremities grounded or touching the earth. When you are grounded to the earth, you will have a complete "wireless" connection to the sun to maximize ATP production and to increase your electrical current.
  • Insulin is a solar hormone and carbohydrates won't affect people as much on the equator because there are more photons to program your electrons.
  • We can only see the center part of the visible spectrum. We can't see UV and IR (purple and red light) which are the most important light frequencies for regeneration. Nothing can replace sunlight!
  • Get up with the sunrise and make like the Sphinx for 5 to 15 minutes to reset light signals (vitamin D and vitamin A cycle). The vitamin A cycle is set in the morning and the vitamin D cycle is set by UVB light in the afternoon.
  • Blue light from the sun is strongest between 6 and 10 a.m. which triggers important hormones to be made by your pituitary gland. The off switch for the pituitary gland to turn off certain hormones is UVA and UVB light (purple light).
  • If you start your day by first looking at your smart phone or at your computer (5700 Kelvin), you throw off your pituitary gland because you just told your brain that it's noon time. This mismatch can only be fixed by correct light cycles.
  • Eyes and skin are the two major ways to absorb sunlight. Although, the mechanisms and proteins that are used by your body will differ. Jack avoids wearing sunscreen outside and anything that blocks sunlight - even clothes.
  • If you have a strong light cycle as well as a strong UV and IR environment, you can eat a higher carbohydrate diet and you won't need as much DHA.
  • The environment we now live in (with too much blue light and EMF) makes carbohydrates appear to be bad for us.
  • Your latitude, altitude, and population density will determine how much sunlight you will need to make vitamin D.
  • High population density is related to Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome because of creating dehydration (from non-native EMF from computers, cell phones, etc.) which creates a low vitamin D conversion.
  • Spend as much time as you can outside and take sunlight breaks at work (5 to 10 minutes at least) to help absorb more sunlight.
  • When you eat a lot of carbohydrates, your skin will get thicker because it's looking for more sunlight because you're not getting enough purple and red light.
  • You are designed to absorb UV light through your melanin and it will offload into your cells at night. You can gradually build up your solar callus (skin thickness becomes optimized).
  • Your "wireless" relationship to the sun and your complete connection to the earth through your feet (using leather soled shoes or bare feet) is very important.
  • Taking pills and herbs will not reconnect you. You cannot supplement sunlight!
  • When you take an exogenous source (vitamin D pills, etc.) you uncouple (or disconnect) this system and you make the problem worse. Move south or go up to a higher altitude (5000 foot elevation) to raise your vitamin D level.
  • If you live in a very populated city with a lower latitude (lower latitudes are considered optimal), you can still have a low vitamin D level because of dehydration from non-native EMFs.
  • You must optimize your mitochondria to make vitamin D and you must avoid dehydration. Be aware of non-native EMFs which you cannot see, sense, or touch - but your mitochondria can.
  • Bio-hack your environment using the appropriate meters to find problems and test your environment periodically. Stay away from Smart Meters, New 5G Cables, and Direct TV which is very harmful to your mitochondria.
  • Assess your redox potential (your ability to use electrons for energy). If your teeth are naturally white, you have a good redox potential. Yellow teeth indicates a redox potential that is not very good.
  • We have allowed our beliefs to affect how we study something. Beliefs we have in nutrition came from studies that were not done using the right conditions (an exception is the Weston A. Price study).
  • Eat what grows in your environment to avoid a mismatch as your environment dictates what you should eat. Eat differently during the winter than you do in the summer time.
  • Cold condenses your respiratory proteins which brings them closer together to help a lower amount of electrons be more energy efficient and to create EZ water.
  • CO2 + Water + Sunlight makes sugars or glucose. Your mitochondria does the reverse and takes glucose to make CO2 and Water. One is the yin and one is the yang.
  • Ketosis helps condense respiratory proteins for better energy efficiency, but chronic ketosis can't recycle your new mitochondria.
  • Food is basically light energy and the key to deciphering or to understanding is the Rosetta Code which is built into the latitude, altitude, and population density of where we live.
  • You need cysteine a sulfur (or sulphur) amino acid to make glutathione. You want more sulphur (*raw animal foods contain sulphur and glutathione) in your diet when you live in a high solar environment as sulfated cholesterol and sulfated vitamin D are the key to a solar callus.
  • Fix your light environment and get non-native EMF dialled in. Be very careful of anything that disrupts electron chain transport and your mitochondria.
  • Blue light burns you up faster. Red and Purple light will help to slow you down. Purple electrons can be turned into red light for ATP production.
  • If you are anemic, you need to be out in the sun. If you are B12 and vitamin D deficient, you are likely deficient in purple and red light. You will probably still need to eat meat because of your environment and latitude to fix vitamin deficiencies.
  • UV light makes oxygen. A strong UV light means you are going to have pretty good O2 or oxygen and stronger mitochondria.
  • Your redox potential is the key to healthy living. You have to have electrons programmed by sunlight and the more electrons that you can contain in you - the better you will be.

