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Healthy Food Lover's Newsletter, Issue #42 - The Venus Flytrap
June 26, 2017
Hello Healthy Food Lovers,

The Venus Flytrap

The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant that traps its prey whole with its attractive leaves that springs shut before its "unsuspecting" prey can get away.

It's also a saying that means a willing complicity with something seemingly benign which doesn't show its true colors until it's too deeply entrenched to be easily eradicated.

In other words it's about not seeing the potential drawbacks of something because you're so dazzled by what it can do for you.

For instance many housewives were lured into the idea of cooking with margarine instead of butter or lard (for convenience sake) only to find out decades later that it was a really bad idea.

Unfortunately, these modern-day "industrial" foods have depleted one of the most important nutrients needed for your sanity.

Fortunately, once you understand how marketing works - you can learn how to step out of a Venus flytrap before it's too late.

The Omega 6 Flytrap

For the last hundred years, Americans among others have more than doubled their consumption of omega 6 with the advent of the industrial revolution.

This revolution "seemingly" promised to make our lives better.

The industrial revolution pushed the consumption of grains not only on our farm animals, but onto the human population as well.

Most of our farm animals (cows, chickens, etc.) began being raised on grains and soy instead of grass, other green foods, and grass-eating insects.

To make matters worse the "food pyramid" increased the amount of grains and omega 6 oils to levels not seen before in our history.

Over this same period of time, omega 3s (especially the long chained omega 3s) started to disappear from our food supply.

And there was also a big push to scare people away from the consumption of seafood which is the most important source of omega 3s.

This has caused a dramatic shift into a lower vibratory state of being which makes you subject to many many marketing schemes.

Some of which are designed on purpose (or not) to deplete your omega 3s.

The Benefits of Omega 3s

Aajonus Vonderplanitz founder of the Primal diet mentioned the healthiest tribe that he had ever encountered ate only fish and mature coconuts with an occasional piece of fruit - and probably all in the raw state.

How could it be?

There appears to be a gene that gets flipped on when you consume an ample amount of omega 3 fatty acids with saturated fats.

You see your genes have switches that can be flipped on and off which control virtually every biochemical process in your body.

And this can work for you or against you depending on the foods that you decide to consume on a daily basis.

Omega 3s combat stress and cortisol damage. And it's a well known fact that omega 3s also help to combat inflammation in your body.

Usually countries with higher levels of omega 3s in their diets have lower levels of depression and heart disease.

Omega 3s are strongly associated with a healthy heart, healthy blood vessels, and healthy blood flow.

Omega 3s also have an anti-obesity effect which can reduce the total fat mass as well as abdominal fat mass in your body.

Long chained omega 3s like EPA and DHA actually play a very large role in the development and growth of your body throughout your life.

EPA and DHA are a required constituent of every cell membrane from your head to your toes. Which also affects your skin, nails, and hair.

They help to build your brain and form your retina as well as develop your nervous system.

EPA and DHA also play a role in helping your body properly utilize sunlight.

And DHA through its electron cloud has the ability to turn light directly into a DC electric current which is critical to "being awake".

How to Increase Omega 3s

For the most part omega 3s must come from your diet. Although humans have the potential to make a small amount of EPA and DHA from the shorter chained omega 3 called ALA.

However, your body isn't very capable of converting ALA into EPA and DHA (about 3%) without a good supply of nutrients such as vitamins B3, B6, C, and minerals such as zinc.

And ALA must still come from your diet and it won't be enough to create the necessary supply of EPA and DHA to make a big difference.

ALA comes mainly from plant foods like flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, and leafy greens.

But it can also be found in animal foods - animals that eat a lot of grass or greens for example.

EPA and DHA come mainly from seafood, seaweeds, and algae. But can also be found in grass-fed animals or foraging animals.

Unfortunately, a lot of people just resort to supplementation (most supplements are dangerous because of added chemicals) to increase their omega 3s.

Trying to eradicate this problem by popping fish pills and even consuming fish a couple times a week is really not the best solution.

You will also have to lower the amount of omega 6s that you consume if you really want to increase your omega 3s.

