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Healthy Food Lover's Newsletter, Issue #36 - The Bullet Proof Diet
March 10, 2016
Hello Healthy Food Lovers,

The Bullet Proof Diet

The bullet proof diet is for those that require a more high powered fuel to get them through a demanding life.

This diet has the potential to give you super-human abilities like Neo and Trinity in "The Matrix".

Except you'll be dodging these bullets - heart disease, diabetes, brain disorders, inflammation, and cancer.

For too long we have relied on a faulty fuel source that is extremely polluting and inefficient not only for our body, but for our brain.

And the more we have relied on this type of fuel, the sicker as a society we have become. This fuel source has also dramatically increased Metabolic Syndrome X.

Metabolic Syndrome X

Metabolic Syndrome X is a group of risk factors that will increase your chances of developing major health problems.

Risk Factors

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Blood Sugar Levels
  • High Triglyceride Levels
  • Excess Fat around Waistline
  • Low levels of Good Cholesterol or HDL

If you have 3 or more of the following metabolic problems, you will be diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome X. And this dramatically increases your risk of developing.....

  • Diabetes
  • Hardening of Arteries
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Heart Attack & Stroke
  • Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  • Kidney Disease
  • Cancer

What is Metabolic Syndrome X, Y and Z?

If you are suffering from metabolic syndrome, you most likely will be insulin resistant and/or leptin resistant.

Leptin is another hormone that plays a key role in regulating energy intake and energy expenditure.

The hormones insulin and leptin work together to control the quality of your metabolism and the rate of your metabolism.

Being insulin or leptin resistant means that your body can no longer transfer the information to its receptors.

For example, overweight people produce large amounts of leptin, but their brains aren't receiving the signal to stop eating which is similar to producing too much insulin, but your body can't metabolize the sugar.

Are You Burning Sugar for Fuel?

Unfortunately, most Americans are running primarily on sugar to fuel their body and brain these days.

It's kind of like running your car on gasoline - it's very polluting and leaves much to be desired!

Sugar creates a lot of free radicals when this fuel is being burned in your mitochondria - which is where energy is created in your body.

And just like with your car, you will have to constantly put sugar into your gas tank or you will run out of energy - because only so much can be stored in your body at one time.

And just like gasoline, sugar can literally inflame you!

Put Out the Fire!

It appears that inflammation is at the basis of all health problems and is created by damaging LDL's or Low Density Cholesterol.

And it appears that sugar (particularly fructose), refined carbohydrates, and polyunsaturated fats (vegetable oils) in combination - are what creates bad LDLs.

Consuming fructose (found in fruit, all sweeteners, and in corn syrup) also makes alcohol and uric acid along with the bad LDLs.

This type of sugar also leaves a lot garbage in your mitochondria which can damage these energy centers.

These inflammatory foods have increased dramatically over the last two decades. Metabolic Syndrome X also came into existence around that time - coincidence?

A Nutritional Model of Inflammation and Modern Disease by Dr. Gary Fettke

The Better Fuel Source

Gram for gram, fatty acids provide more energy than carbohydrates!

The energy currency of your mitochondria is expressed in ATP production. A molecule of glucose can give you up to 38 ATP molecules and a fatty acid molecule can give you up to 146 ATP molecules.

Therefore, fatty acids create the most currency for an energy exchange.

When you lower the amount of carbohydrates, your body will take action to fuel your body and brain by converting protein into glucose which is called gluconeogenesis.

However, when lower amounts of protein are consumed, fats will be converted into ketones and this is called being in ketosis.

The Ketogenic diet is based on this energy source. This diet is high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. And it has been around since 1924.

Ketosis is a state of burning fat which also provides a much cleaner source of fuel for your body and brain.

Ketosis preserves your muscle mass and is protein sparing - which means that protein can now be used for more important functions.

Burning ketones also helps to clear out the junk that accumulates in your cells. Again, burning glucose leaves a lot of garbage in your mitochondria.

