Raw Food Health and
A Better Raw Food List

Raw food health usually starts with some sort of raw food list that a "potential" raw foodist can follow.  

Unfortunately, most raw food lists will only feature raw plant foods to be used in your raw food meals.

This is unfair because some raw foodist actually prefer to eat raw animal foods and raw seafood for their raw food health.

There needs to be a better raw food list to help prepare more balanced raw food meals.

Raw food health has come "mainly" from two extreme points of view, but there is a new raw food diet on the block.  And this raw food diet will offer you a more "recognizable" raw food list for your raw food meals.

Oneness Raw Food Diet

Introducing the Oneness Raw Diet!   This is the latest raw food diet in the raw food world.

My raw food diet offers a raw foodist a nicer balance of food choices from both the plant and animal kingdoms.

You'll enjoy raw food meals that most people already eat on a regular basis and definitely will recognize plus enjoy.

This raw food diet will give you more socially acceptable ideas so you can include more nutrient dense foods into your diet.

Raw Vegan Diet

The raw vegan diet is the most well known in the "raw food world", but it's definitely not the most balanced. 

A raw foodist on this type of diet is only allowed to focus on raw food meals made from the plant kingdom. 

Most people will not be able to stick to this diet for too long because it doesn't provide enough nutrition for most people.

Raw Primal Diet

The raw primal diet is probably the most controversial and powerful of all the raw food diets.  I highly recommend that you study the work of the founder of this primal diet.

This raw food diet will focus primarily on the consumption of raw animal foods and not so much on plant foods. 

Raw meat, raw eggs, and raw dairy are the main focuses of this diet.

The founder of this diet was a man called Aajonus Vonderplanitz who went where no other health guru dared go. 

A Better Raw Food List

I think many have longed for a more extensive and better raw food list that is more inclusive.

This raw food list can also be used as a supplement for deficient diets which will include popular cooked food diets like keto.

Unpasteurized Cheese aka Raw Cheese

Unpasteurized cheese is very rich in colloidal minerals and in many other nutrients.  It contains more health benefits than pasteurized cheese.

And I highly suggest you give unsalted raw cheese a try one day!

You can use unpasteurized cheese in salads, sauces, cheesecakes, or to make a cheese platter.

Organic Raw Honey

Organic raw honey is a very healthy low glycemic sweetener.  Raw honey is much more than a sweetener and is loaded with enzymes! 

Raw honey has a long history of healing internally and externally.

Use organic raw honey in your smoothies, raw desserts, salads, and raw food snacks.  Basically, you can add raw honey to any food that needs a touch of sweetness.

Raw Grass Fed Cow Milk

Raw grass fed milk is one of the most comforting foods!  It was the easiest raw animal food for me to first consume. 

Raw milk is great for raw food health to build strong teeth and bones!

You can get raw cream and make raw butter from your raw grass fed cow milk.  Or turn your raw milk into yogurt, quark, or kefir.

Raw Goat Milk

Raw goat milk may be the better choice for those who only have room for a smaller animal in their backyard. 

Goat milk is known for being more digestible because of its milk protein and fat.  Goat milk is naturally an A2 milk.

You can use your raw goat milk to make a really great soft herb cheese!

Healthy Food Snacks

Fun crunchy snacks can be soaked nuts and seeds which are said to be more digestible for your digestive system. 

Use nuts and seeds as a crunchy addition in your raw food platters.

Keep in mind that raw nuts and seeds come with a lot of anti-nutrients!  And anti-nutrients will need to be deactivated in some way before you consume raw nuts and seeds.

Homemade Nut Butters

You can make raw nut butters from your favorite nuts to use as a spread or to use in a Thai dipping sauce for your raw meats, rare meats, or occasional grilled meats. 

Flavor your homemade nut butters with your favorite spices!

Homemade nut butters that are made from macadamia nuts (which are my favorite nut) will make a very tasty and rich nut butter.

You'll also learn how to make a hazelnut spread that resembles the famous spread called Nutella.  Great for a topping on raw ice cream.

Raw Coconut Cream

Organic raw coconut cream is a big favorite of ours and we used to sell this food in our buyer's club years ago. 

Raw coconut cream has miraculous properties and this makes it a great plant based food!

Raw coconut cream can replace raw dairy cream in raw desserts like raw ice cream.  You can also use raw coconut cream to make sauces and it makes a great healthy fat for your smoothies.

Raw Coconut Milk

Raw coconut milk is much more nutritious for you.  And it comes without the cans or food additives. 

