Raw Milk Benefits
and Raw Milk Nutrients

Raw milk benefits come primarily from raw milk nutrients found in organic raw milk. 

And there will be numerous milk nutrients found in organic raw milk.

However, most of these raw milk benefits will be destroyed or made less available by pasteurization!!

Learn the dairy facts on what will happen to raw milk nutrients when it is cooked above a certain temperature.

I love organic raw milk and I use to drink gallons every month, so that I could get the raw milk benefits from the raw milk nutrients.

I noticed that when I gave it to my daughter, she did not get any cavities. It was only when I stopped because of the difficulty in finding organic raw milk that she developed cavities.

Dairy Facts on How to Destroy Raw Milk Benefits

Dairy Facts on Pasteurization:  Pasteurization at 145 degrees F for 30 minutes neutralizes the digestive enzymes that help you to digest this food. Thus your pancreas will have to work harder.

Dairy Facts on Homogenization:  Homogenization of milk fats will create a dysfunctional fat which creates scarring of your blood vessels followed by increased cholesterol patches, followed by clogged arteries.

Dairy Facts on Ultra-Pasteurization:  Ultra-pasteurization heats milk to 280 degrees F, rendering it completely indigestible and ultra-pasteurization will also create MSG - a Neurotoxin.  And it will destroy most of the milk nutrients!

Organic Raw Milk Nutrients

  • Higher amount of Antioxidants
  • Excellent source of B vitamins like vitamin B12
  • Great source of digestible calcium and other important minerals
  • Full-spectrum of metabolically available amino acids
  • Contains beneficial bacteria and essential fatty acids
  • Higher amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids and CLA
  • More of vitamins A, D, K2, & E
  • Rich in enzymes that make it easier to digest
  • Contains enzymes such as lactoferrin which helps to protect the milk from pathogen growth
  • Lactoferrin can bind to free iron in your system and steal this iron away from pathogens that live in your body
  • Lactoferrin also helps to make iron more readily available for your immune system to utilize

The Raw Milk vs Pasteurized Milk Debate

Agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration, and numerous other worldwide regulatory agencies say that pathogens from raw milk make it unsafe for us to consume.

Other organizations like the Weston A. Price Foundation say that raw milk nutrients and the raw milk benefits that are found in raw milk will be destroyed by the pasteurization process.

And they also say that organic raw milk can be produced safely.

Proponents of Raw Milk Benefits Advance Two Basic Health Arguments

First, that pasteurization destroys or damages many of the raw milk nutrients.

Second, is that while it may kill dangerous bacteria, pasteurization also kills off all the good bacteria in raw milk.

Raw milk benefits include containing probiotics - some of the same ones that big dairy companies are now selling you in yogurt and in other drink concoctions.

Supporters argue that raw milk is just as safe as the dairy it comes from.

If the cows are healthy and the dairy is spotless, they say - raw milk is safer by far than pasteurized milk because of the beneficial bacteria naturally found in raw milk that makes it harder for harmful bacteria to grow.

Accurate testing is also available now to detect the presence of harmful bacteria.

How to Find Organic Raw Milk

Regulation of the commercial distribution of packaged raw milk varies across the world.

Organic raw milk is sometimes distributed through a cow share program, wherein the consumer owns a share in the dairy animal or the herd, and can be considered to be consuming milk from their own cow.

Raw milk is sometimes marketed for animal or pet consumption or for other uses such as soap making in places where sales for human consumption are prohibited.

To find organic raw milk in your neck of the woods, go to www.realmilk.com

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