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Healthy Food Lover's Newsletter, Issue #35 - The "God Nutrient" (Oneness Raw)
October 16, 2015
Hello Healthy Food Lovers,

The "God Nutrient" (Oneness Raw)

The "God Nutrient" is something that has gone missing in most people's lives. This type of energy was understood by the Ancient Egyptians and now it is time for it to be understood once again.

This invisible spiritual energy is being replaced by man-made EMFs or electromagnetic frequencies aka radiation. And this type of electromagnetic stress has weakened our immune systems and clouded our minds.

We are being bombarded by harmful radiation that comes from televisions, radios, cell phones, cell towers, computers, wifi, electrical appliances, power lines, harmful grid lines, satellites, GPS systems, and those friggin' "smart" meters - yikes!!!

Fortunately raw foods (not irradiated raw foods) contain a lot of the "God Nutrient". The Oneness Raw Diet may contain a lot more of this nutrient because it is based on balance and may contain more BG3.

All tin foil hat people will rejoice when they discover the power that lies behind the "God Nutrient" - lol.

BG3 - The "God Nutrient"

Energy has been misunderstood for way too long and put into so many categories or compartmentalized to the nth degree.

It has "Now" come time to simplify energy to its most basic and positive form which is called BG3 by Dr. Karim and the "God Nutrient" by me.

Unfortunately, our modern day science is pretty limited as far as the full spectrum of energy is concerned.

Thankfully, a man by the name of Dr. Ibrahim Karim who is an Egyptian got the right type of research handed to him. He was then able to bring to life the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians.

This newsletter will be based on the secret knowledge that he has "finally" uncovered through decades of research.

Also Dr. Karim was able to develop a "New" science that he calls BioGeometry which is based on physics and is a qualitative science - not a quantitative science (which is the one we are presently being taught in school).

This "New" system features the "One Harmonizing Subtle Energy Quality" that is BG3 or BioGeometry 3.

This "One" harmonizing energy quality is composed of....

1. Negative Green

2. A Higher Harmonic of Ultra-Violet (energy quality found at dawn and the realm of the angels)

3. A Higher Harmonic of Gold (spiritual energy quality usually depicted by a Golden Halo around the heads of Saints)

BG3 is a type of energy that is made up of a certain quality of energy and is composed of the above vibrational qualities. These 3 qualities combine to give a sense of peace and connection with the divine.

BG3 is based on harmonics and harmonics is the key to connecting energy across dimensional levels or planes.

Harmonics and energy quality is where it's really at - not wavelength and frequency. The great mathematician Pythagoras knew all about this, but he wasn't allowed to teach it to the masses.

Negative Green

Negative green is at the core of all energy centers in your body and also emitted from the power spots in nature.

Negative green contains 2 waves. The horizontal wave is considered to be very beneficial, but the vertical wave is generally considered to be very detrimental.

The horizontal wave of negative green is a spiritual carrier wave that creates energy connecting the spiritual with the physical world. This beneficial wave will actually re-establish your health.

The vertical wave of negative green can have very detrimental effects on the human energy system and other energy systems.

The vertical wave may be one of the most destructive waves or vibrations you will encounter and the emissions of negative green are so powerful that it can penetrate the thickness of lead.

Both horizontal and vertical waves co-exist in pyramids and in dome shaped structures. The Ancient builders knew this and had to alter these shapes to prevent the harmful vertical green emissions.

These days all man-made electromagnetic devices create unhealthy amounts of vertical negative green emissions.

And because EMFs are a powerful carrier wave, vertical negative green finds its way via our airwaves into all of our lives through devices such as Televisions, Radios, Wifi, "Smart" Meters, and Cell Phone Technologies.

FYI, these waves are going right thru your body regardless of owning any of these devices because of the addition of cell towers and satellites.

With these technologies we have created an environment that favors termites and the "cockroaches".


About 20 years ago, EMF levels around us were much lower. These days we're increasing our wireless communication every day which has lead to electromagnetic waves thousands of times stronger than the level used in our body cells.

I remember not too long ago when I was in Hawaii - I went to a party in a remote part of the island. There were no cell phone towers or even telephone poles around.

And I can still remember the peace that I felt that day.

It made me realize just how harmful electromagnetic frequencies or EMFs are to my mind and to my body.

Peace is a feeling that most of us long for, but is really hard to find these days with the incredible amount of electromagnetic pollution in our environment and in our homes.

EMFs are essentially carrier waves of information and they carry what you see on your televisions, computer, or hear on your cell phones. They are also being used for much more diabolical purposes.

These EMFs are penetrating your body every day and your body is constantly expending energy to compensate for this EMF pollution.

Your body has a natural frequency of between 62 - 72 Hz.

These man-made frequencies outside your body are thousands of times stronger than the natural energy levels used in communication within your bodies.

This harms your sleep cycle, increases your stress, and basically slowly cooks you from the inside out because of all the radiation you are being exposed to from the EMFs.

These man-made EMFs scramble all natural systems and confuse them with this constant disturbance.

EMFs are influencing the human body and mind every day. And only a subtle energy that is superior to an EMF will influence it - which is where BG3 comes into play.

BG3 is a combined subtle energy that is superior to all other energies and it is a free-flowing, changeable field of information which is constantly exchanging and redistributing energy.

And this superior energy has the ability to affect all other levels of energy. BG3 is based on the resonance of quality and is expressed in numbers, ratios, angles, and in circles.