You can use your raw coconut milk in a ceviche recipe to give it a more tropical taste.

You can use this non-dairy milk in your keto or paleo raw smoothie recipes!  Also, make coconut yogurt or raw ice cream with this milk.

Eating Raw Meat

Raw meat is probably one of the most feared of the raw animal foods.  This is unfortunate because raw meat comes with many powerful nutrients and can nourish you pretty quickly.

It took me a long time to enjoy raw meat, but now I eat it regularly.

I don't think most people understand that there's a big nutritional difference between raw meat and salted cooked meat.

Every time I eat salted cooked meat, I never feel satisfied.  Some believe that consuming raw meat is a must for optimal raw food health.

Poke Bowls

Poke bowls have become all the rage especially in certain states.  Wild caught tuna or Ahi is probably the most popular fish found in Poke bowls.

Another popular choice for a Poke bowl is wild caught salmon.

Learn how to make Poke bowls at home or I would visit a really good cafe that sells Poke bowls at least once a week to fill up those omega 3s.

Organic Salad Recipes

Cucumber salad recipes can be refreshing and a delicious side meal.  Learn how to make my mother's tasty cucumber salad. 

Or try an arugula salad made from peppery herbs for a change.

Low sugar fruits and herbs can be a side salad option for your Poke bowls or consume them whenever you just feel like eating a salad.

Raw Fermented Foods

Lacto fermented plant foods like sauerkraut and kimchi will come with a good amount of probiotics.  And they can make a great side to your rare cooked meats that will need help with digestion. 

You can also use lacto-fermented veggies or the juice from lacto-fermented veggies in your salad dressings to get more probiotics.

Another tip from Fermented Food Lab is to blend sauerkraut or kimchi with cream cheese (raw cream cheese would be better) to make a probiotic dip for your raw food health.

You'll get a dose of probiotics in fermented salsa as well.  And probiotics will be found in fermented dairy foods like yogurt, kefir, and in sour cream.

No Bake Cheesecakes

Tasty no bake cheesecake recipes can be made raw.  This dessert can include both plant and animal ingredients.

Then top your no bake cheesecakes with fresh berries or tropical fruit.

Organic Raw Berries

Use organic antioxidant rich berries in your smoothie bowls or in your morning smoothies!

Organic raw berries can also be used in many raw dessert recipes.  Try fresh berries and raw whipped cream - it's divine!

No Bake Raw Cookie Balls

Raw cookies or raw energy balls can be made by using flax seeds and nuts instead of using the over-processed white flour that's found in most cookie recipes.

A dehydrator can also be used to replace your oven to make your no bake cookie recipes. 

Nutrient Dense
Raw Food List Options

  • Raw Pastured Eggs
  • Raw Pastured Butter
  • Raw Pastured Cream
  • Wild Caught Seafood
  • Raw Organic Juices
  • Raw Tropical Fruits

Are You a Raw Foodist?

Raw foodism is a lifestyle promoting the consumption of un-cooked and un-processed foods. 

And organic foods usually make up a large percentage of your raw food meals.

If 75-100% of a person's total food consumption is uncooked food, he or she is considered a raw foodist.

Raw foodism can include any of the latest raw food diets which features primarily unheated food or food warmed to a temperature of less than 116 - 118 degrees F for great raw food health.

Belief System of The Raw Foodist

  • Raw foodist believe that the consumption of cooked foods cause the degeneration of one's health.
  • And raw foodist also believe raw food health will help to prevent many forms of chronic disease.
  • They believe that cooked foods contain harmful toxins which will eventually lead to developing chronic health problems. 
  • Cooked food meals are also thought to be highly addictive and have a drug-like effect on the body like coffee.
  • Raw foodist typically believe that the greater the percentage of raw food meals in the diet, the greater the raw food health benefits. 

The Power of Raw Food Health

Eating Raw Foods will provide you with digestive enzymes (such as amylase, protease, and lipase) which aids with food digestion. 

And raw food meals will still have their nutrients intact and are bio-available for your body.

In other words, your body can still make use of the vitamins, minerals, and especially the healthy bacteria that only comes with the consumptions of raw foods.

Therefore, raw food health comes from eating raw food meals that give your body a higher nutritional value.

Best Raw Food Diets

Let everyone know about your experience and what raw food diet helped you on your journey back to health.

Have a raw food health story to tell? 

What are your favorite raw foods that you like to consume on a daily basis?

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