Protein Rich Foods
and Different Types of Proteins

Protein rich foods should come from a variety of complete proteins to create the different types of proteins needed by your body.

Complete proteins will be abundantly found in lean protein foods from the animal kingdom and in protein rich foods like wild seafood.

In general, plant based foods are not complete proteins, but there are a few exceptions of plant based foods that will qualify.

The Benefits of Protein is to supply the building blocks called amino acids which are needed by your body to make other proteins necessary for the growth and maintenance of your body tissues.

Even though there are many types of proteins, they are usually classified as either structural or functional. 

Structural proteins include collagen and keratin which are important building blocks for your nails, skin, hair, and your ligaments.

Functional proteins are responsible for making your hormones, hemoglobin, antibodies, and vital enzymes.

Hemp Protein is one of the plant based foods which are complete proteins and contain a high amount of functional proteins.

This is also a very controversial plant because it is related to marijuana.

Complete Proteins that are Lean Protein Foods

Free Range Turkey are lean protein foods that are generally lower in fat and high in protein. People should really enjoy eating this meat more often instead of saving turkey for holidays such as Thanksgiving.

Bison Buffalo Meat is one of the best lean protein foods around.  It is very high in vitamin B12 and iron which is good for your blood. You will also find a special fatty acid called CLA in bison or buffalo meat which offers some amazing health benefits.

More Healthy Complete Proteins

Wild Caught Salmon is a complete protein and is considered to be a super healthy food that comes with a high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Making sure you get enough DHA is very important for the development of your brain and Salmon is loaded with DHA.

Eggs are very digestible and are easier to break down than many of the protein foods.

And this complete protein food is highly nutritious because it comes with so many vitamins and minerals. 

I actually prefer to eat my eggs raw!

Healthy Protein in your body is made from at least 20 essential amino acids which are linked together in various combinations.

And the types of proteins that can be made from these 20 essential amino acids is almost limitless.

If a deficiency occurs in any one of these amino acids, you may experience a health problem.

The Protein in Eggs are very susceptible to damage at high heats and it's best to eat them soft boiled, sunny side up, or raw.

Protein from Plant Based Foods

Plant based foods like wheat, vegetables, and nuts usually have the lowest Protein Digestibility Scores and are not considered protein rich foods.

Low Protein Food like nuts also have enzyme inhibitors that need to be deactivated before your body can use these proteins.

And find out which nut has the most Nut Protein.

Healthy Unhealthy Foods goes over the dangers of eating improperly treated or unfermented soy foods.

You'll learn about the major health issues associated with the eating of unfermented soybeans.

Which are Many!

Quinoa Grain is an ancient plant based food that offers more protein than most grains or pseudo grains.

Protein rich foods like quinoa can be a great replacement for rice and it also cooks up quickly.

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