Raw Food Restaurants

Eaten at any raw food restaurants lately?  I bet you didn't realize that most high quality restaurants serve some sort of raw food appetizer or raw food meals.

Most people associate raw food restaurants with raw vegan type of meals and I want to change that perception. 

I think that a plate of food that primarily features raw or "rawish" types of ingredients whether they be plant, animal, or seafood is what should count.

For example, when you go to a Japanese restaurant - you will find an array of raw foods in the form of sushi and sashimi.

And you will always find a raw food appetizer at almost every decent restaurant that exists in America.

I think we need to broaden our horizons when we think of raw food restaurants.

Raw Food Appetizers

Antipasto platters are usually made of a good amount of raw foods such as cured meats, cheese, marinated vegetables, and olives.

How raw these platters will be depends on the restaurant and the food preparation methods used.

If you are making your own raw food appetizer, you can choose the best raw cheese or cured meats to make your antipasto platter.

Some other great raw food appetizers are Caesar Salads, Carpaccio, and Ceviche.

Raw Food Soup

Gazpacho is probably the most popular or well known raw food soup. 

It's a chilled soup made primarily of raw fruits and vegetables.  And it's usually red in color.

However, a chilled cucumber soup could be considered a raw gazpacho because it is served cold.

And it uses raw cucumber, herbs, and cultured dairy as its main ingredients.

Raw Food Meals

My favorite is probably steak tartare, but I've yet to eat this raw food meal at a restaurant.  I think it's found mainly in French restaurants.

However, if you order a really rare steak - that could be your raw food meal which can be found at almost any good restaurant.

Seared fish is another really great choice.  I have a fond memory of eating seared Ahi topped with Olive Tapenade and surrounded by a Passion Fruit Cream Sauce - yum.

Raw Food Desserts

I found this dessert at a Thai restaurant in Hawaii, but you will most likely find this one in a raw vegan restaurant.  It's delicious!

If you want to make this raw food dessert, there really is no need for a topping - a good crust is a must.

Be sure to soak your nuts in acidic water and dry them before using them to make a crust.  And I do think that it may be best to keep this one in the freezer or it may become too soft.

Other raw food desserts that you may find at restaurants could include raw soft cheese drizzled with raw honey and various nuts.

Raw Food Restaurants

So now you see that there are many raw food meals or choices that you will find at many fine restaurants which can turn them into raw food restaurants for you.

Most restaurants will always offer some type of raw food salad and depending on the type of restaurant you are visiting - it will probably feature at least one or two raw food appetizers or raw food choices.

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