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Healthy Food Lover's Newsletter, Issue #19 -- Getting into "The Vortex"
October 14, 2013
Hello Healthy Food Lovers,

Getting into "The Vortex"

The vortex is a vibrational reality that you can create on an every day basis. It is where all your hopes and dreams live.

The reality that is your "Now" is not written in stone and once you figure out how to get into "Your Vortex" - you will know the "True" power of NOW.

What if I told you that the PTB (Powers That Be) are not a group of pasty old men that meet at places like Jekyll Island in the middle of the night, but rather a supernatural force that is non-physical.

This supernatural force is sometimes called Creator, Source, or God. And it is your alignment with this non-physical energy that can change your "Now".

The whole point of eating the right foods is not necessarily just about feeding your body - it can also help you to get into the vortex.

Are You Paddling "Upstream"?

The mass confusion that surrounds what you should or shouldn't eat has propelled me to write this newsletter - because you need to learn to let your emotions be your guide much more than anything else.

In this newsletter, I will be referring to the "Work" of Esther Hicks to explain the power of the vortex.

When you learn to control the way you feel, then you will discover what the better food choices, etc. are for your life.

There is a "stream" or current that is flowing directly toward everything you want. When you learn to step into this current and not paddle against it or be resistant to it - it will take you directly to "Your Vortex".

The Stream video

The Law of Attraction

When you fully understand that you are a "vibrational being" foremost, then you will finally understand that you are a powerful co-creator which means your thoughts can actually create your reality.

Ask and You Shall Receive!

Step 1. ASK for what you want.

Step 2. Source energy or the non-physical part of you BECOMES what you asked for vibrationally.

Step 3. Bring yourself into ALIGNMENT with the vibrational frequency of what is "Now" in "Your Vortex".

The Vortex is the "Vibrational Reality" that you create by your expanding thoughts. And it is your joining with your non-physical energy or "alignment" that will connect you to this vibrational reality.

The Bottom Line is - that which is likened to itself is drawn - so what you are putting out vibrationally will come back to you.

So, if you are putting out a negative vibration - you will attract negative experiences. But, if you put out a positive vibration - you will be able to attract what is waiting for you (your presents) in the vortex.

The Law of Attraction video

You are an Extension of Source or "God"

This is what I believe Jesus was really trying to teach, but was mis-interpreted because he liked to speak in parables and because much of his work was actually hidden.

We all come from this non-physical energy - You are "part of" not apart from Source Energy or "God".

Basically, he knew how to align with his non-physical self and he knew how to get into the vortex. That is why he was such a powerful "being".

You too, are powerful "beings" and when you finally learn alignment with this non-physical energy or source energy or God - there will be a sense of "Oneness" or being in the vortex.

This alignment is primarily created by your emotions which affects your vibration. Your vibration is ultimately what takes you into the vortex or keeps you out.

All Your Power is in "The NOW"!

Coming into alignment with the power that is the "True" you and being able to see with your "Total Self" is really what being in "The NOW" is all about.

When you learn to finally join with your non-physical self, you will be able to see through the eyes of Source or God. This is what Jesus knew how to do and therefore he saw in a very different light.

And by being able to see in this way, he was able to give people a better perspective about life or themselves.

Your Power is in the NOW video

Food and "The Vortex"

Everything is vibration and when you eat foods that have a higher vibration - this can better help you to get into the vortex.

I use foods and drinks to put me into the vortex. I also notice how certain foods and drinks will do the opposite.

It's a game I play with myself - maybe to see what will happen or if I can learn to rise above it all.

Basically, it's really about how you feel that attracts you to certain foods or drinks.

When you truly learn how to connect the dots with what your feeling and with what you are choosing - you will learn to attract what is "best" for you.

Food Additives video

Places on Earth with a Vortex

The Ancients understood that wherever the earth's energy gathered into a vortex - this would mark a place that is sacred or holy.

A vortex moves in a rotary or whirling type of motion which causes a vacuum at its center and a vortex also creates a high energy place.

These high energy places can be tapped into to help you heal your body, mind, and spirit. They are also considered to be portals or gateways to higher consciousness.

The Hawaiian Islands seem to amplify your connection to Source Energy or "God". Therefore, you can experience accelerated changes or transformation.

Haleakala on the island of Maui (which is a dormant volcano) is one of the most active power places on earth and so is Mauna Kea (another dormant volcano) located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Other power places in America are the Oregon Vortex, Mount Shasta in California, and Sedona Arizona.

Sedona Arizona Vortex video

What about all "The Bad People"?

I can hear people saying - What about all the people that drive me nuts and do a lot of bad things to me?

What about the Cabal? What about the Politicians? What about my Mother? LOL

Well these are the people that helped you to put "Big" wishes into "Your Vortex" and as long as you don't let them keep you from what you have asked for - they will be the ones that have helped you to expand the most.

BTW, sometimes the people that aggravate you the most will also be the people that you love the most.

This is because they will not go down "Your" self-created path with you, but this is more of an issue of learning to "let go" which then allows the people who are more of a vibrational match "in".

When Someone Aggravates You video

Line Up with Who You Are

Your emotions will let you know whether you are in alignment and in "Your Vortex" or Not.

Fear, anger, and desperation are all feelings (negative emotions) that indicate that you are no longer in the vortex.

Love, happiness, and peacefulness are feelings (positive emotions) that indicate that you are back in the vortex.

Your emotions are the best indicator of where you are in relation to your alignment with your non-physical self and how close or far you are to "Your Vortex".

Line Up with Yourself video

How to Live Happily Ever After

If we all learned to do what feels good, imagine the "New World" not New World Order (LOL) that would be created!

Unfortunately, most people are trained from an early age to please others instead of doing what feels good to them. This can lead to a lifetime of anger, unhappiness, and disempowerment.

Learning to do what you want to do will lead you to the path that leads to "Your Vortex" because your vibration will be higher when you are doing what feels good to you.

BTW, You can only create "Your Reality" with your conscious mind and Not with your unconscious mind. That would be like trying to perform Brain Surgery with your eyes closed!

Do Only What You Really Want to Do video

May you Find "Your Vortex",


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