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High Carbohydrate Foods affect
Hormones and Weight Gain

High carbohydrate foods are known to create a surge of sugar in your bloodstream which can affect hormones and weight gain.  You see high carbohydrates can also create a surge of fatty acids in your bloodstream.  And foods high in sugar will stimulate a spike in the hormone insulin which will signal to your body to store this fat.

This is why high carbohydrates and eating too much fat will be a double whammy on your hormones and weight gain.

High Carbohydrates Create Problems

High carbohydrate foods will increase your blood sugar level significantly and increase your body's insulin level. Constantly raising your blood sugar level contributes to problems with your pancreas (which produces insulin) and will eventually lead to obesity.  It will also wear out your pancreas which leads to Diabetes 

You see, these problematic foods will actually increase the production of fatty acids in your body or "Fat".  High carbohydrates will also limit your body's ability to burn this fat.

A major study revealed that Coronary Heart Disease is directly related to the glycemic load of your diet which is contrary to what has been preached to us daily for decades now.

Children on Too Much Sugar!

I've noticed that people who feed their young children high carbohydrate foods seem to experience more exorcist like temper tantrums from their children which is exhausting!.  And these children will also need to run around much more in order to burn off the excess sugar.

Raising children on too much sugar will not be a lot of fun and you will have quite the dentist bill one day.

Is it Possible to Get Away with a High Carbohydrate Diet?

Some people may actually be more inclined to get away with a higher in carbohydrate diet because of their genetics or because of sheer will.

I've noticed that some people who eat a lot of carbohydrates burn off the fat by choosing to exercise almost fanatically like in a marathon.

There are also raw vegans who eat a lot of fruit high in carbohydrate and a pretty low amount of fat.

These may be a couple of the ways to get away with a higher carbohydrate diet and for some people this may actually work for a while.

However, not eating enough protein or healthy fats will probably back fire on your body in the end.

Your hormones and weight gain can be controlled by limiting the amount of High Glycemic Food or high carbohydrate foods.

And increasing the amount of low glycemic food or foods low in carbohydrate which positively affect your hormones and weight gain by helping to stop the signal for insulin to be released.

This actually helps your body to burn fat, and not to store fat.  This will also help your body function at a much better pace and help to keep your energy levels steady as well.

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