The Law of Resonance

The natural law of resonance states that when one vibrating system comes into contact with or is nearby another vibrating system......

The vibration of the stronger system will adjust the energy of the weaker system to a new level of vibration somewhere between the two systems, but closer to that of the stronger influence.

Resonance is basically an exchange of information and resonance can be established between sounds, colors, shapes or geometry, motions, dimensional planes, etc. - or any variation thereof.

Therefore, a particular geometric shape can affect the organs of our bodies. And this will affect not only our own bodily functions, but the bodily functions of other people.

We will also affect the plants, animals, and even inanimate objects around us. And the scariest part is that everything around you can also affect you.

Everything in the Universe is actually "One" harmonic system in which you will affect everything around you and at the same time be affected by everything.

And resonance is not limited to any range or dimension and covers all types of energy.

Also, when two energy fields are in resonance with each other and exchange information, a sort of vibratory impregnation occurs - which means that part of the "new" information will leave an imprint on both of the energy systems.

Ancient Egyptian Radiesthesia

Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields.

It is based on the concept that all living things, inert shapes, materials, etc. will emit some type of wave form or frequency.

They did this by using specially calibrated instruments and a scale of qualitative measurements to decode this type of information.

Ancient Egyptian Radiesthesia was a very advanced science of quality based on ancient harmonics and it was in harmony with the laws of nature and with the Universe.

The Ancient way of looking at the Universe was with Unity because the "Whole" Universe is a "Whole" harmonic system.

Ancient Egyptians used sacred architecture and city planning based on a system of Universal harmonics. This enabled the Egyptians to use geometrical shapes like the pyramids as a form of energy manipulation to achieve functional goals.

They knew about tapping into the life giving power spots on earth as well as in the sky to create a certain quality of life.

And the main goal of building a structure like the pyramid was to interact with this special energy quality.

The "Key of Life" or the Ankh was also used for energetic reasons - it was not just symbolic as it is today.

In Ancient Egypt, no staff, obelisk, or artwork (except from Akhenaton's time) was just symbolic, but were all devices of some sort.

Dr. Karim talks about the "Real" Ancient Egypt - Part 1

Dr. Karim Speaks Part 2

Qualitative sciences like Radiesthesia and Dr. Karim's BioGeometry are the key to understanding the living energies on which every spiritual tradition used for healing and spiritual development.


In a nutshell, oneness is really about being centered as the center will always contain the BG3 energy.

And BG3 is multidimensional and is the portal to the "invisible" world.

BG3 is found in the middle of a sphere or circle, in the center of any geometric form, in all sacred power spots, and in all human energy centers like chakras or cells.

When you are not in the center, you will always be polarized in one way or the other.

For example there are Democrats, Republicans, the Green Party, Catholics, Muslims, Jewish People, Vegans, Vegetarians, Paleo Eaters, etc. etc.

There is now a very long list of reasons to be separate from one another. However, when you learn to connect back to the center, you will be part of the "Whole" symphony again.

Foods that Contain BG3

I have tested foods using a couple of Dr. Karim's tools and found that the BG3 foods are usually straight from the farmer and not from a store or restaurant that has irradiated its food.
  • Raw Grass Fed Liver
  • Raw Grass Fed Milk
  • Raw Grass Fed Butter

  • Raw Grass Fed Cream
  • Raw Pastured Eggs
  • Raw Cold-Water Salmon
  • Some Raw Organic Vegetables
  • Some Raw Organic Fruits
  • Some Raw Organic Nuts

What was surprising to me was that BG3 could actually be found in cooked foods as long as the ingredients were clean and not cooked to death.

I bought a cooked soup (Split Pea & Ham - with carrots, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock) from a favorite local spot in town known for supporting organic foods - it contained BG3.

I also tested soft boiled free range eggs straight from the farm and it tested positive for BG3. Recently, I found Artisan fermented bread (fermented for 3 days) at a market and it tested positive for BG3.

However, it looks like many of the foods that you buy in regular and even "healthy" grocery stores may be treated with radiation (even the organic foods) as they have repeatedly tested positive for vertical negative green - which is very disturbing.

Atlantis Again!!!

We are "Now" facing a similar time in history which relates back to the destruction of Atlantis.

Our technology has gotten out of hand, just like it did with the Atlanteans.

The radiation being created by too many EMFs are destroying our body, mind, and spirit. Not to mention the harm being caused to the animals and the environment.

In our microwave oven of a planet - everything is being "fried"! And no amount of wind mills and electric cars will ever fix this problem because they all create vertical negative green.

Our science these days has not taken into account the human experience and a science without the human being as the measure of all things is a very dangerous science.

As you must always address the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a problem in order to truly fix it.

It is "Now" time to bring the human being back into the formula - it is the only way to bring back a "Quality of Life".

And a science like BioGeometry can be one of the solutions.

For example when BG3 or "The One Harmonizing Subtle Energy Quality" is introduced into an man-made EMF - it will harmonize the vertical wave.

Through resonance with the BG3 the detrimental effects of the EMFs can be transmuted to a more beneficial energy.

And BG3 can be applied to any field such as agriculture, the health field, etc. etc.

Remember the more BG3 you put into your body, the more harmonizing effect you will have on others around you and the earth, so support your local farmers that are doing the right thing.

The energy quality of BG3 creates a resonance that will open the door back to the angelic realm.

Think of the wonderful world we will create when we are fully connected again. It's time to let the divine light lead us instead of someone's agenda.

All for One and One for All,


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