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Healthy Food Lover's Newsletter, Issue #32 - A-mazing Nutrient! (Oneness Raw)
June 30, 2015
Hello Healthy Food Lovers,

A-mazing Nutrient! (Oneness Raw)

Vitamin A is found in abundance on the Oneness Raw Diet and more importantly in its ready-to-use state.

Most people associate vitamin A with carrots and good eyesight. Funny thing is that there is no ready-to-use vitamin A in any plant foods only the precursors to vitamin A.

Almost shockingly, vitamin A is a much more important vitamin than most people have realized and without it your body would not be able to properly utilize many essential nutrients.

Weston A Price - the man who studied healthy traditional diets - considered fat-soluble vitamins (especially vitamin A) to be the catalysts on which all other biological processes depend.

That is some responsibility!

And apparently, healthy traditional peoples consumed at least 10 times the amount of vitamin A than Americans of his time - which was decades ago.

Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms

  • Night Blindness
  • Overall Blindness
  • Bone Deformities & Growth Problems
  • Tooth Problems
  • Birth Defects
  • Dry and Rough Skin
  • Goose Flesh
  • Psoriasis
  • Auto Immune Disease
  • Susceptible to Infections
  • Increased Infections of Respiratory System
  • Increased Infections of Digestive System
  • Thyroid and Adrenal Dysfunction
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancers
  • Diabetes

What is Vitamin A?

The majority of "mainstream" insists that you can obtain vitamin A from fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin and that means you must eat foods that contain vitamin A in their fat to get this vitamin.

Or you can eat a little fat with plant foods that contain the precursors to vitamin A (carotene or beta carotene) in order to make this vitamin - although not everyone can do this type of conversion.

Only seafood and animal foods will contain the ready-to-use form of vitamin A. Also vitamin A is present in large amounts only when animals have a certain type of diet such as green pastures and insects.

Factory farming practices for the most part prevent a decent amount of vitamin A from being formed in "confined" animals.

You will be able to convert carotene or more specifically the beta carotene found in plant foods into vitamin A in your upper intestinal tract with the help of fat, bile salts, and enzymes.

Keeping in mind, many factors will influence the beta carotene content of various plants such as the richness of the soil and adequate sunlight.

The conversion of beta carotene into the ready-to-use form of vitamin A which is called retinol is a bit iffy as many factors can prevent this type of conversion from occurring.

As a side note, it had been discovered that the richest source of vitamin A in the entire animal body is the retina and the tissues in the back of the eyes - hence the name retinol for vitamin A.

Young Children, Diabetics, Alcoholics, People with Thyroid, Liver & Digestive Problems, People on Low Fat Diets, Vegans/Vegetarians (Low Zinc), People taking Certain Medications or Drugs, People that Consume Nitrates & Other Toxins, and People Living in Very Cold Climates could all have problems with the conversion of carotene into vitamin A.

And it's important to note that retinol from seafood or animal foods is ready to be used as vitamin A as soon as you ingest these foods.

According to Weston A Price - protein, minerals, and water-soluble vitamins (such as B vitamins) cannot be properly utilized by the body without vitamin A from animal or seafood sources.

Vitamin A helps in the creation of important proteins used throughout your body. Vitamin A also produces the enzymes that stabilize the production of collagen.

Of Extreme Importance!! Your body uses vitamin A to produce the healthy mucous membranes of your body - nose, throat, mouth, lungs, stomach, intestines, urinary tract, and vagina.

Vitamin A also aids in red blood cell formation and helps to transport iron to your blood cells and will ultimately provide you with more oxygen.

Not to mention it is critical for good eyesight, strong bones, straight teeth, and reproduction.

Vitamin A is Needed for....

  • Preventing Night Blindness
  • Preventing Dry Skin & Tissues
  • Proper Growth in Children
  • Protein Assimilation
  • Mineral Assimilation
  • Proper Function of Glands
  • Proper Function of Thyroid
  • Proper Immune System Function
  • Production of Stress & Sex Hormones
  • Prevention of Birth Defects
  • Directing Stem Cells
  • Making Tons of Enzymes
  • Protecting against Lung and Bladder Cancers

