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Low Glycemic Food
for a Fit Body

Low glycemic foods for a fit body will generally have an index rating of 55 or under which is the best for weight control. 

Another bonus is having a stable blood sugar level which should always be your aim whenever you are planning your daily meals.

Believe it or not, the better you get at controlling blood sugar - the more fat you will burn. 

Fortunately, there is a good amount of metabolism boosting foods to choose from to make your meals very fulfilling.

Metabolism Boosting Foods List

This low glycemic foods list is a general list that includes the different food groups.

Use this list to include more metabolism boosting foods into your diet. 

Low Carbohydrate Vegetable List

Get a list of the many types of low carbohydrate vegetables, fruits, and herbs that you can use in your daily meals. 

You'll also find a couple of fun low carb ideas for you to try.

The Glycemic Index Table

Do your favorite foods fall into the low, medium, or high glycemic range?

You'll want to find out to be able to avoid blood sugar spikes?

Low Glycemic Diets

Low glycemic diets should not be confused with the very popular low carb diets such as Atkins or the Ketogenic diet.

Low glycemic diets will offer you more choices when it comes to carbohydrates.

And you may be surprised what foods you can include.

High Carbohydrate Foods

High carbohydrate foods will cause your blood sugar to rise too quickly.

This will increase the level of insulin in your body and stop your body from burning fat. 

In fact, insulin can signal your body to store fat.

Are You Glucose Intolerant?

Find out what happens when you are glucose intolerant.

Learn if you have any of the symptoms of being glucose intolerant.

This is a disorder that can lead to Diabetes and should not be ignored.

Can You Digest Fructose?

What is Fructose? You might want to find out, as 1 in 3 people have some sort of intolerance to digesting this simple sugar. Find out how fattening and dangerous eating too much fructose can be.

Fructose Intolerance and Hereditary Fructose Intolerance: These may be new terms for most people to digest. Similarly, too much fructose seems to cause digestive problems for a lot of people these days and for some, fructose can lead to serious health diseases.

Stay Away or Lower these "Aging" Toxins!

Advanced Glycation End Products and Acrylamides are food toxins that can create major problems in your body.

These are just two of the toxic substances created by cooking your food that will age you.  You should control the amount of AGEs and acrylamides that you ingest if you want to look younger.

Low Glycemic Foods = Metabolism Boosting Foods

Foods with a low glycemic index rating are quite different from foods with a high glycemic index rating when it comes to controlling your blood sugar level. 

Carbohydrates that break down slowly will release glucose into your system gradually and will have a low glycemic Index rating of 55 or under.

Low glycemic foods with a low glycemic rating are much more important for a balanced healthy diet and good blood sugar levels than the foods that have a high glycemic index rating (70 and above) or even a medium glycemic index rating (56 - 69).

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