Raw Grass Fed Milk
and A2 Cow Milk

Raw grass fed milk that's nutrient dense comes from healthy lactating cows that graze on healthy pastures.

There will be numerous raw milk nutrients found in 100% raw grass fed cow milk- especially from the milk of A2 cows.

However, most of the raw milk nutrients and raw milk benefits will be destroyed or made less available by pasteurization!! 

Learn dairy facts on the many different ways that milk is pasteurized and what method may be the best for getting the most raw milk benefits.

I love raw grass fed milk and I drink gallons of raw milk every month, so that I can get raw milk benefits which include stronger teeth and bones.

I noticed that when I gave it to my daughter when she was a youngster, she did not have any dental cavities.

It was only when I stopped because of the difficulty in finding raw milk in Hawaii that she began to develop cavities.

What are A2 Cows?

I have to admit that I didn't look into what an A2 cow was until fairly recently when I picked up the book Keeping a Family Cow by Joann S Grohman. 

I understood that A2 cow milk was better than A1, but I really didn't know why - until now.

A2 cows can be Jerseys or Guernsey cows which are a more old fashioned breed of cow. 

I especially love the Jersey cows and their cute ears!  Their milk has a high butterfat content and it's delicious.

A1 cows are usually black and white in color like the Holstein breed.  These cows can belt out 14 gallons of milk per day!

This is the type of cow that you'll find in factory farms.  And A1 milk is the type of milk that's usually sold at grocery stores.

It's thought that the A1 gene mutation happened thousands of years ago.  Now cows can be A1/A1, A1/A2, or A2/A2.

Beta-Casein is the Problem!

It all centers around the milk protein called casein which exists in alpha, beta, and kappa forms.  All are present in every cow.

The difference between an A2 and an A1 cow is in the beta-casein.

Beta-casein is a chain of 209 amino acids.  And there is a slight difference in position 67 between A2 and A1 cows.

In the A2 cow, the amino acid proline is found in position 67.  And it has a strong bond with the amino acid isoleucine which is in position 66.

In the A1 cow, the amino acid histidine is found in position 67.  And it has a weak bond with isoleucine.

An Opioid is Released During Digestion!

The problem appears to arise during the digestion of the weak bond between histidine and isoleucine in the A1 milk. 

A peptide called BCM7 is released and this peptide has opioid or narcotic properties.  It is not released during the digestion of A2 milk!

BCM7 may be responsible for a wide range of intolerances or symptoms in certain people.

BCM7 is know to attach to receptors in the intestines that control peristaltic movement of food.  Basically, BCM7 slows down the digestion of food. 

And it has also been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and inflammation.

Many people are starting to realize that the reason they had such a bad reaction to drinking milk wasn't from the lactose after all - it was from the BCM7 opioid peptide.

Just remember that other factors like the quality of feed, the quality of care, and whether the milk was heat processed all matter.

Some people argue that these factors are more important to receive raw milk benefits than the A2 cow milk factor.

However, if I had to choose - I would buy organic 100% grass fed A2/A2 raw cow milk to get the most raw milk benefits.

Raw Milk vs Pasteurized Milk Debate

Agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration, and numerous other worldwide regulatory agencies say that pathogens from raw milk make it unsafe for us to consume.

Organizations like Weston A. Price Foundation say that raw milk nutrients and the raw milk benefits found in raw milk will be destroyed by the heat of the pasteurization process.

They also say that raw grass fed milk can be produced safely.

Proponents of Raw Milk Benefits Advance Two Basic Health Arguments.......

First, that pasteurization destroys or damages many of the raw milk nutrients.

Second, is that while it may kill dangerous bacteria, pasteurization also kills off all of the good bacteria in raw grass fed milk.

Raw milk benefits include probiotics - some of the same ones that big dairy companies are now selling you in yogurt and in other drink concoctions.

Supporters argue that raw milk is just as safe as the dairy it comes from.

If the cows are healthy and the dairy is spotless, they say - raw milk is by far safer than pasteurized milk because of the beneficial bacteria naturally found in raw milk that makes it harder for harmful bacteria to grow.

Accurate testing is also available now to detect the presence of harmful bacteria.