This basically means throwing out most vegetable oils & mayonnaise, avoiding almost all fried foods, avoiding most processed foods, lowering intake of most grains, nuts, & seeds, and looking for grass-fed food sources.

I would also avoid or lower the amount of soy, cashews, and peanuts that you consume.

Seafood Tips

The most important tip when it comes to seafood is finding fresh seafood that was caught in uncontaminated waters.

Wild caught seafood is probably the best type of seafood. Be sure it's wild caught and not just labelled wild caught!

I would be very careful of farmed seafood because of dioxins and PCBs found in farmed salmon.

And I don't think canned tuna or eating anything in a can is that great of an idea because of the heavy metals, salt, and BPA that comes with most canned foods.

However, these days a lot of people are very concerned about the mercury content found in seafood.

For the most part, I do not worry too much about mercury because I think the effect of not eating any seafood will be much worse on my health.

According to Aajonus Vonderplanitz and his research, mercury is only a problem in its cooked state and "raw" mercury found naturally in seafood will actually leave your body.

I tend to agree with him and prefer to eat most of my seafood raw (sushi, sashimi, ceviche, etc.) or lightly steamed.

This also helps to keep the omega 3 fatty acids from being destroyed.

What Depletes Omega 3s?

A diet high in omega 6 foods will deplete your omega 3s because they both compete for a common enzyme in the conversion process.

Most shocking is that high levels of omega 6 can actually replace omega 3 fatty acids in your body. Trans fats as you would expect will deplete your omega 3 levels as well.

Pregnancy depletes mothers of omega 3s and may be somewhat responsible for post-partum depression.

DHA is needed for the correct development of your infant's brain and visual system. And a mother's placenta will selectively bind DHA and deliver it to the baby's brain.

  • Seafood like caviar and cold-water fish have some of the highest concentrations of DHA for expectant mothers.
Athletes also tend to burn off their omega 3 supply quite rapidly and will need to pay attention to deficiency symptoms.

And a diet high in sugar counteracts the beneficial effects of omega 3s by creating too much inflammation in your body which uses up your omega 3s.

I'm sure drugs like caffeine and other recreational drugs that add stress or inflammation to your body will deplete your omega 3s as well.

Junk foods, fast foods, and processed foods also deplete omega 3s. Over-cooking foods high in omega 3s will also destroy these sensitive fatty acids.

People that follow a vegan diet or vegetarian diets that do not include fish will also deplete omega 3s in their bodies.

And low levels of enzymes, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins will lower your ability to convert the short chained omega 3 ALA into the more beneficial long chained EPA and DHA.

It's important to note that omega 3s (especially the long chained omega 3s) will help to bring more light back into your body.

The Light vs. Dark

There is a very big difference when it comes to the attributes of a higher energy and a lower one.

These are "calibrated" adjectives that describe a higher energy: Abundant, Aware, Being, Beautiful, Charitable, Civil, Conscious, Defending, Patriotic, Peaceful, Powerful, and Truthful.

And these are "calibrated" adjectives that describe a lower energy: Arrogant, Artificial, Attacking, Calculating, Cynical, Controlling, Deceptive, Denying, Envious, Extreme, Forceful, and Promoting.

Unfortunately, certain people have chosen to live their lives trying to force people to see things their way.

This only backfires in the end because one lie leads to another lie and one cover-up leads to another cover-up.

It's very similar to the omega 6 flytrap situation and there is no good outcome. And you don't ever want to get caught up in this flytrap.

The Mummy - It's Back!

The Mummy series has taken on a very dark story line and was a complete flop at the box office.

And it looks like a desperate attempt from the "left field" to force you into the Dark Universe.

This movie feels like if The Exorcist and the movie Mad Max had a baby - it would look something like this.... The Mummy 2017 Final Trailer

This movie did so badly even featuring a very big movie star like Tom Cruise. It just goes to show you that people are sick and tired of dark story lines.

Fortunately, a movie with a much more powerful story line that was released at about the same time as The Mummy is what won the hearts of the people at the box office (by a landslide).

And became the shining star....Wonder Woman Trailer

Game, Set, Match,


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