The Benefits of Ketosis

  • Balanced Blood Sugar Level
  • Better Leptin Level and Increased Satiety
  • Enhanced Blood Flow
  • Creates Neuro-protective Anti-oxidants
  • Mood Stabilization
  • Improved Social Behavior
  • Increases GABA Neurotransmitters
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Corrects Metabolic Syndrome X
  • Improves Good Cholesterol Levels
  • Improves Severe Health Problems

Basically, when you cut down on the amount of sugar or carbohydrates that you consume, your body will switch to another energy source called ketones.

And all lower carb diets will produce this effect, not just a Ketogenic diet.

Ketones are thought to be a superior fuel source to glucose and your body will also produce ketones when you fast, after heavy exercise, or consume MCTs (coconut oil, etc.).

Ketones allow you to use between 35 to 100% more neurons or brain cells then you could use with glucose or sugar as your fuel source.

Ketones also produce less free radicals which helps with inflammation and your mitochondria.

And when you switch to burning ketones, this helps to build more mitochondria or "free energy" power plants in your cells.

Evolution of Mitochondria and ATP Synthesis

Turn on Your Light!

Did you know that your body is composed of the same basic elements as a star? And your body radiates light just like a star!

You see the area around your mitochondria and cell membrane is loaded with energy much like a battery that is charged.

You radiate energy derived from thermodynamic reactions that occur in your cells.

This is done through a process called Mitochondrial Biogenesis or the birth of new mitochondria. And mitochondria release light.

These energy centers create infrared light that help to create EZ water in your cells which is the interface to free energy in the Universe.

What is EZ Water?

EZ is short for Exclusion Zone and this type of water will exclude many things. There are no contaminates in EZ water. This water carries a negative charge and is alkaline in nature.

EZ water appears to be made of ring-like structures and may be where "consciousness" resides.

EZ water is not the H2O water that most of us drink. EZ water is H3O2 or the 4th phase of water and it contains different properties.

It's more viscous (gel like) and more organized than regular H2O water. It's also more alive and appears to act like a battery.

EZ water can be found in your body inside most of your cells. Even your extracellular tissues are filled with this type of water.

Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Pollack on The Fourth Phase of Water

The Living Water of Lourdes France

EZ water provides a mechanism that explains other biological mysteries.

EZ water is crystalline water and is a divine type of structured water. It contains a "living" force that can hold energy and deliver energy.

It is literally liquid sunshine!

Dr. Pollack found that EZ water absorbs ultraviolet light in the region of 270 nanometers.

Lourdes France is a place where water absorbs ultraviolet light in the region of 270 nanometers. This water contains high amounts of EZ water and is considered holy water.

Many miracles have been received at Lourdes, although only 60+ have been recognized by the church.

The Miracles of Lourdes

The Light Force

EZ water is alkaline and carries a negative charge. And maintaining this state of alkalinity and negative charge in your body appears to be very important for the light force.

Think of your cells as an alkaline battery which runs on electrons. Electrons have a negative charge.

You can help to generate an electron surplus or support this negative charge within your body by connecting to the earth which can give your cells more electrons (no rubber soles please).

As a transfer of negatively charged electrons from the earth into the soles of your feet will occur without shoes.

Eating more raw foods will help to give your body more electrons because cooking seems to destroy electrons in food.

And, healthy fats are loaded with electrons.

The key ingredient to create EZ water is light and light is what separates the charge (negative from positive) which creates the battery in your body.

Ez water is made from the visible (sunlight) and the invisible spectrum of light. For example, infrared surrounds you at all times and is also made from your mitochondria.

EZ water can build on any water-loving surface when this light is available. This light can build EZ water layer upon layer until millions of molecular layers are formed.

Just remember, that animal and seafood contain nutrients that will not be found abundantly in plant foods that will help you to hold the light.

However, the plant kingdom does contain a lot of EZ water when juiced.

Be the "Shining Star",


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