The only time that I got deathly sick from drinking milk was at my daughter's elementary school. 

I drank pasteurized skim milk with my school lunch.  It was probably an "expired" carton of skim milk!

100% Raw Grass Fed Milk Nutrients

  • Rich in Enzymes that make milk much easier to digest
  • Contains Lactoferrin an enzyme which protects milk from pathogen growth
  • Lactoferrin binds to free Iron in your system and will also steal Iron away from pathogens
  • Lactoferrin also helps to make iron more readily available to you
  • Full-Spectrum of metabolically available Amino Acids
  • Higher Amount of Antioxidants
  • Excellent Source of B vitamins like vitamin B12
  • Great Source of Digestible Calcium and other important minerals
  • Contains Beneficial Bacteria and Essential fatty acids
  • Higher amounts of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and CLA
  • Great source of Vitamins A, D, K2, & E

Dairy Facts on How to
Destroy Raw Milk Benefits

Dairy Facts on Vat Pasteurization:  Vat or Batch Pasteurization is one of several ways to pasteurize milk.  This is considered to be low temperature pasteurized milk and usually costs more than other types of pasteurized milk.

With this process milk is gradually heated in smaller batches to 145 degrees F. for 30 minutes and then is rapidly cooled. 

More nutrients are thought to be preserved with this method and the milk is usually not homogenized. 

However, pasteurization neutralizes the digestive enzymes that help you to digest milk nutrients.  Thus your pancreas will have to work harder.

Dairy Facts on Homogenization:  Homogenization of milk fats will create a dysfunctional fat which creates scarring of your blood vessels followed by increased cholesterol patches, followed by clogged arteries.

Dairy Facts on Regular Pasteurization:  Regular pasteurization heats larger amounts of milk to a minimum of 161 degrees F. for at least 15 seconds and then it is rapidly cooled.  This type of milk is almost always homogenized. 

And it is becoming harder and harder to find now that most commercial dairies usually ultra-pasteurize their milk.

Dairy Facts on Ultra-Pasteurization:  Ultra-pasteurization heats large amounts of milk to a minimum of 280 degrees F. for 2 seconds and then it is rapidly cooled.  This type of milk is always homogenized.

Ultra-pasteurization will also create MSG - a Neurotoxin.

Dairy Facts on Ultra-High Temperature:  Ultra-high temperature milk is heated to temperatures between 275 and 300 degrees F.  This type of milk is always homogenized.

Both ultra-pasteurized and ultra-high pasteurized milk are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration before opening.

Heating milk to very high temperatures destroys many of the raw milk benefits and nutrients.  And it also makes milk harder to digest. 

However, it greatly extends the shelf life of milk.

Truth about Raw Milk

If you are in California, you will find Mark's Organic Pastures raw milk products in grocery stores like Nugget Markets and at Fork Lift - which are a big chain in Northern California.

I'm blessed to finally live in a place where I can go to the store and buy 100% raw grass fed milk and cream.

Raw Grass Fed Milk
for Gut Health

Raw grass fed milk provides healthy fats and bio-available protein for a healing body. 

Have You Ever Gone on
a Raw Milk Fast?

There is something called the raw milk fast where people only consume and drink raw milk for 30 days.

There are lots of stories about how raw milk has helped people with a lot of health issues.  And I have personally experienced and witnessed this myself.

The Raw Milk Diet

Did you know that lactating cows are incredibly important for re-building the soil?

How to Find
Raw Grass Fed Milk

Regulation of the commercial distribution of packaged raw milk will vary from state to state and across the world.

In a few states you will be able to find raw milk in grocery stores and in many states you can buy raw grass fed milk straight from the farm.

Also, raw grass fed milk is sometimes distributed through a cow share program, wherein the consumer owns a share of the dairy animal or of the herd. 

Therefore, legally your consuming milk from your own cow!

Also, be aware that raw grass fed milk can be marketed as for "pet consumption" in states where the sale for human consumption is being prohibited.

To help you find raw grass fed milk in your neck of the woods, so you can also experience raw milk benefits - go to www.Realmilk.com

If your still having trouble finding raw grass fed milk, another option I have tried with success is craigslist.

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