Pet Bones
and Bones for Dogs

Pet bones can come in all shapes and sizes.

However, it's important that bones for dogs and cats be the right size for them to eat safely.

Recreational bones for dogs may be okay once in a while to get bone marrow and oral stimulation. 

However, pet bones that are too large or too hard like femur bones can potentially break their teeth.

And recreational bones will not provide the calcium that your dogs need to build strong bones and teeth. 

Chicken necks make great cat bones for most cats because they are smaller, but may not be good for most dogs. 

Basically, the correct bones for dogs is going to depend on the size of your dog.

Raw Pet Bones - Tips

Cats & Smaller Dogs - feed them Chicken Wings and Chicken Necks

Medium to Large Dogs - feed them Brisket or Sternum or other appropriately sized raw bones

Larger Dogs - feed them Lamb Shanks and Rib Bones

Raw Bones for Dogs and Cats = Mother Nature's Toothbrush

Match Raw Bones to the Size of Animal or Pet (bone needs to be chewed - Not Swallowed!)

Nutritional Raw Bones = Soft and Easy to Chew (bone is gone in a couple of hours)

We all know that dogs love to chew on a good pet bone.  Unfortunately, they are usually given a cooked bone that gets discarded from a family meal.

Cooked bones are not safe for dogs or cats to eat because the minerals in the bones become undigestible after being cooked - as well as too sharp!

Sadly, pet owners will resort to feeding their animals some sort of "fake" chewy to avoid hurting their pets.  However, this "fake" bone will not give your pet the nutrition it requires to have a healthy body.

Softer Bones for Dogs!

Dogs love to chew on bones and bones give them great joy and keeps them mentally happy.

Bones for dogs is a very stimulating activity - which is better than a dog chewing on your shoes or furniture.

Surprisingly, bones for dogs and cats are part of a well balanced diet for them. 

Bones are required by cats and dogs to supply important minerals such as calcium and phosphorus for the maintenance of their bones and their teeth.

Feed Dogs Meaty Pet Bones!

Feeding appropriately sized meaty bones for dogs (that are as whole as possible as well as a softer type of bone) - is what makes great bones for dogs.

Raw Whole Chicken Wings for Smaller Dogs

You want your dog or cat to chew on a bone to get as much oral health benefits as possible.  It's kind of the way pets are suppose to brush their teeth.

However, be aware of dogs that gulp their food or are fed too small a bone.  They may experience choking - even with raw bones.

Safe Cat Bones

Appropriately sized raw meaty cat bones are chicken wings and chicken necks.

Cat bones should be appropriately sized for your cat - like the bones that your cat might find when it eats a mouse or a bird.

Please remember - never feed your cat cooked bones which could lead to much damage and health problems. 

It could also lead to a big vet bill and I know because I've heard the horror stories from a vet.  And I've also witnessed what happened to a family pet - don't do it!

Buy Pet Bones Online

You'll also want to provide your cat with quality cat bones and "grass fed" bones for your dogs whenever possible.

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