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Healthy Food Lover's Newsletter, Issue #37 - Spiritual "Reset"
July 27, 2016
Hello Healthy Food Lovers,

Spiritual "Reset"

A spiritual "reset" is about getting back your spiritual "wings" or X-Men capabilities. And then you will "literally" be able to soar to heaven.

First, some spiritual "rumors" must be cleared up - such as eating red meat is bad, eating only fruits and vegetables is spiritual, and Jesus died so that everyone could get away with sinning.

All of these "rumors" have been made up by a group of Narcissists.

And these false beliefs have been heavily foisted onto mainstream life. All this has done, is to lead you further and further away from the truth as well as your own spirituality.

This song profoundly represents what is holding people back and symbolizes how they can transform with the right information - The Rose

Being spiritual and where Heaven may reside - is quite a bit different than what we've all been sold.

And going to Heaven is for everyone - not just the lucky few!

The Sedona Effect

It is important to understand that we are fundamentally electromagnetic beings as on the molecular biological level the only significant forces are electromagnetic.

Therefore, all living processes should be understood in terms of electromagnetic fields and forces.

Which takes us to Sedona to help explain this type of field as intense electromagnetic activity abounds in Sedona.

Sedona is where the "God" energy resides or comes down to Earth as Sedona is full of breath taking enormous red rocks.

Sedona is also rich in Iron Oxide and this is the element that is responsible for the red rocks and red soil so abundantly found in Sedona.

In addition to Iron Oxide or Fe2O3, the mineral Magnetite may also exist in large quantities.

Quartz along with these elements creates a crystalline-like structure which allows the earth's magnetic field to be focused through these elements.

Sedona is also known for its vortex energy which are whirlpool-like or spinning energy fields.

Now how does this apply to you?

This whirling vortex energy is inside everyone and each one of you will have to learn how to stimulate and harness this energy in your own way.

Did you know that Magnetite is produced through the reduction of ferric iron within your cells?

And Magnetite is the only known metallic compound made by living organisms and has the highest electrical conductivity of any cellular material.

Even though the total amount of magnetite in humans is small, there are several million crystals per gram each of which interacts rather strongly with external magnetic fields.

This matters because every cell in your body is a transmitter and a receiver of electromagnetic information.

Your cells literally transmit and receive energy - each has its own frequency with which it oscillates.

You see all of creation maintains coherence via magnetism and magnetic fields of which iron is an essential element.

Therefore, to maintain control over ones self and to actually move towards your X-Men potential, you must acquire control over your magnetic field (Magneto - X-Man with ability to control magnetic fields) and the iron that is in your system.

The Building Blocks of Life

Amino acids are the building blocks of life and this life requires a minimum of 20 different types of amino acids in order for your body to function at its best.

Proteins are chains of amino acids and each chain coils into a special shape that has some special function such as contraction, digestion, oxygen transport, expansion, etc.

And it is the sequence of amino acids that determines how proteins will be constructed.

This makes up a huge variety of arrangements that literally build millions of different types of proteins.

For example, the hemoglobin in your blood is a protein that contains iron.

It's important to note that iron should always be incapsulated in something like a protein or it will create too much free radical damage. And iron will be found in every cell of your body!

Proteins regulate nearly every biochemical reaction that goes on in your body. And proteins account for more than 50% of your body weight.

  • Your enzymes are made up of amino acids.
  • Your hormones are made up of amino acids.
  • Your neuro-peptides which are the substances your brain releases with every thought you have are amino acids.
  • Your neurotransmitters are amino acids.
  • Your muscles are made up of amino acids.
  • Your heart is made up of amino acids.
  • Your hair and skin are made up of amino acids.
  • Your DNA requires amino acids, so that your genes can express themselves.

DNA is the famous molecule of heredity and works with 4 base codes to form your protein molecules which makes us what we are.

Your DNA is built like a string of pearls and some say it looks like a ladder because of its double helix.

Amino acids help to build the important Archetypes of the Universe.

For example, 20 amino acids is the same number of triangular faces of the Icosahedron and the vertices of the Dodecahedron which are platonic solids.

And each platonic solid carries its own vibration.

Heme Iron

The understanding of iron is a secret and may be the real key to spiritual development particularly at this time in our history.

Iron is commonly found on Earth and in the Stars. Iron is at the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Universe itself.

All shapes have energy fields. Diamonds, gold, and iron all have an octahedral shape which is basically a bunch of pyramids put together.

That's why gold, diamonds, and iron are valued so much because of the sacred life force energies which are inherent in the pyramid shape.

Your blood contains hemoglobin which is an iron containing protein that transports oxygen throughout your body.

Your hemoglobin moves and spirals through your blood picking up toxins and distributing the life force throughout your body.

And iron will be found in the center of the heme protein molecule. Hemoglobin contains 4 of these heme proteins as it is a very large molecule.