Foods High in Vitamin A or Retinol

Raw Grass Fed Butter

Raw Grass Fed Cream

Raw Grass Fed Whole Milks

Raw Grass Fed Cheese

Fish Liver Oils not Fish Oils

Cod Liver Oil

Liver and Other Organ Meats from Pastured Animals

Fresh Fish Eggs or Dried Fish Eggs

Fatty Cuts of Pastured Meats or Grass Fed Meats

Raw Pastured Egg Yolks

Some Types of Wild Caught Fish

Fish Heads especially the Eye Balls

Wild Caught Shellfish

Foods High in Carotene or Beta Carotene


Sweet Potatoes


Butternut Squash


Tropical Fruit like Mango & Papaya

Organic Yellow Corn


Spinach & Kale

Romaine Lettuce

Mustard Greens & Collard Greens

Swiss Chard


Palm Oil

The Vitamin A Fear Campaign

There is a campaign to make you afraid of vitamin A and all the foods that contain a good amount of this vitamin.

The anti-vitamin A campaign began in 1955 and to this day we have doctors warning patients to avoid consuming too much vitamin A.

This campaign also seems to involve "scientists", flawed research, and possibly synthetic vitamin A.

It is also important to note that vitamin A and D work together. When vitamin D intake is low it can make taking a lot of vitamin A toxic - and vice versa.

There are many studies that go against the anti-vitamin A campaign and prove the opposite of what is being preached in America.

To top it off, organizations such as UNICEF have vitamin A programs in places like Africa and Asia that have been extremely successful in reducing blindness and death among children and adults.

The mantra in America has been to consume a lower fat diet for decades now. High protein low fat diets are dangerous because they will deplete your vitamin A reserves and children could end up with growth problems.

Primitive cultures stayed clear of eating lean meats without added fats for this reason and preferred organ meats.

Even the Ancients like Egyptians used liver to heal night blindness or a vitamin A deficiency. Also, Hippocrates prescribed liver soaked in honey for blindness in malnourished children.

Growing children appear to actually benefit from a diet that contains more calories from fats rich in vitamin A than from protein. A diet rich in vitamin A seems to result in better bone structure, better immunity, and an even steady growth.

What Depletes Vitamin A

  • Too Much Stress
  • Antibiotics
  • Computer Screens
  • Cold Weather
  • Fever & Illness
  • Extreme Physical Exertion or Exercise
  • Dioxins from Cigarette Smoke
  • Pesticides and Other Toxins
  • Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
  • Intestinal Problems like Celiac Disease
  • Low Fat Diets
  • Diets that Restrict Seafood & Animal Foods
  • Fat Substitutes
  • Excess Lean Protein Intake
  • Processed Foods - cooking for long periods of time at high temperatures can reduce the vitamin A content of a food to almost nothing


To get the full benefits of vitamin A - you will need at least 10,000 to 15,000 IUs per day of vitamin A and at least 1,000 IUs of vitamin D.

Instead of opting for a synthetic form of vitamin A, eat as many "real" vitamin A and D foods as possible.

Eat foods from the Foods High in Vitamin A or Retinol list or take a decent Cod Liver Oil Supplement to reach your goal.

I would acquire a taste for liver if I were you as it is one of the most nutrient dense foods on earth!

And consume vitamin A foods and plant foods that contain carotene as fresh as possible.

Even though the presence of heat will increase the rate of oxidation of vitamin A, heat will not totally destroy this vitamin.

Temperatures above 104 Degrees F will begin to slowly degrade and break down the retinol or vitamin A. However, some heat may increase the amount of beta carotene in plant foods because cooking breaks down the fiber in plant foods.

It is best to avoid long cooking times at high heat. Also steam foods instead of boiling foods whenever possible.

Bright orange beta carotene is the most important carotene for adequate vitamin A conversion.

However, if you turn orange after consuming a lot of carrots - it means that you are not able to convert beta carotene into vitamin A.

Oneness Raw Recipe - Raw Egg Nog Milkshake

I remember drinking Egg Nog during Christmas time with one of my good friends - we loved the stuff! So this is a take off on a very popular holiday drink.

Raw Egg Nog Milkshake

  • 6 ounces of Raw Sheep or Cow Milk
  • 2 Raw Egg Yolks (Pastured)
  • 1 or 2 tsp. of Raw Honey
  • Scrap 1 Vanilla Bean
  • Raw Whipped Cream
  • Nutmeg

Blend all ingredients except the whipped cream and nutmeg for a short time.

Then top with freshly whipped cream and dust with a little nutmeg.


All dairy in this recipe should come from pastured or grass fed animals. Not only will you get ready-to-use vitamin A or retinol, but also fat-soluble vitamins D and K along with important minerals and vitamins.

See the "Light",


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