Planting a Garden
An Edible Garden

Planting a garden especially an edible garden can be very rewarding. 

And you can learn how to grow popular vegetables, grow your own berries, and even grow your own culinary herbs.

Many people start planting a garden using raised beds which seems to make growing an edible garden easier. 

A raised bed can be visually appealing for planting a garden and you can easily make this type of garden by using extra pieces of wood or large rocks that are just laying around your house.

However, some people prefer a potted edible garden because it is also visually appealing.  It's best to locate your garden close to your kitchen for easier access. 

Growing your own fruits and vegetables can really help to cut down on your monthly food bill.  And growing your own herbs is so easy to do when planting a garden.

Planting a Garden in Good Soil is Key!

I have been on many farms and have seen many gardens.  Planting at the right time and having good soil is the key to having a successful garden. 

I cannot stress this enough!

Composting Ideas - growing a garden requires learning how to create the best soil for your plants. 

Composting ideas and learning how to make compost with the correct ratio of nitrogen to carbon will help you to create healthy soil which is essential for growing a garden. 

Learn How to Grow an Edible Garden

Learning how to grow vegetables ensures that fresh produce will be available for you and your family to eat as well as enjoy.

This can save you money in more ways than one - at the grocery store not too mention the cost of going to the grocery store.

Plus you get to control the quality of your soil and employ more natural means of pest control rather than using pesticides or other toxic chemicals.

Planting a garden that best suits your individual needs will depend on the climate you live in as well as the land you have available for planting a garden.

The most popular choice when planting a garden appears to be tomatoes.  And there are so many types of tomatoes that you can grow!

How to Grow Tomatoes - learn how to grow tomatoes, so that you can have access to the best tasting tomatoes to make some of the best tasting tomato sauces, salads, etc.

You may want to consider vegetables that are easy to grow in the beginning such as lettuce, kale, carrots, green beans, and onions.

How to Grow Kale - growing kale yourself can ensure a much better tasting crop by planting kale at the right time. 

Planting kale at the wrong time will result in bitter tasting kale leaves.

Kale is known for being a super food type of dark leafy green and there are a few different kale varieties to choose from to plant in your garden.

How to Grow Lettuce - learn how to grow lettuce and have access to great tasting lettuce for your salads. 

Also, learn how to create an abundance of lettuce seeds for the next growing season.  Picking the variety of lettuce that's best for your location can also be key to growing lettuce successfully.

Raised Bed Garden

Some of the most important benefits of a raised bed garden are better drainage, higher yields, and a longer growing season.

Raised bed gardens have a tendency to drain away excess moisture better than ordinary gardens.

This type of garden also reduces soil compaction which helps roots to breathe and you can also control the soil conditions much better than with a very large garden. 

The possibilities of places to put a raised bed garden may be endless and can make a patio much more attractive.

Start a Potted Herb Garden

Planting an edible herb garden in an attractive pot or container is what a lot of people prefer to do.  Herbs don't need as much land or pest control compared to vegetables.

Herbs seem to be designed to repel pests thus making them more low maintenance.  And most herbs are also easy to grow. 

Most herbs just require adequate sunshine, good quality soil, and good drainage.  You can also plant herbs in the ground if you like. 

Or you can create a potted herb garden that can be placed indoors.  Growing herbs indoors is possible as long as they receive enough sunlight.

Herbs play a very important role in seasoning your food.  Some of the most popular culinary herbs that are used for flavoring food are basil, cilantro, parsley, mint, thyme, rosemary, oregano, dill, chives, and tarragon.

Fresh herbs are more flavorful than using dried herbs and some herbs are also used for treating illnesses. 

What herbs you decide to plant in your potted herb garden should reflect what herbs you most prefer to use in your every day life.

How to Grow Basil - learning how to grow basil is relatively easy. 

There are over a 100 basil varieties in existence, but sweet basil is probably one of the most well known or common basil plants.

Learning important tips for growing basil as well as properly pruning basil will help to ensure an abundant basil harvest.

How to Grow Cilantro - learning how to grow cilantro takes a little knowledge. 

Learning when to plant cilantro seeds is key to growing cilantro successfully to get the most from your cilantro harvest.

Growing cilantro takes a little practice, but once you understand how to take care of this plant - it can actually replicate on its own. 

How to Grow Parsley - there are actually three popular types of parsley that you can grow to use for your consumption.

Parsley is used to flavor numerous dishes and is also a very popular garnish.

Germinating parsley seeds will be the trickiest part to growing parsley, but harvesting parsley year round will be possible in some climates as parsley is considered a biennial.

Grow Your Own Berries!

Berries are something that most people can grow, even with limited space or land as berries can be planted in pots very easily.

The cost of buying organic berries almost makes this fruit - a fruit only the rich can afford these days. 

And eating Non-organic berries can expose you to many types of pesticides.

Most people probably don't realize that berry plants or bushes can live for years and some for decades. 

Planting a garden would not be complete without some berry plants that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

How to Grow Blueberries - learn how to grow blueberries and you will never have to buy another blueberry again! 

Planting the best types of blueberries for your area will ensure success.

And growing blueberries will be much faster when you start with a plant that is at least a year or older. 

How to Grow Blackberries - growing blackberry plants from seeds requires some knowledge as well as timing - not to mention great patience.

Get some important tips for growing blackberries to speed along the growing process.  That way you can enjoy these wonderful berries as soon as possible. 

How to Grow Strawberries - learn how to grow strawberries to avoid the toxic sprays or chemicals that are too often found on this very popular fruit. 

There are three basic types of strawberries and growing all three will give you an abundant supply for the whole season. 

Strawberry plants are easy to grow and can produce fruit quicker than blueberry or blackberry plants.

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