Heme consists of a porphyrin ring that holds a central iron ion. And it kind of looks like an Ancient Christian Cross Structure and function of Heme

And according to the above article "Porphyr" is the name of a purple-colored gemstone. Which is interesting because royalty is often associated with the color purple.

It goes on to say that in addition to hemoglobin, heme is also found in many cytochromes which is a term that translates to "cell color" and comprises classes of enzymes and electron carriers.

And now this movie finally makes sense to me The Lord of the Rings

When your body is negatively affected by a lack of heme iron which is only really found abundantly in raw red meats and in certain seafood - your body will become energetically depleted.

  • Heme iron is vital for your body in order to bind oxygen to your red blood cells.
  • Heme is the major functional form of iron (not plant iron or non-heme iron).
  • Heme protein also enables electron transfers as they form part of the electron transport chain.

Your energy levels affect every aspect of your life on many levels, including your spiritual development.

Yet so many people seem to have a problem eating red meat - why?

"Disturbed" heme iron metabolism seems to cause mitochondrial decay, oxidative stress, and iron accumulation - which are all a big problem!

This can be caused from diseases like Diabetes or metabolic disorders like Metabolic Syndrome X, consumption of too many Oxalates, mineral deficiencies like Copper, and lack of "Good" Bacteria.

Heavy metal poisoning will also greatly interfere with iron function.

Also, both electrical and magnetic fields that affect your body can create biological changes that will either benefit or hurt heme iron metabolism.

  • Try not to sleep too close to electrical outlets or be around too much negative vertical green energy (cell towers, computers, etc.)
  • If you want to affect your body in a good way, hang out in a sacred spot like Sedona for a day or so.

The Sword of Excalibur

Could it be that the Sword of Excalibur that was most likely made from a special type of iron is symbolic of just how important magnetism really is to spiritual development?

Excalibur was the magical sword used by King Arthur in the story of Camelot which was used to liberate his people King Arthur

Magnetism operates in the following manner:

  1. If one takes an iron rod and coils a wire around it such as copper (or DNA - hint), perhaps hundreds or thousands of times.
  2. The more the iron is coiled, the more powerful its resultant magnetic attraction.
  3. Then by simply passing electricity or energy to the system, the iron rod becomes magnetized.

Iron's proper application and potential is to be found within spirituality and its relevance as an instrument to manifest the will of God.

The Old Testament in the Bible mentions iron multiple times.

Iron is crucial for the survival of all living organisms. Even in plants it plays a crucial role in the production of chlorophyll.

Without iron a plant can't get oxygen and will not be green.

What Creates Your Spiritual Wings?

We have access to an immense energy field called the Merkabah or Merkaba which has been estimated to grow up to 55 feet across your body.

The Merkabah consists of two equally sized and interlocked tetrahedrons with a common center.

And a properly functioning Merkabah is not static, but is comprised of 2 tetrahedrons spinning incredibly fast in opposite directions creating a light body that is capable of great feats which do include interdimensional and interstellar travel.

These are your divine "wings" and may be responsible for creating X-Men capabilities that you see in the X-Men movies.

In history, the Merkabah has been described symbolically with birds like the Phoenix and many Ancient feathered people - like Isis.

The Merkabah is your divine light vehicle which is used to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms.

The Merkabah is also referred to as a "saucer" shaped vehicle or the Chariot of Light.

And when functioning "organically" this microcosmic personal Merkabah field interconnects with the larger macroscopic Cosmic Merkabah.

As Above, So Below!!!

However, I do not suggest trying to "prematurely" create a fully activated Merkabah without the foundation that is needed to properly ground this field.

The Orion Nebula Merkabah

Heaven has its own Merkabah field and it may be located in the Orion Nebula.

The Orion Nebula is located just below Orion's Belt and in the center of Orion's Sword!

The Orion Constellation

Orion is located on the celestial equator and is one of the most important constellations in the sky.

And many "mysteries" can actually be solved by studying the stars that make up the Orion Constellation including the Orion Nebula where Heaven may actually reside.

It appears that "the truth" has been right in front of our faces all along!

Know What is in Front of Your Face (Parts 1 to 4) - Danny Wilten

The Rosicrucians

The name Rosicrucian is derived from Rosa (a rose) and Crux (a cross).

One of their symbols is a red cross-marked heart in the center of an open rose.

The Rosicrucians are what some might consider a secret society of Christians that do not follow what the "Church" teaches.

And they claim to know the true teachings of Christ.

Rosicrucian Initiation (Parts 1 to 12) - Dr. Robert Gilbert

Iron is a very strong fire element and this fire element has the ability to protect and energize your body.

And iron powerfully grounds and anchors you to the Earth. Your whole body needs iron or "properly metabolized" iron which adds the fire element to your body.

Remember the Christ energy will always be in the center - not to the left nor to the right. It resides in your "core" and when you learn to strengthen your "core" - you may get back those X- Men capabilities.

Spread Your Wings and Fly,


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