High Carbohydrate Foods affect
Hormones and Weight Gain

High carbohydrate foods are known to create a surge of glucose in your bloodstream which will affect your hormones and weight gain. 

When you have more glucose than your body can use for its energy, your body responds by secreting more of the hormone called insulin.

It will also stop secreting the hormone called glucagon which is needed in order for you to burn body fat as energy.

Insulin will try to stabilize your blood sugar level by sending glucose to your cells and will store any excess glucose as body fat.

This is why consuming high carbohydrate foods along with too much fat will be a double whammy for weight issues.

High Carbohydrate Foods
Leads to Fatty Acid Production

High carbohydrate foods increase your blood sugar level significantly and will increase the secretion of insulin.

Insulin will transport glucose to your cells to be stored as a reserve energy called glycogen.

Unfortunately, your cells have a limited storage capacity for glycogen as this reserve energy only gets depleted by intense physical activity.

So if your reserves are full, then insulin will have to transport glucose to your liver which turns glucose into a fatty acid.

These fatty acids will have to be stored in your fat cells which have an unlimited storage capacity.

Also, constantly raising your blood sugar level usually leads to overeating when your blood sugar plummets.

High carbohydrate foods create a vicious cycle which causes you to eat more carbs.

However, your hunger can be controlled by limiting the amount of high carbohydrate foods also known as High Glycemic Foods.

Can You Get Away With
A High Carbohydrate Diet?

Some people may actually be more inclined to get away with a higher carb diet because of their genetics.

And I've noticed that some people who eat a lot of carbs burn off the sugar by choosing to exercise almost fanatically like in a marathon.

This may be a way to get away with a higher carbohydrate diet and for some people this may actually work for a while.

However, these people (in time) can develop some sort of metabolic problem related to high blood sugar.  Especially if they stop exercising!

Children on High Carbohydrate Foods

Have you noticed that people who feed their young children high carbohydrate foods seem to experience more crying and more temper tantrums from their children?

These children will also need to run around much more often in order to burn off the excess sugar!

Raising children on high carbohydrate foods will not be a lot of fun and you will have quite the dentist bill one day.

However, increasing low glycemic foods can positively affect your hormones and your children's behavior.

Low glycemic foods will help you and your children to function at a much better pace.  And help you to keep your energy levels steady as well.

These foods can also provide more nutrition for growing children than high carbohydrate foods.

Low glycemic foods may also help you to avoid metabolic problems like becoming glucose intolerant.

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