MSM Supplements
  A Joint Health Supplement

MSM supplements can be a very important joint health supplement and may even help to keep away arterial calcification. 

MSM helps to prevent stiffness in your arteries and veins.

What is MSM?  MethylSulfonylMethane or MSM is an organic form of sulfur. 

And MSM is the biologically active sulfur which contains many therapeutic health benefits.

One of the most common uses of MSM supplements is being a very effective joint health supplement.

This type of sulfur plays a big role in maintaining healthy joints.

And MSM supplements can be used by humans as well as their fury pets!

What is MSM Sources?

Rainwater contains a lot of MSM.  That is why it is important to water your garden with rainwater.

Plant roots rapidly absorb this sulfur compound which incorporates into the plant's protein.

MSM is very volatile and is rapidly lost during heating (cooking, steaming, and dehydrating) as well as storing food for too long. 

That's why it's important to eat fresh foods that have just been picked, harvested, or produced.

BTW, only foods grown organically with rainwater will contain adequate amounts of MSM. 

Foods grown with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and very toxic herbicides (like Roundup) will be deficient in MSM.

MSM will be found in fresh grass fed meats, wild caught seafood, and in raw milks (mainly from pastured animals).

And MSM will abundantly be found in fresh pastured organic eggs. 

It's also found in some fresh organically grown vegetables, nuts, seeds, and in some fruits.

Do You Need MSM Supplements?

Unless you're eating a good amount of fresh foods that contain an ample amount of MSM, you are likely to be deficient in MSM.

Low concentrations of MSM in your body can result in numerous health problems such as depression, fatigue, and a host of degenerative diseases.

MSM can be important to help many problems which includes arterial calcification and other calcification issues in your body.

And MSM can be a very effective joint health supplement - used for the joint health of humans and their pets.

MSM for Dogs

MSM for dogs can help to relieve so many of the problems that come with modern day pet foods.

Over-processed pet foods will be deficient in this vital nutrient.

Learn how to properly take care of your dogs, so they can enjoy their lives!

MSM for Joint Pain

Anti inflammatory supplements like MSM helps to relieve pain in joints.

And it will address some of the issues that created the problem.

MSM for joint pain is a very common use for this amazing nutrient as it contains the sulfur needed to create strong joints.

Look for MSM supplements made from the highest quality ingredients and also without any unnecessary additives.

Calcification of Arteries

Calcification of your arteries can occur less rapidly with the organic forms of calcium.  Organic calcium can come from raw dairy foods.

The right type of organic calcium does not seem to pose the same problem as inorganic forms of calcium.

Nanobacteria has also been linked to calcification of arteries as well as other calcification issues.

MSM may actually play an important role in the prevention of arterial calcification created by nanobacteria and calcium.

Nano Bacteria?

Nano bacteria may actually be some type of crystal or shell rather than an actual live organism.  

These "organisms" are very connected to the building of calcium phosphate shells which have been linked to calcification issues.

Shockingly, oxalates or oxalic acid appears to have the same profile or properties as Nano bacteria.  Spinach is a food high in oxalates!

MSM can be used to help get rid of these mysterious tiny "organisms"Find out how they replicate.

Bacteria Diseases

Bacteria diseases are created when your body doesn't contain enough of the "Good" bacteria or probiotics.

Instead, there's a lot of bad bacteria!

And there's a list of bacterial diseases that will be created by this imbalance.  These will include the everyday annoyances as well as serious diseases like Cancer.

A healthy ratio of friendly or "Good Bacteria" to "Bad Bacteria" should be in the range of 80% (Good) to 20% (Bad).

Find out what promotes good bacteria and find out what will promote the bad bacteria to grow in your body.

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