Nano Bacteria

Nano bacteria may actually be some type of crystal or shell rather than an actual live organism. 

And it may actually form a "coral reef" in your body.

There does seem to be some controversy among scientists over whether these organisms are alive or some sort of mineral.

However, there doesn't seem to be any controversy over these organisms being found in calcification issues and in rock formations.

These "organisms" are very connected to the building of calcium phosphate shells which can be linked to calcification problems throughout our bodies.

And these strange organisms are incredibly resistant to heat and other methods used to kill bacteria.

Oxalic Acid and Nano Bacteria

Shockingly, oxalates or oxalic acid appears to have the same profile or properties as Nano bacteria.

And oxalates may actually be the missing link to solving this "strange" or calcifying organism.

Plant foods such as spinach, almonds, beets, and rhubarb all contain high amounts of oxalic acid that may help to build calcium phosphate shells in your body.

Nano bacteria are also abundant in factory farmed animal foods and specifically in their blood - most likely because of their high oxalate diets.

Unfermented grains and legumes like soybeans can be very high in oxalates or oxalic acid which unfortunately gets fed to factory farmed animals. 

Animals that are fed a more appropriate diet and raised on pasture should be much more healthy.

Stay Away From Nano Bacteria!

I think that the best way to deal with these so called organisms is to not put them in your body in the first place. 

However, easier said than done as most restaurants or take out places will go against this very protocol.

My Experiment with MSM

As an experiment - I have taken 10 grams of an MSM supplement along with a garlic extract supplement for a month or so.

And that seemed to start some sort of de-calcification process.  I did experience a lot more energy as a result of doing this protocol. 

However, these days I prefer a more natural approach.

The Better Protocol

Consuming raw grass fed animal foods like raw milk and raw eggs.

These foods contain a good amount of MSM and enzymes that will help your immune system to stay strong.

I prefer to get most of my MSM and enzymes from raw healthy foods which does include both plant and animal foods.

  • Staying away from factory farmed animal foods.
  • Staying away from inorganic forms of calcium like pasteurized dairy products.
  • Lowering the amount of oxalic acid or oxalates in your diet.
  • Removing all foods that were grown or sprayed with Roundup because glyphosate contributes to oxalate formation!!!
  • Buying organic foods, wild caught seafood, and pasture raised animal foods.

I much prefer this protocol over taking an MSM supplement because it feels better to me. 

However, MSM supplementation did do wonders for my energy level.

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