High Glycemic Food
Is it Really Worth it?

High Glycemic Food are foods high in sugar and when you consume these type of foods on a regular basis - they will create havoc with your metabolism.

Not to mention the huge dental bill you will receive for all the cavities that foods high in sugar will give you.

Your metabolism can deal with a "steady" flow of sugar or glucose - especially if you are active and are constantly burning up this fuel.

However, when you flood your system with too much sugar at one time - you will create metabolic problems that may lead to weight gain and other health problems.

And choosing a healthier high glycemic food will be a better option for your body because at least it will contain some sort of nutrition as well as fiber.

Foods High in Sugar

Soda or Soft Drinks have absolutely no nutritional value what so ever.  They are loaded with sugar and even worse - toxic chemicals.

soft drink

Highly Processed Donuts, Chips, Candy, and Cookies will also have no nutritional value and contain a load of sugar.

Bagels, White Bread, and Pretzels are also foods high in sugar and really nothing else.


Frosted Corn Flakes, Puffed Cereals, and Instant Cereals usually offer nothing but sugar to those who consume them - which is unfortunately young growing children.

It might actually be healthier to eat cardboard over this type of cereal - and that's not a joke!

Gluten Free Pasta made from rice will be a very high glycemic food - shockingly!

And Pancakes made from processed white flour and covered in syrup made from high fructose corn syrup - will send your blood sugar soaring!

Dried Fruit, Parsnips, Potatoes, and Watermelon are the healthier foods high in sugar. 

They at least will offer you some sort of nutrition besides sugar.

All of these foods will be ranked as High on the Glycemic Index Table and will cause quite a rise in your blood sugar level.

And most of these foods are considered total junk foods and really have no place in sound nutrition.

However, high glycemic food like organic fruits and vegetables will have an abundant supply of minerals such as potassium which does help to regulate the fluids inside of your cells - which is needed when you eat a lot of salt.

Dried organic fruit such as figs, raisins, apricots, and plums (aka prunes) are foods high in sugar, so eating these fruits in their fresh state will be a healthier alternative.

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