Raw Vegan Diet
and Vegan Protein

The raw vegan diet will only contain vegan protein, so becoming a vegan may become quite a challenge.

A healthy vegan diet will require some knowledge about nutrition.

As becoming a vegan could put you at risk of becoming deficient in vitamin B12.

And the raw vegan diet may not be suitable for young and growing children because of the limitations of vegan protein. 

Poorly planned vegan diets will also be low in levels of calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin D, vitamin K2, and omega 3 fatty acids.

Raw Vegan Diet Foods

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fresh Herbs and Sea Vegetables
  • Raw Nut and Nut Pastes
  • Sprouted Grains
  • Raw Seeds and Legumes
  • Fresh Juices
  • Organic Coconut Cream
  • Raw Superfoods

This vegan diet combines becoming a vegan with becoming a raw foodist.  This diet excludes all foods of animal origin and all foods cooked above 116 - 118 degrees F.

Raw Vegan Protein

Since becoming a vegan means you can only eat plant based foods, some vegans turn to superfoods such as Spirulina to have a more healthy vegan diet.

A popular choice for raw vegan protein can be found in Hemp Protein.

I've notice that people of a certain age can get away with just consuming vegan protein. 

And it is probably because they have enough nutrients like vitamin B12 stored.

Raw Vegan Recipes

Raw vegan recipes can be made with many different plant foods such as nuts, seeds, and fruit.

Raw Flax Seed Recipes - Find out how easy it is to make your own homemade flax seed crackers

My Opinion on the China Study

The China Study (hmmm I wonder who funded this one) is one of the books that shows great support for a vegan diet.

And I think Mr. Campbell has proven a few things with his study:

  • Eating low-fat pasteurized dairy products is deadly.
  • Eating estrogenic foods such as factory farmed meat & dairy also deadly as they create "Bad Estrogens" in your body.
  • Eating aflatoxins are deadly (mainly present in grains and especially in peanut butter).
  • Eating animal proteins with aflatoxins also a "Deadly Combo".
  • A diet containing more than 10% of "Unfavorable" animal proteins may cause serious health problems.

Diet or Spiritual Movement?

The raw vegan diet is seemingly concerned with moral and ethical issues.

The one thing I've noticed with some of the vegan gurus is that there is a great reference back to spirituality and they do seem to "shine" in the beginning.

Some vegan gurus are convinced that the Bible recommends the consumption of mainly fruits and vegetables.

There also seems to be a lot of remorse and guilt around the consumption of animal products. 

A lot of this concern is focused on the way animals are treated and raised.

And hopefully this movement will help shine a light on the horrible living conditions of commercially farmed animals.

Raw Vegan Diet Belief System

  • Cooking foods destroys the complex balance of micro-nutrients.
  • Cooking foods causes dangerous toxins to be produced due to the heat interaction with fats, protein, and carbohydrates.
  • Belief that it's more spiritual to eat only plant foods.
  • Concerns about the environment such as deforestation.
  • Strong commitment to the relief of animal suffering.
  • Ironically, not a strong commitment to the suffering of humans though.

My Concerns of the Raw Vegan Diet

This diet may result in the high consumption of Fructose and  Omega 6 Fatty Acids which can all contribute to a fatty liver. 

And this diet does not seem to promote enough Calcium Rich Foods.

Also Zinc which is needed to produce the right hormones and keep your immune system functioning may also become too low on this diet.

And you will probably not get enough cholesterol which is also needed to produce the correct hormones.

I think that the raw vegan diet resembles the Fruitarian diet and may not give certain people enough nutrition.

And this diet may be way too restrictive for growing children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

I don't understand how it would be possible to sustain a raw vegan diet for too long because vegan protein lacks the right kind of iron and is insufficient in essential vitamins like B12.

You would have to eventually resort to taking a vitamin B12 supplement. 

Also, I think that in the long run not consuming any animal products or seafood such as fish will create many other deficiency issues.

The more research I do the more I see that the raw vegan diet may be connected to an inability to digest animal proteins and fats.

Could this be connected to a deficiency of MSM and other nutrients which are needed to help produce the right digestive enzymes?

Or is Mr. Campbell correct in his observation that humans do better on a low protein diet?

What I Liked about Becoming a Vegan

You will probably consume a lot of Potassium Rich Foods which can help with hypertension and Alkaline Foods which will help with acidosis problems.

A healthy vegan diet also includes a good amount of Antioxidant Rich Foods which are great to help with free radicals.

And there does seem to be a glow that comes with the consumption of raw foods.

When people first embark on a raw vegan diet, they seem to become more clear or shine.

Looking back, I looked pretty radiant when I was eating raw vegan foods, but physically and emotionally - it was not satisfying enough for my needs.

I seem to need more nutrients than a raw vegan diet can offer.  And I definitely need more healthy animal fats and protein.

However, most people seem to benefit from a healthy vegan diet - at least for a short time. 

Get some books on becoming a vegan before you embark on this way of eating.  Especially on vegan protein and vitamin B12.

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