Raising Goats
for Milk and for Pets

Successfully raising goats does require some knowledge especially on the different types of goat breeds and the proper way to feed a goat. 

Raising goats as pets may be a great consideration for certain breeds and some of these breeds will also provide you with incredible milk to drink or to turn into cheese. 

Of course, you will have to learn how to properly milk a goat which will vary from goat breed to individual goat. 

Some goats are much easier to milk than others because of their temperament and size of their teats.

How to Raise Goats

Get some basic information on how to raise goats particularly on the basic needs of dairy goats before you buy one.

You will also need to learn about breeding goats and goat gestation or pregnancy.

And you'll have to learn about the benefits of old fashioned nursing over bottle feeding baby goats. 

Also, learn some of the basic care tips for raising goats like making sure they get adequate water.

Raising goats can be a great way to provide your family with raw milk and goats require a lot less space than cows.  They are also relatively less expensive compared to cows.

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How to Milk a Goat

Do yourself a favor and get some tips on how to milk a goat before you attempt to milk one.

At first, I thought it would be much easier than milking a cow - not necessarily true!

Milking goats enables you to have fresh milk as well as gives you the ability to make your own yogurt, goat cheese, butter, and soap.

Most of the world's people consume goat milk rather than cow's milk. 

Apparently, goat milk is higher in calcium and goat milk is naturally homogenized compared to cow's milk.

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What do Goats Eat?

Goats eat much more like deer which are browsers.  Goats are also much more flexible in their eating habits than cows or even sheep. 

Their ability to browse and to be flexible with the consumption of numerous plants enables goats to survive in many different types of environments.

Goats are best described as a small ruminant that likes to forage for its food. 

Goats can be used to clear unwanted plants such as ivy, nettles, thistles, and morning glories from your land or property.

Find out what goats like to eat or more specifically what they should eat. This may surprise some people as goats have a reputation of eating just about anything.

However, when an adequate amount of forage or land is not available, supplemental goat feed becomes necessary.  And there is much controversy over what's the best type of supplemental feed for raising goats.

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Best Types of Goats for Dairy

Learn about the different types of goats that are also some of the most popular breeds for raising dairy goats.

Also, certain breeds can make great pets for your family and also provide you with really great tasting milk.

Goats are basically classified into a few different categories.  What category a goat falls into will depend on whether the goat is mainly used for dairy, meat, fiber, or pets.

There are goat breeds that are considered dual-purpose or multi-purpose goats.  And these goats will be used for meat as well as dairy. 

There are hundreds of goat breeds found throughout the world.

However, if you're looking for the best dairy goat, you will want to find out which ones will produce a lot of milk.

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Goats as Pets

This is my sister-in-law with a couple of her goats as pets - she actually has 5 Nigerian does. 

Goats can make a great pet! 

Goats in general are easy to handle and respond well to human attention - some breeds better than others.

Make sure you are zoned for raising goats as pets before you invest in one. 

Since a goat is a herd animal, having at least two goats would probably be best for your pet goat.

A Nigerian dwarf is reasonable in size and able to supply a good amount of creamy milk - up to 2 quarts per day.

Some people like pygmy goats as pets because they are easy to raise and handle, but not so good for milking.

Pygmy goats will have smaller teats and smaller udders compared to Nigerian dwarfs - which can be a problem when trying to milk.

Females (called does) and castrated males (called wethers) are preferred for goats as pets.  Unless, you are interested in breeding goats. 

Just be aware that male bucks may have an offensive odor during mating season.

Goat Housing

Some reasons for keeping your pet goat outside are that a goat has to use the bathroom more often than a cat or dog. 

And they may also break some of your valuables by knocking them down or jumping on them.

A goat can respond to a name you give it.  However, keeping a goat indoors would probably not be the best place to house your goat.

Building a goat house can be as simple as building a larger scale dog house with the wood scraps that you have laying around your home.

You just have to understand a few of your goat's needs in order to build them an effective shelter.

Get the basics on goat housing and goat fencing to ensure that your goat's basic needs are met to keep them safe and secure.

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From my own personal experience of visiting different farms with goats, proper goat feed and care plays a very important role in keeping your goats healthy as well as improving the quality of their milk. 

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