* my comment

Bottom Line: Excessive blue light and carbohydrates creates a big problem because they both stretch out your respiratory proteins and your mitochondria don't work very well. Electrons rely on having strong mitochondria.

Cooked Proteins

Cooked proteins are denatured proteins and uncoil or stretch out which affects their electron content. In essence, cooking your meats will remove the meat's light energy and it will reduce its sulphur content.

Also cooked proteins will putrefy in your digestive system. These cauterized proteins are not easily digested and used by your body.

Furthermore, they will probably be stored somewhere causing biochemical changes that can create considerable poisoning or toxemia.

I've personally witnessed miracles with raw meat consumption and notice the ill effects whenever I eat cooked meats.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz who promoted the consumption of raw meat (after his experience of being a vegan/fruitarian - read more here) said that when most people eat cooked protein they consume lipid oxides and protein toxins causing unstable nutrients for building and maintaining all tissues unless they exercise.

He also stated that concentrated tissues full of excessive minerals and proteins (from consuming cooked foods) that are swollen and cauterized will have extreme water retention - read more here.

Dr. Henry G. Bieler author of Food is Your Best Medicine also observed problems with cooked proteins.

In Chapter 15 Proteins Can be Body Killers Page 198: It is well established that to neutralize the putrefaction products of well-cooked protein indigestion, the liver is robbed of its sodium faster than it can be replenished by the diet, which in cooked-meat eaters is notoriously lacking in sodium-containing foods. As the liver fails, the toxemia increases.

He mentions in his book that organic sodium is found in foods like vegetables and raw meats. He also said that salt is a corrosive stimulant.

In Chapter 14 Proteins are Body Builders Page 184: True proteins are body builders, but only the right kind of proteins which the human liver can handle will build the right kind of bodies.

Which he claims are from raw, rare, or lightly cooked animal foods (as far as animal and seafood are concerned).

Page 180: Between a hundred thousand and a million different proteins exist.

Page 179: Proteins form the cells of the body, whether they are the calcium proteins of the bones, the sodium proteins of the liver, the potassium proteins in the pancreas, the phosphorus proteins in the brain and nerves, the iron and copper proteins of the red blood or the sulphur proteins of the connective tissues. Even the trace elements and the vitamins are proteins.

Bottom Line: Cooked animal foods and seafood will contain less light energy (electrons, sulphur) and are harder to digest or utilize. If you want more bang for your buck, eat raw to lightly cooked animal foods and seafood to build a strong body as well as to increase your redox potential.

The Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone is what provided the key to deciphering Egyptian heiroglyphs and to understanding Egyptian history.

It was written in 3 scripts or texts (Hieroglyphs, Demotic, and Greek). This was done so that the priests, government, and rulers of Egypt could read what the Rosetta Stone contained.

It is now used to make an "educated guess" on the meaning of Ancient Egyptian heiroglyphs.

Ancient Mysteries: The Rosetta Stone (History Documentary)

In modern times the term Rosetta Stone is now used in another context as the name for the essential clue to a new field of knowledge.

The "Purple Rain"

I think Prince who was a musical genius was on to something when he produced this song which was one of his biggest hits - Purple Rain

UV light (purple light) contains high powered photons which excites electrons and correctly programs them.

UVA light is available throughout the day and also creates nitric oxide (NO) when it penetrates your skin which is good for your circulation.

UVB light which is more intense (needed for vitamin D) is available in the late morning hours to about 4:00 p.m., but it is less available in the colder months.

The Equator (0 degrees latitude) receives the most UV or purple light and a place like Antarctica (90 degrees latitude) receives some of the lowest amounts of UV light.

Hawaii and Southern locations in the United States will receive more UV light than the Northern locations. And summer months will provide the greatest amount of purple light.

Higher altitudes will also have greater UV exposure.

Is the Orion Nebula that's located on Orion's Sword (a "double-edged" sword created by folklore which has lead us down a very disconnected path) the Rosetta Stone that we have been looking for to decipher Prince's song and ourselves?

The Orion Nebula - Tracking its Importance via The Collective Unconscious (2/2) - Danny Wilten

And is regenerating "purple rain" coming from those stars via our sun which many of the Ancient sites have aligned with throughout history? Orion The Light of Heaven

Bottom Line: Purple light is not dangerous - it is our "misguided" beliefs that has kept us "uncoupled" and kept us from growing to our fullest potential.

Maybe we all need to take a good look at the "man in the mirror" to really reconnect ourselves again.

See You in the "Purple Rain",


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