Sashimi Recipes
and How to Make Sashimi

Sashimi recipes are usually made with sushi grade fish or sashimi grade fish. 

Yellowfin tuna is one of the most popular fish used for sashimi recipes, but you can also make a salmon sashimi for a refreshing change.

Learning how to make sashimi is as simple as having good knife skills and buying sushi grade fish.

Sushi Grade Fish or Sashimi Grade Fish

Some people prefer to buy sushi grade fish or sashimi grade fish for their sashimi.

Sushi grade fish tends to be very fresh and has a more desirable texture - usually a fattier piece of fish as well.

However, there does seem to be some controversy over whether or not this type of fish has to be frozen for a certain period of time.

Some claim that it kills certain parasites, but frozen fish does not necessarily have a better texture than fresh.

Because there does not seem to be an official regulation regarding sushi grade fish, you would have to ask your fishmonger what this term really means.

What is Sashimi?

In short, sashimi is raw fish that is sliced without any rice.  Other seafood such as squid or abalone can also be used to make sashimi.

Sashimi is typically made from salt water fish because it is thought that fresh water fish seem to carry an added danger of containing too many ill causing parasites.

Some of the most popular fish for making sashimi are Yellowfin tuna, Bigeye tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail or Hamachi, Snapper, and Halibut.

My two favorites are Yellowfin tuna and Salmon.  

Sashimi is usually eaten as an appetizer and is served with a dipping sauce. The most common dipping sauce seems to be soy sauce with wasabi. 

How to Make Sashimi

Cutting against the grain is how to make sashimi more tender.

Whether it's the flesh of a fish or animal, the flesh contains fibers which flow in a distinct pattern or direction.

When you slice against this pattern or direction, you will get broken pieces of fiber instead of longer pieces of intact fiber.

This makes it easier for your teeth to cut through and break down the fibers you are chewing.

What is Sashimi Garnishes?

Garnishes such as ginger, shiso leaf, and daikon are typically used with this Japanese dish to add color as well as different textures.

Although, you can use whatever you want to garnish this dish. Some good ideas are carrots, cucumbers, sprouts, green onions, edible flowers, lemons, limes, and radishes.

Salmon Sashimi Tips

I would only use Wild Caught Salmon to make a salmon sashimi.

It has a much better texture and taste to me than farmed salmon.

I also believe that wild caught fish is much safer and far more nutritious than farmed fish.

Be very careful when using a sharp knife when making your sashimi recipes - make sure your fingers are out of the way!

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