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Healthy Food Lover's Newsletter, Issue #21 -- The Crystalline Matrix vs. The Matrix
December 12, 2013
Hello Healthy Food Lovers,

The Crystalline Matrix vs. The Matrix

The Crystalline Matrix is an energy system based on the opposite set of "programs" when compared to the Matrix.

The Matrix is the world that some would want you to accept as your reality. And to keep you in this reality is quite a lot of work for the millions of "agents" that are hired to do so.

They are ever so busy trying to convince you to give up your rights, eat toxic foods, have toxic relationships, buy the latest mind control gadgets, etc. etc.

And their greatest fear is that you will one day wake-up and learn about the Crystalline Matrix.

Remember this famous scene from the Matrix? Blue Pill or Red Pill

Well now you have the same choice, to stay in "Wonderland" and see how deep the "Rabbit Hole" really goes. Just follow me..........


ZION is a "fiction" city and big focus of the Matrix, but it is also heavily connected to the Jewish people or Hebrews.

However, it was taken from Ancient Egypt and changed to ZION from SION.

SION is the initials for Set(Seth), Isis, Osiris, and Nephthys.

They are the children of "Nut" who is "God of the Heavens" and "Geb" who is "God of the Earth" - they gave birth to two sets of twins.

Osiris (Jesus) and Isis (Mary Magdalene) are one set of twins and the other was Set or Seth and Nephthys.

The Messiah figure Neo in the Matrix is a representation of Jesus and Trinity represents Mary his lover. They are basically the "Kick-Ass" version of Osiris and Isis.

Each one of these children represented a Celestial Constellation whereby, SION marks the spot in the heavens where the Christ energy reigns.

Gateway to The Christ Energy

The Rosette Nebula is a beautiful pink or sometimes reddish color and is often symbolized by a Rose.

picture of the Rosette Nebula.

In this next video you will see another "possible" symbol for the Rosette Nebula.....The Rosette (Skull) Nebula

Its location is on the Unicorn's Nose in the Constellation Monoceros or the Constellation of the Unicorn. It is also close to another very important gateway.

The Orion Nebula is the "Gateway" to the Christ Energy and it leads into the Higher Dimensions or Densities.

Interestingly enough, the Orion Nebula seems to resemble our inner brain........The Orion Nebula

BTW, Osiris or Jesus represents and is heavily associated with the Orion Constellation.

The Real World vs. The Dream World

In the Matrix movie Morpheus asks Neo......

Have you ever had a dream Neo that you were so sure was real?

What if you were unable to wake from that dream?

How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

As Above, so Below

In the Matrix there are a wide variety of "programs" that keep the people locked into their system and unable to wake-up.

An example would be the endless amounts of "retarded" t.v. shows, toxic foods, drugs and alcohol, video games and gadgets, poverty, innumerable diseases, fear porn and the other kind of porn, etc. etc.

These all help to keep people distracted and programmed into the Matrix.

Now if programming exists below, does it exist from above? You Betcha!!!

However, to understand this type of programming - you will need to understand sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry

To understand sacred geometry, you must understand the platonic solids.

There are 5 perfect 3 dimensional forms which are called the platonic solids.........Platonic Solids video

The entire Periodic Table of Elements and everything in our physical world is based on these 5 platonic solids.

These platonic solids create the morphogenetic fields of geometry through which physical manifestations will occur....Sacred Geometry: Metatron's Cube

The Crystalline Matrix is formed by a frequency light resonance that is multi-dimensional - it is the Metatronic Divine Template - if you will.

Because of its sacred geometry, it produces a penetrating carrier-wave of "light" that will carry "divine" thoughts to other places.

And when your body lines up to a field of vibrational energy like the Crystalline Matrix, your body will begin to release the distortions that were created by the Matrix.

"Light" Body Food

The Crystalline Matrix is a type of energy grid that offers many new "options" to those who learn to connect to its "programs".

However, access to the Crystalline Matrix usually requires a more integrated crystalline "light" body.

Micro-clusters can help you to form a new energy grid in your body that is more compatible to access this Crystalline energy grid.

Micro-clustered food is basically Ormus rich foods and this feeds your energy body because of its sacred geometry.

David Wolfe and David Wilcock on Micro-clusters

The bottom line is - that foods high in micro-clusters or Ormus will help to create a better sound or vibration in you that is more a match to the higher consciousness "programs" of the Crystalline Matrix Grid.

Let the Music Play

Have you ever heard music playing, but you knew it wasn't coming from any device here on earth?

That's because the Universe can create its own music!

The heavenly bodies by action of their orbits create a sound - a heavenly sound - if you will.

This sound is vibration or frequency that creates sacred geometry - which can then create waves of "light".

And an increase in waves of "light" by an energetic field like the Crystalline Matrix can be directly related to creating a higher consciousness in you.

This is the basis of how this type of programming works and it does include mathematics which is connected to the spiral.

Phythagoras Sacred Geometry: The Fundamental Programming Language

If you didn't catch the last sentences - Are you waiting for something? Or are you setting yourself free?

How to Create a "Higher" Vibration

  • Yoga and Deep Breathing Exercises
  • Beautiful Geometric Art
  • Beautiful Music (Preferably Live)
  • Unprocessed & Raw Ormus Rich Foods
  • Organic Foods (Raised in Ormus Rich Soil)
  • Fresh and Clean Spring Water
  • Fresh "Pristine" Air
  • Foods Grown and Raised with Love
  • Sacred or Holy Places
  • Being in Nature
  • Being in Love

The Light vs. The Dark

The Crystalline Matrix is basically an upgrade from the Matrix and its "programs" are based on "light" instead of darkness.

The energy that comes from the Crystalline Matrix is very capable of shifting your frequency or sound to a "higher" one.

Our solar system is experiencing a visible change right now which corresponds to this evolutionary process.

This transition will be made much easier on you, if you prepare yourself NOW.

A good example would be a glass of water. Like Bruce Lee stated in the previous video - "Be the Water". Water can easily transform into another shape and we all know what happens to glass that can't handle a high frequency - it Shatters!

The Crystalline Matrix will bring "light" back into this world and it will override the Matrix (eventually) and its dark programs - it is INEVITABLE!

The Matrix Ending video

Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will be Done in Earth, as It Is in Heaven.

It's Your Choice,


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